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Top 11 Freelance Jobs 2021


Today, when freelancing has become widespread around the world, it is easy to make a list of current professionals who have stable earnings in this field.

So here’re top 11 jobs for freelancers:

  • Copywriter
  • Administrator of social networks
  • Mobile applications developer
  • Web Project Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Sales Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Seo-specialist
  • Video editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Webmaster


Content remains the dominant tool in the Internet space, so those who are friendly with words constantly have orders for specialization. If you wrotegreat essays at school, try your hand at copywriting. Skills in this field are required in a variety of ways – from ordinary texts to cool advertising slogans or scripts for product promotion.

Social Media Manager

Are you an active user of social media sites? Then try to turn your passion into profit. The position of the SMM involves the creation of groups and communities, their maintenance, and development. And you will have to not only post content and photos but also constantly attract and engage users. And here you definitely can’t do without special knowledge. You can try to take them yourself, the literature on this subject is abundant. But you should not neglect seminars, masterclasses, and marathons.

The profession of SMM is really popular and profitable. Both companies and certain public figures need his help, because the popularity of well-known sites like Facebook and Instagram is going off the scale.

App Developer

Count how many apps are installed on your smartphone. All of them had a hand of a mobile software developer, and he received a solid reward.

And it is also worth remembering portals adapted to compact gadgets. The above-mentioned specialists are also working on them. According to official statistics, the demand for their services far exceeds the existing supply. There is, as they say, no comment.

Web Project Manager

When a site or a small account appears on the World Wide Web, a certain team of employees is formed to support the platform created. And for all the people involved to work in unison, requires a person who will coordinate the entire labor process. And his name is the manager of Internet projects.

This position requires universal competence: it will be necessary not only to give out orders but also to monitor their fulfillment. Sometimes you will have to get personally involved in the process when necessary. As a rule, remote applicants who have had time to work in one of the highly specialized professions apply for this vacancy.

Web Designer

This profession requires a special artistic vision. Those who can and love to draw excellently cope with it. However, in addition to artistic talent in the world of Web design requires technical literacy. Only this professional symbiosis will help you become a first-class ace, whose help will be regularly used by those interested. By the way, the tasks in this field are always enough.

Internet Marketer

This is for those who are not used to standing still, and quickly adapt to all changes and innovations. Its basis is online product promotion. In this case, it is necessary to be able not only to create advertising campaigns but also to analyze their results, to study the figures, and to form statistics. An Internet marketer should have decent baggage of knowledge – from SEO promotion to Google Analytics. To get into this work off the street will be easy. So you will have to study and read a lot.

Account Manager

Behind this serious name hides a very familiar profession of account manager. This means that person will be responsible for maintaining a dialogue with the company’s clients and increasing their loyalty towards it. Knowledge of human psychology and its successful application in practice would be a good advantage here. A flawless oral and written language would not hurt either. And, of course, stress resistance, because you will have to work with negativity too.


He is engaged in the promotion of the site in search engines (Google), analyzes traffic, optimizes the site for user queries. Performs tasks related to increasing site traffic. It is necessary to attract the attention of users to the online stores, bloggers, different companies to lead people to the purchase, order, interest in the content. Depending on the requirements of the owner of the resource.

Video Editor

The next profession in demand on the Internet is a video editing specialist. His duties may include the scoring of video recordings, removing unwanted noise and bad shots, adding special effects, titles, etc. Video editing requires a powerful computer with a quality video card. A person working in this field must have good skills with specialized programs (SonyVegas, After Effect, Adobe Premiere, 3D MAX). Basics of editing can be learned in a short period (about a month), thereafter gradually increasing their skills.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a person who specializes in creating a company’s style, including developing a logo and own font, choosing a color scheme, designing iconography, preparing advertising brochures, etc. This profession can be learned on your own, with the help of training materials available online. Various online platforms such as Shutterstock, iStock, Fotolia, etc. are used to sell their work.


The main function of such a specialist in the development of turnkey websites, which involves a range of tasks: communication with the client, drawing up terms of reference, design, layout, etc. This work requires multidisciplinary skills in several areas: the ability to create a design, HTML + CSS (required for the layout), knowledge of the engine principles, and not only.

Remember to start before you’re ready. If you’re a student think about your career, delegate some of your tasks and try to find a job. For example, you can use do my homework for meservice and save some time for your hobbies. Don’t chase fabulous money from the start, solving tasks that are beyond your abilities or not to your liking. You can succeed at anything, financially too, if you love it and do it with gusto. It’s important to enjoy freelancing, and it’s sure to pay you back in decent coin.

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