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The Joker’s Weirdest Henchman Was Daffy Duck (Yes, Really)


The world of comedian books has seen some really weird crossover tales, from the Ghostbusters teaming up with the Ninja Turtles, to the numerous run-ins between Archie and The Punisher — and the all-time traditional journey that noticed Batman associate with Elmer Fudd. But when followers are on the lookout for the best crossovers starring Looney Tunes icons, nothing beats the time Daffy Duck as soon as turned the Joker’s lead henchman in The Joker/Daffy #1.

The story finds the lisping duck on the cellphone with ACME Electronics, rising more and more annoyed with the automated voice system, Daffy finally turns into enraged, declaring, “Thith meanth conflict,” and hopping a bus to ACME’s headquarters, which was apparently in Gotham this entire time. Who knew? As a substitute of a bustling manufacturing facility, nonetheless, Daffy finds he is by accident stumbled into a gathering between the Joker and his goons. Joker is about to shoot the fowl intruder when Daffy, pondering fast on his webbed toes, proclaims that he is truly been despatched by ACME Hench Company to exchange Joker’s just lately departed goon. Impressed by the company’s pace, Joker names Daffy his new lead henchman… and the duck wastes no time attending to work.

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By no means briefly provide of some anger and superiority complicated, Daffy whips the remainder of the squad into form, forcing them to train themselves to exhaustion since he “is not going to have any flabby henchmen on my thquad… You are reprethenting The Joker!” Daffy even goes as far as to assemble a brand new hideout for Joker and his crew. Mockingly, it is Joker that takes Daffy beneath his wing, asking the duck to assist manage his newest scheme: attacking a carnival-themed fundraiser for Gotham’s poor together with his eponymous poisonous fuel. One way or the other solely now coming to the belief that Joker is a murderous lunatic, Daffy vows to foil the plot.

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The Joker launches his plan, bounding into the charity occasion and lobbing fuel grenades, in the meantime, his crew is ready behind a close-by van for Daffy to allow them to out, although he pretends to have misplaced the keys. Joker is left confused – not simply as to the place his backup is, but in addition why the fundraiser’s friends aren’t dropping lifeless. Unbeknownst to him, Daffy had secretly switched out the Joker Fuel with Acme Sneezing Fuel, leading to a refrain of decidedly non lethal ah-choos. Enraged, Joker goes to flee within the van, solely to have the wheels actually come off of his escape, as Daffy had additionally eliminated the tires’ lug nuts. Predictably, Batman reveals up and apprehends the Joker, whereas Daffy hides, disguising himself amongst a sequence of carnival sport prizes.

Eavesdropping on a dialog between Batman and Commissioner Gordon discussing studies that the lead henchman was a speaking duck, Batman says he is not shocked: “Mallards are notoriously straightforward to boss round. It is why they stroll in a single line. Usually weak willed. Simpleminded.” Unable to manage his mood, Daffy lashes out at Batman, instantly regretting his choice as he is swarmed by Gotham PD. The ultimate panel sees each Joker and Daffy hauled off to Arkham Asylum, with Daffy pleading “Thoot me now!”

Whereas The Joker/Daffy Duck #1 was seemingly a one-off, it is laborious to not crave much more comparable crossovers. Martian Manhunter and Marvin the Martian? Sylvester and Catwoman? The Tasmanian Satan versus Captain Boomerang? These tales write themselves. However, not less than for now, that is all, people!

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