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The ending of The Platform explained


On the finish of the movie, we be taught that Miharu’s youngster is actual, and has been residing on the very backside of the pit. Goreng arrives there after driving the platform down with a weapon, implementing the rationing of the meals by beating and killing anybody who tries to take greater than their share. His plan is to return again to the highest degree with an uneaten dessert, a logo that the prisoners have discovered work collectively to outlive in such a means.

Nevertheless, after discovering the kid, Goreng realizes that that is not the message he must ship. The invention of Miharu’s youngster is affirmation of crucial element of the VSC experiment: these in energy set the principles, however they clearly do not comply with them themselves. Though they’ve assured everybody they might by no means do one thing as merciless as enable a baby into such a horrendous existence, that was a lie.

The conclusion of The Platform sees Goreng sending the kid again up on the platform as a message to the cooks on the high, who’re presumably in an identical state of ignorance as Imoguiri. As a substitute of proving to them that the prisoners can adapt to the system, he desires to point out them that the system itself is unspeakably and unfathomably merciless, and people working it can’t be trusted.

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