Nobody can leave behind their enormous impacts on the way this online platform developed in the generation just after technology growth. And demand also for online networks grew dramatically because, after the extent of streaming television series and films became available on the market.

And if you’re a film maniac, you’re sure you’ll miss no opportunity to watch this website online. You know. And many online locations offer the highest quality films and series free of charge.

The much more famous of these was Project TV, which over the years dominated the position of streaming. Though that was shut down in 2017, it returned with many new domains.

About the Website

It is also an online website for anybody to watch free of charge films or TV shows. It specializes mostly in television shows in various genres. This is also an excellent place for people who prefer to watch television programs at their convenience. And it really is going to offer, and it’s sure to give you a sense of home.

If the idea of free web entertainment channels is familiar to you. You know, Project TV isn’t a number of episodes over its website. It instead has a comprehensive network structure where the various episodes of its television shows are hosted by a third party.

It’s indeed clear from this that the accessibility of the contents is not guaranteed by this streaming network. However, it is not a great deal since you can locate these episodes by linking many servers to the online platform.

One drawback of this site is that adware is used in its domain. That’s why a lot of pop-ups appear on this website when they watch or stream something. But, if you’re using an advertisement blocker, you can eliminate this disruption.

Features of the Website

We can provide the main dome characteristics for this website.

  • First of all, this website gives free services.
  • Secondly, the content catalogue will vary throughout the region.
  • Third, online streaming allows you time to wait for the perfect DVD. You will get the highest quality photos on just this website at no cost.
  • Fourthly, you have the chance to download several quantities of television shows or movies, since they are massive.
  • Fifthly, a personalized title is open to you.

Steps for Downloading Content Using Project Free TV

Initially, you can install some downloading program from any of this site on your laptop. This device helps to ease downloading. It can be downloaded from over 12000 pages.

You need to note before you begin downloading that such a website is a website-like torrent, but these website forms in different countries are prohibited. You can choose any appropriate VPN, but if you’re still ready to update. It hides your IP address’s location.

Interpret the wanted video offline on your computer

  • You need to update the VPN during the first phase and do the likewise for just a downloader.
  • Visit the website or even its mirror sites throughout the second step.
  • Search the film you want to access on the third level. The list lists the names of different films, TV programs and cartoons in particular.
  • Throughout the fourth stage, you can read the complete film summary – whether it’s scale, peers, leaks or seeders.
  • The connection to just the film file must be copied to fit into the URL of its downloader throughout the fifth stage.
  • In step six, you could now click on the download button to begin the downloading.
  • You could see the film in offline mode throughout the seventh level.

In order to remind you, we should warn you that advertisements are going to play at every point of the movie download process. You will get forwarded to many other pages from there. This page receives income from this website.

Categories of Shows

You’ll experience an immense amount of films and TV series when you’re on this online site. This function has rendered this website quite valuable for just the user; the layout of its content is elegant.

The group can now be rated according to genre or expression. The classification based on movie genres is listed here. Throughout the following, we will list different genres.


If you value romantic sweet & warm movies, you could find out about this category. This segment includes famous romantic movies such as That’s us, My Stars Love and so on.

Action & Adventure

This genre involves action-packed films with stars to fight gangsters, criminals & evils. This portion has titles like Farmville, Thrones Game, Flash and many others.


Rid your hearts through Community, Friends, Curb your Excitement, etc., with the common material.

Kids & Family

If 9 or 90 years old, content is open to everyone. You would find names such as Hugo, Baby’s Day Out, Chillar Group, Free Willy, and so on.


The popular homeland, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sherlock, Mindhunter and several others, is used to get an adrenaline rush.


American Horror, Penny Terrible, Walking Dead, Bates Motels, and more, you will enjoy the real collection of horrors here.

Top Project Free TV Alternatives

This streaming service became immensely popular with the consumer but was closed down after 2017. The explanation is that it was an illegal online site also for movies or TV programs at no cost.

The cells & attorneys of cyber-crime started battling the owners of websites because these unlawful activities impaired the earnings of the legitimate sites-Amazon Prime, Netflix etc.

However, people all over the world have a great deal of thirst for films and television shows on these website styles. Some of us love watching these TV movies and series as long as it is published.

This post is therefore devoted to those individuals who were upset by the Project Free TV shutdown. Here we provide a list of some of the best options for this website.


Will you enjoy watching high-end films or television shows online without paying a penny? 123Movies has been one of your best choices. With this platform, high-speed video files can be streamed or downloaded.

It has superb content plus interfaces, including the former 123Movies website. And the inclusion of tv shows And movies of various genres is yet another feature making this website is among the best.

To remember, you need to build a profile there if you’re using this site. Any file can be streamed mostly on the site without registering. This website periodically updates its movie database so that the material here is nearly the latest.

  • This website has some of the major aspects.
  • First of all, the Interface is exceptionally social and navigable.
  • Second, it supports high-speed streaming and downloading.
  • Third, films in various qualities such as 4K, 720p, UHD, 1080p, etc.

Go Movies

Go Movies is yet another great alternative site to find for Project Free TV. This site has the benefit of being an easy-to-use GUI. And the types of content are separate. No registration of any type, you could watch various TV movies and series for free.

Mention is made of the type of TV shows. A search bar, as well as a movie filter tool, was built on this platform. Everybody can then access without complications the films or series they need.

Some other benefit is that it is not restricted to geographical location. So from every part of the world, you could reach this website. The most significant characteristics of this web

  • First, it’s simple to be using a user-friendly interface. It is indeed intuitive and interactive.
  • Second, each file from such a site could be streamed or downloaded at great speed.
  • Thirdly, any video quality, such as 720p, 1080p, etc., is accessible.


For people who want to see TV programs from the South, Kshow123 is. And this location is perfect for anyone who is fascinated with action-filled television programs and films. This website is insane overall.

The website has a bright and appealing user interface. In the category of action, comedy, crime thriller and many more, the contents are also arranged. You may use the searching tab or the filters.

You may consider it can be problematic without subtitles because the content is in Korean. But just don’t panic; this site is indeed a forum so easily accessible in English. In addition, there is no geo limitation on this website. Throughout the country, it’s indeed readily available.

Both free and paid plans are presented on this website. The premium version plan costs money and enables you to enter more variety of choices. All you must do is log in for yourself and build an account online if you want the free alternative.

The following are the main features of the whole site.

  • First, there are a few advertisements in this package that can pop up whenever.
  • Secondly, Korean content is often substituted to English by global users.
  • Thirdly, this website does not have any geo-restriction.

Watch Series Online

This is famous among all the spectators of this website’s exciting and exciting material. Another explanation of why the user interface has become so popular is its friendliness.

A more convenient user interface means it can be navigated more easily. That’s the consistency of the platform. Different categories of cinemas and TV series are organized. This website, therefore, gives you various options.

There are several filter choices in the filter. There is also a search tab. Therefore it is becoming easily accessible to your best ones.

There are several benefits of this website. It is not geo-limited, which means that it is accessed from various parts of the world. Furthermore, the uploading and download of movies and video files do not take place without a fluctuating advertising flow.

The essential feature of this website could be listed

  • First of all, this website frequently updates its content.
  • Second, geo-restriction is free of charge.
  • The design is three appealing and easy-to-use.
  • Fourth, the download speed of streaming is quick.


It is indeed a platform that enables users to view films online free of charge. On this platform, you can find all the new movies. Users can also access high-quality videos at any moment without charging any fee. No authentication is required to access this website.


This is indeed a trendy website for film fans, in which they can also stream their favourite films and presentations. This site helps the users to interact with many other film freaks who are using this site apart from viewing and uploading videos online. It’s a safe forum for talking and expanding your film awareness. Another important aspect of this site would be that this site is accessible in many languages on a regional basis, making it user friendly.

It is a good alternative to free project tv since it allows users to view unlimited films online without paying. A wide variety of videos accessible, from classics to new. Both films and shows are also of excellent quality. You could also stream them if you really like, other than streaming them online. Links to your popular shows and movies are available for free.


It becomes very annoying to browse through all the lengthy list of films to figure out all the new or even the blockbusters. Though what if all the superhit movies can be shown in a single file? Yes, the website offers all of the new films for the blockbuster. The great thing is that you’ll have it anywhere you like on your phone, pc and tablet. The project free tv is very close.


The new superhit movies are perhaps the most available website. It enables its users to experience the film world in the best possible way. No limits extend to something anywhere and whenever you will watch movies and shows. In 1080p standard, you could even install them.


That is one of the leading websites for free download and viewing films. You do not need to sign in to the website to get passage to them, but you also see all the new blockbuster films in HD quality. You can also watch films from Vumoo online or download the others free of charge.

So these are some great alternatives for Project Free TV that you should definitely give a look at.