The Netflix show Punisher finally announced their release date for season 2
The Netflix show Punisher finally announced their release date for season 2

Netflix has finally announced that they will be releasing the date of the Punisher season. The Punisher is basically a very popular Marvel show, which streamed on Netflix. With the release of the first season of The Punisher on Netflix, the popularity of the show increased drastically. This made Netflix decide to come up with the second season of the show.

Netflix has finally unveiled the news about the second season of The Punisher on Thursday on a trailer. According to The Punisher, the second season will be released in the month of January. The Punisher was originally going to release in the middle of 2019, but it was finally scheduled to release on the 18th of January. The trailer is out now and people can check it out.

In the trailer of The Punisher season 2, the main focus is on Jon Bernthal’s character called Frank Castle who played the role of the Punisher. It is expected that this season is going to bring a lot of twists to the story line and all the Marvel fans are really looking forward to it. There has been a lot of suspense and mystery build up between the storyline and it is expected that a lot of things will come to light in season 2.

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According to Netflix, the season 2 will be more about the former marine turned vigilante called Frank Castle who is played by Jon Bernthal. He has been living a good life since now and finally, he will be surrounded with attempted murder of a young girl who is played by Giorgia Whigham.

Fans are really looking forward to it because a lot of things are going to happen in the coming season. Netflix has come out and said that this season of The Punisher will be filled with more action and thrill. In this season, The Punisher will try to solve the mystery behind the murder of the young girl and this will eventually end up putting a target on his head. The Punisher is one of the most action packed series from Marvel. This series has a very dark story line and is not for everyone. Netflix has canceled three Marvel shows this year, which include Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil. These three series ended in the year 2018.

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