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Titans now streaming on Netflix internationally




Titans now streaming on Netflix internationally

The first season of “Titans” has finally ended on the DC Universe, but all the fans who stay outside the United States of America have not been able to watch the superhero series till now.

Netflix has finally decided to make this series available on their platform and now people from all across the world will be able to access the series. It is finally time for people all across the globe to check out what is the buzz behind this Superhero series.

The season 2 of this series will start shooting soon. With just first 11 episodes, this series has been able to create a lot of buzz in the global market. People are saying that the only reason they find this season interesting is that of the lore of DC Comics. This series is a perfect superhero series for the adults.

In the first season of the show, the Titans ended up coming together so that they were able to protect Rachel Roth from the nefarious forces who were trying to transform her into a Raven. In this series, Dick Grayson was the one who identified himself as Robin. Garfield Logan abandoned the Doom Patrol in exchange for a new family and Kory Anders discovered all his hidden past.

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In this series, there were also guest appearances from different fan favorite heroes like Hawk and Dove, Jason Todd’s Robin, and also Wonder Girl Donna Troy. The season finale of the series has made sure to tease the fans with the introduction of a clone Superman who will end up becoming Superboy.

This last episode of the series has made a lot of fans excited. According to a fan:

 “We are really looking forward to the new series as we just can’t wait to find out more about the Super Boy.”

People who are big fans of the superheroes have started making conspiracy theories on different fan pages on social media. All the fan pages have come up with its unique representation of the show’s ending. It is expected that the second season will start shooting recently and people have to wait to find out what happens to Super Boy in season 2.

According to Netflix:

 “We are really happy with the response that we have received from the show because we were not very sure at first whether to stream this in our platform or not.”

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