With the third period of 13 Reasons Why place to premiere Aug. 23 plus a fourth year already supported , fans may be disappointed to find out Katherine Langford, who made her acting debut in the show, won’t reprise the use of Hannah Baker. Langford first affirmed this information on Instagram and in a meeting using Entertainment Weekly back May 2018 just before the show received its third year renewal:

13 Reasons Why will stay a really unique part of my entire life, and I know I’ll always be near the people that I’ve worked with on this series. But I’m also very excited for what is to come. Although the series is so enormous, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to play with Hannah, it is just 1 thing I’ve completed, and because then I’m really grateful to have been a part of Enjoy, Simon, also I have another movie, Spontaneous. However, I think ultimatelyI really feel like enjoying Hannah was such a little portion of me who was magnified, and I am just very excited to, over the next few months or years, reveal the rest of me.”

While Langford’s presence will be sorely missed, the series has always been ordered around her personality’s absence. In the first period, Hannah Baker’s story unfolds via a set of releases that outline the events leading to her suicide, so she’s just seen in flashback. The next season modifies that arrangement by revealing aspects of Hannah’s life during the trial testimony of her peers after her parents sue the school district for failing to intervene at the bullying of their daughter. The flashbacks continue, but Hannah mainly appears as a ghost to Clay Jensen, who is unable to deal with the new truths which arise. But with Clay discovering peace in Hannah’s memory throughout her memorial in the conclusion of year two, there isn’t an emotional justification for bringing her back.

As we proceed into the third year , the attention has shifted from Hannah Baker into the consequences of Tyler’s unsuccessful mass shooting attempt along with the murder of Bryce Walker – though Hannah’s suicide will probably continue to motivate each character’s action. Regardless, we’re all looking forward to what’s in the horizon for the teens of Liberty High.