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An Overview Of Theros Beyond Death Spoilers


Now is the moment to learn about Theros, the Greek land of heroes, monsters, and gods. The new edition of Magic, Theros Beyond Death Spoilers, brings us to the Underworld.

We'll look at the trailer for Theros Beyond Death, as well as the biggest spoilers and gameplay mechanics. With the new set, we'll have all of the new merchandise available in January 2022.

Prior to the ascent of the gods of Theros, when the titan's fundamental desires ravaged the mortal realm, death and disaster swamped the mortal world. His commitment enabled him to rise to godhood and reveal to the gods the unappealing possibility of being supplanted.

The Allure Of The Unknown

The allure of the unknown is peculiar, to say the least. It gives you the ability to draw five cards while also offering your opponent a free first-class card from your top six. In a Rakdos aggressive deck in Standard, this may be a good way to refresh your hand. In this case, the card gain you get will much outweigh the one card you give them. Commander, on the other hand, is where this card should truly shine. You may partner up with an opponent to dig for an answer, or you can perform a strong spell on them to make them a buddy. There's a lot of political potentials here, so if you have a red/black EDH deck, you should definitely try it.

Tymaret Contacts The Deceased

Tymaret Calls the Dead is a grim story about zombie clans feigning assistance. In the first two chapters, you mill three cards, then exile a card from the grave to make a 2/2 zombie in the third chapter. In the last chapter, you may harvest one lifestyle and scry one for each zombie you have. With the publication of Gray Merchant of Asphodel to coincide with this narrative, zombie tribal may be a plausible possibility. Playing cards from the War of the Spark and Ravnica block sets, for example, include Liliana, the Dreadhorde General. It's a terrific token generator that also fills your graveyard, at the very least. It reminds me of the History of Benalia, which made two tokens for three mana and then provided a prize for possessing them. This card will most likely be seen in standard play, with some movement in previous formats.

Klothys, God Of Destiny

Klothys is the company's new red-and-green God. Elspeth is taking Xenagos' place in the pantheon after killing him with a big spear to the chest the last time we were on Theros. Klothys is indestructible, like the other Theros gods, and only comes to life when his devotion criteria are met. His static ability is fascinating since it mixes graveyard anger, a ramp, and the chance for more damage if the game goes on long enough. He should work well in a red/green stompy monster deck in Standard. Expect to see him in Standard and, maybe, Pioneer. Damage or ramp on each turn, combined with a difficult-to-deal-with probability, is a potent combo, so expect to see him there.

Gray, Merchant Of Asphodel

Gray has returned, and he is a badass! The (in)famous black zombie that drains devotion reappears in Theros Beyond Death. Gray Merchant of Asphodel, on the other hand, will be a one-of-a-kind figure this time. Standard, Pioneer, Modern, and Commander are among the formats in which this card has been rated playable. As long as there are enough playing cards that supply dark devotion, expect Gray Merchant of Asphodel to join Standard as soon as possible.

The Binding Of The Titans

Our first (officially revealed) story, The Binding of the Titans, spends a lot of time at the graveyard. The first chapter mills cards, the second exiles them from the tomb, and the third resurrect one from the dead. If you like graveyard decks, this may seem to be a good value. Otherwise, it seems to be slow and uninspiring. You may be able to find a place for this card in cat oven decks, but don't expect to see it very frequently.

Daily Theros: Beyond Death Spoilers — December 31, 2019 | Release the Kraken!


With certain cards currently banned and others predominantly in play, one must question what the "power level" of this set will be. On the other hand, based on some of the cards that have already been published, Theros: Beyond Death seems to be another fantastic set.

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