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15 Tips And Tricks In Mount And Blade - Bannerlord

To truly excel in this richly detailed world, it's essential to learn and employ various tips and tricks in Mount and Blade that can give you an edge in both combat and non-combat scenarios.

Kelvin Farr
Jun 01, 20233476 Shares231755 Views
Mount and Blade is a captivating and immersive game that combines elements of medieval warfare, political intrigue, and open-world exploration.
To truly excel in this richly detailed world, it's essential to learn and employ various tips and tricks in Mount and Bladethat can give you an edge in both combat and non-combat scenarios.
Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, these tips and tricks will help you navigate the intricacies of Mount and Blade and maximize your chances of success.
From battle strategies to kingdom management, let's delve into the realm of Mount and Blade and discover the key insights that will take your gameplay to the next level.

Build Relationships

Building relationships in Mount and Blade is crucial for various aspects of the game, such as forming alliances, recruiting troops, and gaining support. Here are some tips to help you build strong relationships:
  • Participate in feasts and tournaments- Attend social events like feasts to interact with other lords and gain favor. Tournaments provide an opportunity to showcase your skills and win recognition.
  • Complete quests for nobles - Nobles often have quests that involve tasks like delivering messages, hunting down bandits, or rescuing prisoners. Fulfilling these quests can earn you their trust and gratitude.
  • Rescue and aid captured lords- If you come across a captured lord, you can choose to rescue them. This act of goodwill will improve your relationship with both the rescued lord and their faction.
  • Marry into a noble family- Establishing a marriage alliance with a noble family can significantly boost your standing. Seek out noble suitors or suitresses and propose marriage to increase your social standing and access to resources.

Train Your Troops

Having a well-trained and disciplined army is essential for success in Mount and Blade. Here are some tips to effectively train your troops:
  • Regularly engage in battles- Engaging in battles and skirmishes provides valuable combat experience to your troops, improving their combat skills and overall effectiveness.
  • Utilize training fields - Many towns and castles have training fields where you can practice combat with your troops. Make use of these facilities to hone their skills and increase their proficiency.
  • Assign experienced troops as trainers- Assign experienced soldiers as trainers to your lower-level troops. This allows them to gain experience faster and improves their combat abilities over time.
  • Upgrade troop equipment- Provide your troops with better weapons and armor as you acquire them. Upgraded equipment improves their combat effectiveness and survivability.

Utilize Companions

Companions are valuable allies who can support you in various ways. Here's how to make the most of your companions:
  • Choose companions wisely - Each companion has unique skills and attributes. Select companions whose skills complement your playstyle and fill gaps in your party's abilities.
  • Develop their skills- Assign skill points to your companions to enhance their abilities. Focus on skills that are useful for their assigned roles, such as leadership, surgery, or engineering.
  • Utilize their party skills - Companions can excel in areas like healing, engineering, or scouting. Assign them to lead parties that align with their skills to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Interact with your companions- Regularly converse with your companions to learn about their background, interests, and aspirations. Fulfilling their personal goals and maintaining good relations will increase their loyalty and morale.

Manage Finances

Managing your finances effectively is crucial for sustaining your army and expanding your influence. Consider the following tips:
  • Monitor income and expenses- Keep track of your income sources, such as taxes, enterprises, and looting. Simultaneously, be aware of your expenses, including troop wages, food, and equipment costs.
  • Invest in profitable enterprises- Purchase enterprises in towns to generate a steady income. Look for locations that offer high-profit margins, such as breweries, tanneries, or smithies.
  • Trade strategically- Take advantage of regional price differences to buy low and sell high. Transport goods between towns where prices are favorable, or engage in long-distance trading for significant profits.
  • Manage your army size- Balancing the size of your army with your financial resources is important. Consider recruiting a mix of high-tier and low-tier troops to maintain combat effectiveness while keeping wage costs manageable.

Complete Quests

Quests offer opportunities for rewards, reputation gains, and progression in the game. Here are some quest-related tips:
  • Visit towns and talk to NPCs - Speak to various NPCs in towns to discover available quests. Common quest types include delivering goods, hunting down bandits, rescuing prisoners, or assisting in sieges.
  • Prioritize faction-related quests- Completing quests for your faction improves your reputation and standing within that faction. It can lead to increased opportunities for advancement and rewards.
  • Be cautious with morally ambiguous quests- Some quests may involve morally questionable actions. Consider the consequences and reputation impact before accepting or completing these quests.
  • Keep track of time limits- Some quests have time limits for completion. Be mindful of these deadlines and plan your actions accordingly to avoid quest failure or reputation loss.

Learn Weapon Proficiencies

In Mount and Blade, mastering different weapon proficiencies is essential for combat effectiveness. Here are some tips to improve your weapon skills:
  • Focus on a specific weapon type - Choose a weapon type that suits your playstyle, such as swords, polearms, bows, or crossbows. Invest skill points in the corresponding weapon proficiency to increase your effectiveness with that weapon.
  • Practice in combat- Engage in battles and skirmishes to gain practical experience with your chosen weapon. Regularly using the weapon in combat will improve your proficiency over time.
  • Seek trainers- Visit training grounds or seek out skilled NPCs who can train you in specific weapon proficiencies. Paying for training sessions can significantly speed up your skill development.
  • Utilize practice arenas - Many towns have practice arenas where you can spar against NPCs or other players. Take advantage of these arenas to refine your combat techniques and test your skills against different opponents.

Use Tactical Commands

Mount and Blade allows you to issue tactical commands to your troops during battles, giving you better control and increasing your chances of victory. Consider the following tips:
  • Understand command options- Familiarize yourself with the available tactical commands, such as holding positions, charging, or forming different battle formations. Each command has its advantages depending on the situation.
  • Position your troops strategically- Use commands to position your troops strategically on the battlefield. For example, place archers on high ground for better visibility and accuracy, or position infantry units to protect vulnerable ranged units.
  • Coordinate attacks- Use tactical commands to coordinate attacks on specific enemy units or flank their positions. Combined with well-timed cavalry charges or ranged volleys, coordinated attacks can break enemy lines and turn the tide of battle.
  • Adjust tactics on the fly- During battles, be flexible and adapt your tactics based on the changing circumstances. Pay attention to the battle progression and adjust your commands accordingly to maximize your troops' effectiveness.

Upgrade Gear

Upgrading your gear is crucial for improving your combat performance and survivability. Consider the following tips:
  • Prioritize weapon upgrades- Invest in better-quality weapons that suit your playstyle and complement your chosen weapon proficiencies. Upgrading to higher-tier weapons can significantly enhance your combat effectiveness.
  • Upgrade armor and equipment- Improve your armor to increase your defense and protect yourself in battles. Look for armor pieces with higher protective values and consider investing in shields for additional protection.
  • Enhance horse quality- If you rely on mounted combat, upgrading your horse can provide significant advantages. Look for faster and more durable horses to improve your mobility and survivability on the battlefield.
  • Repair and maintain gear- Regularly repair and maintain your equipment to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Damaged weapons and armor may become less effective in combat, so visit blacksmiths to keep your gear in top shape.

Scout Ahead

Scouting ahead can provide valuable information about enemy movements, potential ambushes, or advantageous positions. Consider the following tips for effective scouting:
  • Utilize scouting skills- Invest skill points in scouting-related skills to improve your ability to spot enemies, detect ambushes, or gather information about nearby parties.
  • Explore the map- Take the time to explore the game's map to familiarize yourself with different regions, towns, and landmarks. This knowledge can aid in planning routes and anticipating potential threats.
  • Use companions as scouts- Assign capable companions with high scouting skills to scout ahead for your party. They can provide valuable information and increase your overall awareness of the surrounding area.
  • Monitor enemy movements- Keep an eye on enemy party movements and try to anticipate their actions. Scout ahead of your main force to gather intelligence, assess enemy strength, and plan your strategy accordingly.

Join Tournaments

Tournaments offer exciting opportunities to showcase your combat skills, earn rewards, and gain renown. Here are some tips for successful tournament participation:
  • Locate tournament locations- Visit different towns and cities to find locations where tournaments are held. Tournament availability may vary across different regions, so explore widely.
  • Prepare appropriate gear - Before joining a tournament, ensure you have suitable weapons, armor, and a capable horse. Adapt your loadout based on the tournament rules and the type of combat you'll be facing.
  • Understand the rules- Familiarize yourself with the tournament rules, as they can vary between locations. Some tournaments may restrict weapon types, disallow ranged attacks, or have specific victory conditions.
  • Master combat techniques- Hone your combat skills and learn effective techniques such as feinting, timing your strikes, and blocking or parrying enemy attacks. Practice in controlled environments or sparring sessions to refine your skills.
  • Bet strategically- Tournaments often allow betting on participants. Assess the capabilities of other competitors and place bets strategically to increase your potential earnings.

Maintain A Balanced Party

To ensure success in Mount and Blade, it's crucial to maintain a balanced party composition. Here are some key points to consider:
  • Recruit a variety of troop types- Aim to have a mix of infantry, archers, cavalry, and support units in your party. Each troop type has its own strengths and weaknesses, and a well-rounded party can handle different combat situations effectively.
  • Consider the synergy between troops- Some troop types work well together and can create powerful combinations. For example, infantry units can hold the front line while archers provide ranged support, or cavalry units can flank the enemy while infantry engages in close combat. Experiment with different troop combinations to find what works best for your playstyle.
  • Train and upgrade your troops- Invest time and resources in training and upgrading your troops. As they gain experience, they become more effective in combat and can unlock new abilities or equipment. Regularly check the upgrade paths of your troops to ensure you're maximizing their potential.
  • Pay attention to morale - Morale plays a vital role in battle. Maintain high morale by winning battles, avoiding unnecessary casualties, and providing your troops with proper equipment and food. High morale boosts your party's performance and increases their chances of victory.

Invest In Intelligence Gathering

Gaining valuable intelligence about enemy movements, quests, and potential opportunities can greatly benefit your progress in the game. Consider the following strategies for intelligence gathering:
  • Recruit scouts and spies- Hire companions or troops with high scouting and tactics skills. These individuals can provide valuable information about enemy locations, the strength of enemy parties, and potential ambushes. Assign them to scout ahead and report back to you.
  • Interact with NPCs- Engage in conversations with various NPCs, including villagers, town leaders, and guild members. They might provide useful information about current events, rumors, or quests that can aid your decision-making. Take the time to visit different locations and talk to different NPCs to gather as much information as possible.
  • Gather information from taverns- Taverns are often bustling with travelers and adventurers who can share valuable information. Listen to rumors, engage in conversations, or even participate in gambling games to gather information. Keep in mind that rumors may not always be accurate, so verify the information if possible.
  • Participate in tournaments- Tournaments not only provide entertainment but also attract nobles and influential figures. Engage in conversations with tournament participants to gather intelligence about factions, notable individuals, or potential alliances. Winning tournaments can also increase your reputation and influence.

Build Relations With Guilds

Guilds play a significant role in the economic and political landscape of Mount and Blade. Building positive relations with guilds can yield several benefits:
  • Complete guild-related quests - Guilds often have quests related to trade, bandit eradication, or resource gathering. Successfully completing these quests improves your reputation with the guild and provides financial rewards.
  • Establish trade connections- Engage in profitable trade with guild-owned workshops or businesses. By trading goods, investing in workshops, or protecting guild caravans, you can improve your relations with the guild and gain access to exclusive trade opportunities.
  • Seek guild support- Guilds can provide valuable resources, information, or even troops in times of conflict or when pursuing certain goals. Building strong relationships with guilds increases the likelihood of receiving their support when needed.
  • Attend guild meetings - Some guilds hold regular meetings where influential members gather to discuss matters of importance. Attend these meetings to build connections, gain insights, and contribute to the guild's affairs.

Capture Enemy Lords

Capturing enemy lords can have significant strategic advantages in Mount and Blade. Here's how you can achieve this:
  • Engage in battles with enemy lords- Participate in battles against enemy lords and aim to defeat them. Once defeated, you have the opportunity to capture them and hold them as prisoners.
  • Build a strong party- Strengthen your party by recruiting powerful troops, upgrading their equipment, and training them to higher levels. A strong and well-equipped party increases your chances of defeating enemy lords and capturing them.
  • Utilize tactical maneuvers- Employ tactical maneuvers such as flanking, using terrain advantages, and coordinating your troops effectively. These tactics can give you an edge in battles and increase the likelihood of capturing enemy lords.
  • Negotiate with captured lords- After capturing an enemy lord, you can negotiate their release in exchange for certain concessions. This can include a peace treaty, land ownership, or other diplomatic arrangements. Negotiating effectively can yield favorable outcomes and potentially weaken the enemy faction.

Play To Your Strengths

Understanding and leveraging your strengths can significantly improve your success in Mount and Blade. Consider the following strategies:
  • Focus on your preferred combat style - Whether you excel in melee combat, archery, or horseback combat, invest in improving the associated skills and acquire equipment that complements your playstyle. Enhancing your strengths allows you to dominate in your preferred combat situations.
  • Utilize companions wisely- Companions have unique abilities and skills that can support your playstyle. Assign them roles that maximize their strengths and synergize with your own abilities. For example, if you prefer ranged combat, assign a companion with high archery skills to provide additional firepower.
  • Exploit enemy weaknesses - Study the strengths and weaknesses of enemy factions and parties. Identify their vulnerabilities and adjust your strategies and tactics accordingly. Exploiting weaknesses can give you a significant advantage in battles.
  • Utilize terrain and defensive positions- Take advantage of the terrain to create favorable conditions for battles. Utilize defensive positions, such as high ground or chokepoints, to force the enemy into disadvantageous situations. Use the environment to your advantage and control the flow of battle.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances- As you progress in the game, the political landscape and balance of power may shift. Stay flexible and adapt your strategies to the changing circumstances to maintain your advantage.

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Final Thoughts

The world of Mount and Blade offers endless possibilities and challenges for players to overcome. By utilizing the tips and tricks in Mount and Blade, you can enhance your gameplay experience and improve your chances of success in both combat and non-combat situations.
From developing effective battle strategies to managing your kingdom and making strategic decisions, these insights will help you navigate the complexities of the game and emerge as a formidable force in the realm.
Remember to continually explore and experiment with different approaches, as Mount and Blade rewards adaptability and creativity. Whether you're leading your army into battle, engaging in diplomatic negotiations, or embarking on daring quests, the knowledge gained from these tips and tricks will serve as valuable assets on your journey.
So, sharpen your sword, rally your troops, and embark on an epic adventure in Mount and Blade. With these tips and tricks at your disposal, you'll be well-equipped to conquer the challenges that lie ahead and leave your mark on the rich and dynamic world of Calradia.
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