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The whole timeline of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic defined


With peace reigning over Equestria, Celestia reveals her endgame: retirement, with Twilight as her successor. Unbeknownst to her, Grogar returns and varieties a superteam of villains to take down the Mane Six. He frees Sombra, Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis and calls for that they obey him. After they chafe, he tells them that they preserve shedding as a result of the Mane Six work collectively. Sombra ignores him and tries to destroy Twilight by himself. The consequence: he’s blasted into mud even after he manages to destroy the Tree of Concord.

The opposite villains comply with workforce up, however they shortly scheme in opposition to Grogar. Discovering the highly effective Bewitching Bell, they overpower him. He is revealed as Discord in disguise, making an attempt in his personal strategy to put together Twilight to turn out to be Queen. The villains scheme to sow dissent amongst the totally different races in Equestria. They seize all of their enemies besides Twilight, however even when the Mane Six escape with Discord’s assist, they despair at Equestria’s acrimony.

The Tree of Concord works with the Younger Six all alongside as they assist restore it. They unite the races of Equestria into a military that helps defeat the villains. The mixed magic of the Mane Six, the Pillars, and the Younger Six depower them, and Celestia turns them to stone.

A long time later, Twilight guidelines Equestria along with her mates because the Council of Friendship. She sends her finest scholar, Luster Dawn, to Ponyville so she will be able to study the identical classes that she wanted years earlier.

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