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The MCU’s darkest Easter egg everyone missed in Endgame


For a quick interval within the Marvel comics’ run, a courageous soul referred to as Roscoe Simons carried the Captain America mantle. When you’re questioning how and when Roscoe Simons got here to be Captain America, his second arrived after Steve Rogers deserted the persona to grow to be the Nomad.

Per Roscoe’s backstory, the character was truly a lifelong fan of Steve Rogers’ Captain America. Naturally, after Steve dropped the title — and a pair of different alt-Caps failed to hold on the legacy — Roscoe stepped as much as grow to be the following model of the primary Avenger. Surprisingly, Roscoe proved a greater than succesful fighter — finally profitable the approval of Steve and his pal the Falcon, and even incomes the precise to wield Captain America’s near-indestructible defend.

Sadly, Roscoe’s time as Captain America was temporary, because the character was finally captured and brutally murdered by Pink Cranium. Upon discovering that Roscoe wasn’t the true Captain America after he killed him, Pink Cranium left a cautionary message that the identical destiny awaited some other “faux” Captain America’s. As tragic as Roscoe’s loss of life was, it proved the catalyst for Steve to once more decide up the defend and produce down Pink Cranium as soon as and for all — so a minimum of some good got here of Simons’ demise.

It seems that the Russo Bros. could have been so moved by Roscoe’s story that they felt compelled to acknowledge him in Avengers: Endgame. In an intriguing little facet word, Roscoe’s run as Captain America occurred within the books’ mid-70s run of points, so seeing the character referenced in a ’70s-set second in Endgame is kind of a double Easter egg besides.

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