Spoilers for Immortal Hulk #33 beneath!

The Immortal Hulk’s largest foe appeared to be the scariest monster he may presumably face – however there’s at all times a scarier monster. Dario Agger, the minotaur CEO of Roxxon, used his billions of {dollars} and worldwide media retailers to wage complete struggle on the Satan Hulk. In creating monsters to battle a satan, Dario by chance unleashed one thing too highly effective for him to regulate, and within the new Immortal Hulk #33, the toll it has taken on him is grisly and horrifying.

Agger began out as a villain in Jason Aaron’s Thor, a human who became a half-bull monster and used the Roxxon oil firm to raid the Earth for revenue. The Satan Hulk declared struggle on human corruption, beginning with these accountable for local weather change, with Agger on the prime of the listing. Agger began with Hulk-like troopers, however once they have been beat them to a pulp, he determined to enlist a monster who may battle Hulk on each a psychological stage and a sociopolitical one. It was each his most profitable technique and the one that may lead him to a destiny worse than loss of life.

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Within the present story arc of Immortal Hulk, the gamma-powered big has struggled in opposition to Xemnu, the unique Hulk. Roxxon staged a large monster assault designed to make the Hulk look harmful and harmful whereas Xemnu descended like an angel to repair every little thing. Xemnu used the chance to regulate the reminiscences of everybody watching, making the inhabitants see himself as their childhood hero The Hulk and Bruce Banner as a harmful terrorist. Even the Hulk himself believed it. Agger spurred Xemnu on, providing his personal assistants to sate the furry creature’s starvation for flesh. “I can at all times rent one other killer,” the minotaur advised one among his staffers because the Xemnu ingested him. “I’ve solely received entry to the one Hulk.”

Immortal Hulk #33 reveals us simply what occurs to the folks Xemnu eats. As a substitute of dying outright, they’re transformed into creatures like Xemnu: faceless cyborgs with glowing eyes. Agger is shocked to find that the meals which have been nourishing Xemnu are nonetheless round as his servants and that he is been consuming everybody within the constructing. Agger tries to close down the general public relations nightmare, however Xemnu tells him that there aren’t any human staffers left. “They have been disposable. All of them. You taught me that.”

When the Hulk takes the battle to Agger’s workplace, he expects to lastly brawl with the minotaur, however as an alternative solely finds a crying lump on the ground. The mangled, digested hairball that was as soon as Dario Agger crawls towards the Hulk in a path of blood and viscera, utilizing what little remained of his mouth to moan for assist. The creature he thought was serving to him was actually simply there to eat; ultimately, Agger was simply extra meat for Xemnu’s grinder, and all his cash and energy did nothing however put him final in line for the butchering.

The Satan Hulk’s “struggle on the human world” means combating those that would exploit and destroy the Earth for private achieve. Agger was content material to let a lethal, uncontrollable pressure ravage the human inhabitants so long as it helped his income, one thing that mirrors present real-world enterprise practices within the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, whether or not the harm is from local weather change, a virus, or a mind-controlling monster, the implications eat their method up the chain from the underside to the highest. Those that helped the monster feed aren’t proof against it; they simply do not endure the results as rapidly as those that are extra weak.

Immortal Hulk #33 is out there now at your native comics store and from digital suppliers.

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