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There’s a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons item duping glitch


Animal Crossing: New Horizonsgamers have discovered one other merchandise duplication exploit. It’s much more particular than the sooner glitch that Nintendo patched out in late March, however it’s pretty easy.

YouTube creator Synthetic Change posted a videoon Sunday describing the method. Right here’s what you’ll want: a 2×1 desk, just like the low picket desk; a 2×2 desk, just like the picket block desk; and a 2×1 merchandise, like a TV or katana. (Solely 2×1 objects appear to work with this glitch.) You’ve bought to position the tables in the course of your private home’s authentic room and place the merchandise on the smaller desk. Open the merchandise placement mode by pushing the down arrow in your controller. Choose the smaller desk and transfer the desk to the following aspect of the desk with out rotating it — drop the merchandise barely overlapping the desk, whereas nonetheless perpendicular, and it’ll rotate itself as soon as it’s positioned. Do that 3 times then depart the room. If you return, the merchandise will probably be duplicated.

It’s a bit complicated to elucidate, so that you’ll wish to watch the video (embedded above) to see it in motion. Use the position mode as soon as once more to retailer the objects, after which they’ll be yours to maintain. We’ve been in a position to verify that it does, certainly, work in creating merchandise dupes.

Right here’s the factor: This isn’t Animal Crossing working as supposed, and a few would contemplate it dishonest. Nintendo will doubtlesspatch this out, and there’s no phrase on whether or not people who use the exploit will probably be punished. However like we stated earlier than, in case you’re hurting for bells or simply desire a ton of katanas, the choice is there, at your personal danger.

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