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The Walking Dead: Why Judith Won’t Tell [SPOILER] That Rick Is Alive


Warning! SPOILERS for The Strolling Useless season 10, episode 15 forward.

Judith has realized in The Strolling Useless season 10 that Rick might nonetheless be alive, however curiously, she chooses to not share that data with Daryl in episode 15, “The Tower”. This episode is serving because the short-term season 10 finale of The Strolling Useless as a result of its precise finale is unable to be accomplished as a result of varied business shutdowns introduced on by the coronavirus pandemic. As a substitute, The Strolling Useless‘s season 10 finale will premiere later this 12 months, leaving viewers to attend on the decision to its cliffhanger ending.

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The Strolling Useless season 10 has targeted totally on the conflict with the Whisperers. After a number of clashes, either side has misplaced individuals, but it surely’s Negan’s killing of Alpha that has confirmed to be an actual turning level. With Alpha lifeless, Beta is now answerable for the Whisperers who stay, and although he refuses to be known as the brand new Alpha, he is gathering his personal large herd of walkers to make use of as an assault. In the meantime, the survivors of Alexandria and Hilltop have been compelled to flee their communities and are, for the second, settled in a hospital constructing. Whereas there, Daryl patrols the encircling space for any indicators of hassle, and in Strolling Useless‘s penultimate season 10 episode, Judith joins him.

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In The Strolling Useless season 10, episode 15, “The Tower,” Daryl and Judith do come throughout a Whisperer spy and pursue her. Daryl shoots the Whisperer with an arrow, and as she lies there, he interrogates her about Beta and the horde’s whereabouts. The Whisperer would not provide up any helpful data and so Daryl shoots her once more, killing her. Judith is clearly disturbed by this, however not for the explanation Daryl thinks she is. When he asks her what’s incorrect, Judith at first is anxious in regards to the girl he killed, fascinated with how they only left her in that ditch, but it surely rapidly turns into about her personal lacking members of the family.

Judith goes on to disclose that she spoke with Michonne and realized that she is not coming again straight away as a result of she’s serving to some individuals she met. Judith then explains that she did not inform Daryl this sooner out of a concern that he would possibly depart, too. Nevertheless, she pointedly would not point out an important element she realized from her mom – Rick would possibly nonetheless be alive and that’s who Michonne is out looking for. So why would not Judith inform Daryl the entire fact?

The obvious reply is the one Judith herself offers – she would not need Daryl or anyone else to depart. For as mature as Judith acts, she’s nonetheless a younger woman rising up in a wildly harmful and ever-changing world. Certain, she’s been conscious of the walkers since she was sufficiently old to carry a sword, however she nonetheless craves the consistency of her outdated life. Audiences did not watch Judith develop from a small toddler to the fierce woman she is, however we all know it occurred throughout a time of relative peace for the survivors’ communities. The Whisperers have shattered that peace, and Judith has since misplaced her mom and now her dwelling. She will’t think about dropping Daryl or anybody else, and so she retains the reality about Michonne’s new mission to herself.

Another excuse why Judith is reluctant to inform Daryl about Rick presumably being alive is that she might not wish to give him or anybody a false sense of hope. Michonne was cautious when telling Judith in regards to the clues she found pointing to Rick’s survival, however Judith is not in the identical place. Already she worries about these she loves leaving her, and have been she to share that Rick may be alive, then extra would go looking for him. And in the event that they both did not discover Rick or acquired themselves harm or killed whereas looking, Judith would by no means forgive herself.

Judith’s resolution to maintain the reality about Rick and Michonne from Daryl is a sophisticated one. On the one hand, she selfishly needs to maintain these she loves along with her, however however, she would not wish to give anybody – and particularly not Daryl, who since her father’s “passing”, she’s come to look as much as fairly a bit – a false sense of hope that Rick is definitely alive. Judith is rising up, however doing so comes with arduous selections, and this little ass-kicker is simply attempting to make the most effective ones she will be able to.

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