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The Western billionaire travelling to the moon with SpaceX has Left his reality TV Search for a girlfriend

  • Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa declared earlier in January he’d get involved in a matchmaking reality TV app to find himself a girlfriend to accompany him to the moon.
  • Maezawa has tickets for SpaceX’s first commercial flight across the moon, and this can be scheduled for 2023.
  • Currently Maezawa says he’s abandoning the TV series”for private reasons,” and consenting to the 27,722 girls who he said had applied.
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Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has called off the hunt for a girlfriend to take into the moon.

In September 2018Elon Musk’s space mining firm SpaceX declared that Maezawa was the first commercial passenger to reserve tickets onboard its Starship rocket (subsequently referred to as the Large Falcon Rocket) scheduled to move across the moon 2023.

Earlier in January, Maezawa declared he was looking for a romantic “female partner”to arrive at the skies with him and become his lifelong partner, which he’d find her through the medium of a reality TV series contest known as”Full Moon Lovers” due to be produced by Japanese streaming agency Abema TV.

The TV series received over 20,000 applicants, however on Thursday the billionaire announcedhis decision to back from this series. Maezawa did not offer a thorough explanation but did state he had mixed feelings about the whole procedure.

This Is His Announcement In Total:

“Because of personal reasons, I’ve advised AbemaTV yesterday with my choice to no longer engage in the matchmaking documentary. Despite my real and honest conclusion toward the series, there was a part of me still had mixed feelings about my involvement. To believe that 27,722 girls, with earnest goals and guts, had employed their valuable time to employ makes me feel extremely remorseful to complete and notify everyone with this egocentric conclusion of mine. I know I have disappointed many individuals — both the candidates and all of the employees from AbemaTV who have been involved in the creation — and I apologize to everybody for my adverse actions.I’m really sorry from the bottom of my heart”

In a letter printed on the program website, Maezawa had saidhe originally struck by feelings of”humiliation and pride” when approached about the app.

before declaring”Full Moon Lovers” Maezawa stated he’d be committing some of his own SpaceX tickets into some select group of six to eight artiststo accompany himso he will not be lonely on his excursion.

Maezawa made his billions out of his ecommerce firm Zozo, but last year sold a 30percent stake in the business for about $ 2.7 billion and resigned as CEO, telling reporters he’d need time to prepare for his trip into space.

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