In one of many misplaced reminiscences explored throughout “Morty’s Thoughts Blowers,” it is revealed that that Rick as soon as created a tool that allowed Morty to speak with animals. Rick appears to assume the entire endeavor is dumb from the get-go, however Morty can hardly include his pleasure to attempt it out.

It begins innocently sufficient. Morty eavesdrops on a parade of ants carrying meals again to their queen, then strikes on to a hummingbird incessantly narrating its erratic flight sample. He continues skipping merrily via the neighborhood till he stumbles upon a few squirrels. That is when this peculiar episode takes a flip.

The squirrels do not sound like the opposite animals. Morty overhears the 2 bushy-tailed tree rats casually discussing elaborate plans for world domination. The clever squirrels shortly understand that Morty’s observing them like he can hear them. With a “potential Doolittle” on their paws, the diabolical squirrels observe Morty down the road and try and lure him again with guarantees of needs and sweet.

Morty sprints dwelling to the protection of Rick’s storage, however by the point he will get there, he has a whole military of squirrels on his tail. Rick knocks the squirrels out — although solely lengthy sufficient for him and his grandson to desert that actuality altogether. Apparently, as soon as Morty put himself on the squirrels’ radar, that whole universe was spoiled indefinitely.  Shedding a whole actuality for the second time is a reasonably unhealthy consequence – particularly since Rick warned Morty they may solely change universes one or two extra occasions.

It is potential that one thing worse will occur as soon as season four returns later this yr, however for now, it is the worst factor that is occurred to Morty on Rick and Morty.