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I really like preventing video games and need extra people performed them, however I additionally understand that they aren’t all that welcoming. They hyper-focus on a really particular form of aggressive participant to the detriment of just about everybody else. Granblue Fantasy Versus is higher than most at offering helpful methods for rookies to be taught and enhance, but it surely might nonetheless use some exterior assist. Listed here are a few of my ideas for moving into this new preventing recreation and, maybe, even sticking with it when issues get arduous.

Play the dang tutorial

It’s not perfect, but the Granblue Fantasy Versus tutorial is the absolute best way to start playing as a newcomer to the fighting game genre. These lessons will impart important knowledge, from basic stuff like how to perform simple combos to more complex, situational strategies. Also included are ways to deal with character-specific tactics. Versus doesn’t have a huge cast, but they are all different enough that it’s important to recognize their unique skills and how to counteract them. Sitting down to study a game may seem like a slog when all you want to do is punch some folks in the face, but the foundation the tutorial provides is invaluable to future success and enjoyment.

M+H is a dedicated overhead

This is a little thing, but I remember being surprised that the tutorial only briefly touched on overheads. Every character in Granblue Fantasy Versus can perform an overhead attack by pressing Medium and Heavy at the same time. Overhead attacks must be blocked while standing, making them an important part of fighting game competition as they work as a direct counter to down-back blocking. These attacks also have airborne properties, which means they avoid grabs. Overheads typically can’t be used in combos but they are vital to breaking an opponent’s guard, especially when you have them locked down in the corner.

Use the block button

Granblue Fantasy Versus includes two different ways to block: the more traditional hold-back-to-block and a dedicated block button. While fighting game players with a little experience might think the former is good enough, I suggest checking out and using the latter. Not only is the block button more intuitive for beginners, but it also prevents you from being crossed up. This eliminates having to make any decisions during a left-right mixup, leaving you free to focus on whether you should be blocking high or low. There are absolutely no downsides to using the block button, so use it!

Start out with Gran or Katalina

There’s a simple reason Gran and Katalina are the first two Granblue Fantasy Versus characters you unlock in the RPG mode: they’re great choices for implementing the basics you learned in the tutorial. Sure, there are much cooler choices in the game, but the jack-of-all-trades nature of Gran and Katalina’s toolsets allows newcomers to experience several playstyles with just one fighter. Try out one or both characters to get a better feel for how Versus matches play out without getting bogged down in the more complicated arsenals of the advanced characters.

Find a character you love

Once you’re done messing around with Gran and Katalina, the true work of deciding on a character begins. You need to find a Granblue Fantasy Versus fighter you connect with. This can mean a lot of things. You might like the way a certain character plays or one of their attacks really feels good to use. You might just appreciate their attitude or look. It’s important you form some sort of attachment to the character you use. More than any other genre, fighting games allow players to personalize their experience depending on which character they take into battle. It becomes your identity, in a way. This will also help you connect with the greater community and collaborate with folks who use the same character.

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Use social media

It can be intimidating stepping into a new scene. Believe me, I know. But things are much better these days than back when we relied on arcades due to the prevalence of social media. Even if you don’t interact with other Granblue Fantasy Versus players directly, it’s super easy to search out information on your character of choice using a series of Twitter hashtags and a Trello board. There’s additionally a wiki obtainable via the preventing recreation neighborhood web site Dustloop that’s continually being up to date, however social media is sadly the place most methods and combos find yourself. It may be irritating attempting to maintain up with all of the developments on a recreation since there are so few central places for preventing recreation knowledge, however that is the very best we’ve for now. By no means hesitate to ask for assist!

Don’t log on instantly

The worst factor you can do whereas studying Granblue Fantasy Versus is to throw your self willingly into the meat grinder that’s on-line play. When you’ll ultimately should succumb to shedding over and over, it shouldn’t be one among your earliest experiences with the sport. Take a look at the tutorial, play via the RPG mode, and determine a number of primary combos and situational methods on your chosen character earlier than getting your ass kicked. As soon as you are feeling such as you’re prepared, the sport will put you thru your paces with a collection of matches, 5 towards the CPU and two towards actual opponents, earlier than letting you seek for on-line matches by yourself. This ensures that you just’re positioned at an applicable rank for matchmaking functions towards these at or round your talent stage.

Additionally, think about investing in a LAN adapter should you aren’t capable of join your console to your router straight. This ensures matches are as steady as attainable whereas utilizing the sport’s shoddy delay-based netcode.

Have enjoyable

The one means you’re going to get higher at preventing video games is should you’re having time. Generally this necessitates a persona or angle shift. Dropping will at all times be your fault, it doesn’t matter what you consider how your opponent performed. The impetus for development falls solely in your shoulders. Watch a replay of your matches to pinpoint the place you went flawed. How do your anti-airs look? Are you going for optimum combos? Do you want extra expertise taking part in towards the character that beat you?

Not like, say, League of Legends or Counter-Strike, there’s nobody guilty however your self for each beatdown you’re taking. At their worst, preventing video games are a irritating slog of research and repetition, however at their finest, they’re magical. Private development is a extremely stunning factor even inside the confines of a foolish online game, so hold that in thoughts.

And hey, should you aren’t having enjoyable with Granblue Fantasy Versus, you may at all times cease. There are many wonderful preventing video games on the market so that you can strive. Or perhaps preventing video games simply aren’t your factor, and that’s tremendous too! Preventing video games are inherently hostile to newcomers and may take years to lastly develop into satisfying at a primary stage. Should you aren’t having enjoyable, why stick to one thing that’s actively irritating? Who wants that form of burden on their shoulders with all the opposite silly shit occurring on this planet? However while you do resolve to return again, perhaps in the future when one other preventing recreation speaks to you, I’ll be more than pleased to information you thru your paces once more. I purchased that further arcade stick for a cause.