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Essentially the most complicated time journey in films


Directed by Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek IV is delightfully bizarre. The motion is launched when an alien probe journeys to Earth as a result of it could now not hear the songs of humpback whales. The rationale it could’t hear the whales is as a result of they’re lengthy extinct, which angers the probe for causes which might be by no means exactly defined. It proceeds to decimate the planet.

From there, the crew of the Enterprise decides to journey again in time by sling-shotting across the solar (which is not sensible—their ship already goes sooner than the velocity of sunshine) to allow them to return to when humpback whales have been nonetheless alive, choose up a pair, then sling-shot again across the solar the opposite route to return to their very own time and repopulate the Earth with the whales.

Okay, whereas none of that is smart, this is the actual query: Why, as a substitute of bringing a pair of whales again to their very own time, did not our heroes merely forestall their extinction within the first place? As a result of it will danger altering the previous, you may say? Nicely you possibly can overlook about that, as a result of they spend a lot of the film stumbling across the 1970s as apparent as may be. Their actions there already may have modified the longer term in an infinite variety of unforeseeable methods. However hey: The whales return, and the probe returns to its far-off house, happy. Hooray?

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