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The most bizarre moments in Pawn Stars history


French fries, anybody? That is what Chumlee thinks when the late underground rapper Sean Price confidently walks into the pawn store trying to promote a potato. Sure, you heard proper, an precise from-the-earth spud.

Asking an outrageous $100,000 for the starchy staple, the rapper tells “the craziest story on the earth,” in line with Chumlee. Supposedly, the decades-old potato was thrown at Martin Luther King Jr. through the March on Washington in 1963. It was handed all the way down to Worth when his uncle died, so it has “sentimental worth.” The tater additionally has some “battle wounds” from the violent toss: two massive puncture holes and a large gash that resembles a smiley face. Chum clearly does not know what to make of the entire story, however he cannot take it critically with none authentication paperwork to again it up.

Nonetheless, Chum makes a suggestion as a result of he feels “sorry for the man,” who appears to want some fast money. He says he is keen to pay the worth of the potato’s value in french fries: $2. Worth cannot imagine his ears, and says Chum does not perceive the historic worth of the merchandise. However after a couple of sighs and somewhat introspection, the provide is accepted. And in the long run, the rapper is “cool” with what he acquired as a result of he admits that “anybody can simply seize a potato” and declare it was particular.

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