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20 Top Moviesflix Alternative in 2021

20 Top Moviesflix Alternative in 2021

The busy life asks for a short break of self-love and some stories. These sites provide those short breaks in the traffic while waiting for it to short out. People want to spend time with their loved ones and want to spend quality time, but the busy schedule does not allow them to do so.

Kelvin Farr
Mar 19, 2021

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The busy life asks for a short break of self-love and some stories. These sites provide those short breaks in the traffic while waiting for it to short out. People want to spend time with their loved ones and want to spend quality time, but the busy schedule does not allow them to do so. Thus, these sites, at fingertips, help them to get it.

What is Moviesflix?

Movieflex is a website airing movies and shows. It started in 2011, and for ten years it has made a nice fan base. People love it. In this 21st century, people desire a platform on their phone to watch their favourite TV shows and movies. Thus, Moviesflex is a solution for it. It started with Malayalam language, and with time it also entertained people in different languages such as Hindi, Marathi, English, Punjabi, etc.

Why Moviesflix?

Moviesflex has many distinctive features that make is stand out in the field of online movie and tv shows watching websites such as,

  • It is very easy to use and user-friendly.
  • It has many languages for different language speaking people.
  • It’s entertainment sources are restricted to the Movies only but it also has TV shows and Documentaries.
  • It also provides the feature to download the shows or movies to watch it offline.
  • It is always updating so, there is very fewer chances of crashing and users can use it for longer durations.
  • It provides a speedy service to its users.

The legalities of Moviesflix

This website is a well-known and user-friendly site and a huge mass visits it. This somehow causes repercussions. This site has piracy which is illegal in India. Since piracy is unlawful in India, this can cause a banishment of the law so people must use it carefully. Also, movies, when uploaded to these websites cause loss to the product, so that’s another reason.

The legalities may vary with time, but it can make a huge shift just by that. People may feel insecure to use banned or restricted sites, and sometimes it can not be served at all. Those are the times people feel helpless. These alternatives are the pathway which shows that no matter what kind of situation there are always some sites that can fulfil the needs.

20 Alternatives to Moviesflix

There are several platforms people can search on, and they are easily accessible but which you prefer? Which is more user-friendly? Which has the best service? These questions arrive, and we start to go through all those reviews. Now, there is no need for that. Here come the top 20 alternatives to Moviesflix.

But why should someone replace it? That’s the question of which needs an answer. Moviesflix has all the best features already, but just in case it cannot be accessible to people or a huge community of people there has to be back up for it. One of the main features of Moviesflix is that it provides a huge range of genre of movies like:

  • Tamil HD movie download
  • Malayalam dubbed movies A-Z.
  • Malayalam MP3 and Video songs
  • Bollywood, Hollywood Movies
  • Web series, TV shows, Documentaries

Though there are many options out there, it is practically not possible to have all the movies, dramas and other entertainment shows for any single website. Resolving the issues, the followings are the top 20 alternatives of Moviesflix:

This gives a variety of shows to the users. This provides shows like movies, tv shows, dramas, sports live shows etc. The best part is that it is legal and user-friendly. It also allows the user to explore their interests as much as they can and develop new interests.

Movies watched

This website is known for its huge number of content. People who are interested in a vast variety of content should visit this site. There are a lot of categories such as web series, films, short films, documentaries etc. It provides more than 10,000 videos. The user-friendly site is well-known for variety.


This website provides the viewers with a free service of a huge variety of shows including the categories short film, web series, documentaries etc. They know very well how to manage the videos, and they have a good eye for managing the right amount and types of shows. Also, there is no compromise with the video quality. There are both SD and HD available.


This website is a user-friendly website because neither ask the users for their details nor ask them for registration. The shows are free with a huge variety and quality. Also, the shows are downloaded very easily. It is very handy and easy to use on the site. There is a huge set of the genre.


People want safety, reliability and variety. Here they find each of it. The traffic is crazy over this site because of the way they manage it. Also, there is a huge variety of genres and categories of shows, including documentaries, trailers, short films, movies and all. This is not the end because they also provide shows in many languages.


It provides a platform for free movies and shows with a wide variety of genres. Also, movies can be downloaded by users for a better experience. Though it is an illegal site, the people visit the site for its content and quality. People visit the site in a high number. There is no need for any subscription too.


It is the best choice for people looking for different documentaries as this website has many rare and unique contents regarding documentaries. It also provides many genres of movies like science fiction, horror, romance etc. This website does not cost any money for its service. That is also prettily demanded by the users.

Tamil Rockers

An huge number of shows with variety including movies, documentaries etc. This is a free site. Also, the government has tried hard to ban it, but those trials were failures.


There is a high collection of shows. It is very easy to download, and people find the quality very amazing. The best part is that people who belong to any part of the world can view shows with the help of subtitles. This gives a big help for none Indian languages.


This website also comes in the form of an app. People can view Hollywood, Bollywood and also Tamil and Telugu movies and shows. Also, it provides a good service of downloading the series for later.


This site updates the shows every time, and the viewers get new shows often. Also, along with a huge variety of shows, there is no need for a subscription. It is free of cost. The users like this site a lot is know for its qualities.


It has the high mom of shows including tv shows, drama, movies etc. It also has a high quality of content. The only thing is that there are a few free shows and most of the shows need a subscription.


This a one an all site for all types of people. There are a huge variety of shoes and languages. The shows are free of cost and any unwanted king sign-ups. Also, the layout design is likeable too.


This has a wide variety of shows including documentaries, short films, tv shows etc. It has a very good and helpful categorization. Also, it provides a very good speed, and it costs nothing. It is very user-friendly and people like this website. There are many sites with free service but the thing that needs to be noticed is that quality and speed matter a lot.


This website TodayPk is user-friendly due to its high-quality picture and a huge range of Indian languages. There are shows available in the Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. There is a condition of turning on the VPN pin for using it.  This provides many benefits and is simply suggested to anyone who is interested in different languages or is multilingual.


Though being an illegal site, it has many good points to it any user would like to have in their sites. It has contents in many languages like Gujarati, Punjabi, Hindi, etc. Also, it provides a huge variety of dubbed contents for people who are not okay with a specific type of language. This provides a good speed for downloading. There is an issue with the ads. Ads are popping out on the screen a lot.


It is a site full of romantic genre movies. It is more loved because it’s a high-quality picture, the maximum number of genres and the language. The users from various parts of the world can enjoy the shows without any delay or interruptions.


This site serves as a user-friendly website for it’s a feature of HD quality. This also allows a user to find movies very easily. The most attractive thing about this site is that it provides free movies. There have been many attempts to close this app, but being a Vietnam based site, they always managed to overcome every obstacle in being on a priority list of its users. There is no registration needed on this site. Also, it has a very simple procedure for downloading movies, a non-tech person also accesses it easily.


This website has a huge collection of films and web series. Around 7000 films and web series are available on the site with very good quality. In today’s time, people are more likely to watch movies during traffics and while travelling rather than in theatres.  Thus, the most convenient thing for people is to watch the movie on their phone. The technology has advanced and is modifying every day. Nitro is a flexible website and is available on the phone. Thus, it serves many benefits to its user, and it is user-friendly in many terms.

Ditto TV

The last but not least on the list is Ditto TV. As the name suggests, this website mainly contains TV series and shows. But unlike other websites, this is not only specialized in TV shows, but it has a good variety of Hindi content. Another specific feature of Ditto TV is the air of live TV shows. It is a rare feature limited to a few numbers of websites.

Several sites provide free services with a good picture quality like HD and SD. There are websites which require a subscription-like Hotstar. There are several sites with a huge collection of variety series along with movies. Mostly the sites provide a good speed to download, and that’s in demand a lot. Thus, in alternative, there are various kinds of sites available, each has its benefits and qualities. Anyone can choose any of these sites as per their interests and get benefit from enjoyment by their phone and laptop at the comfort of their home at a low or no cost.

Cost is also a major issue because everyone cannot subscribe to those sites which have high cost and don’t provide that much free videos or shows. The students are one of them. There are so many varieties to choose from. There is something for everyone, whether it be sci-fi, dramas, movies, short films, documentaries, trailers, etc. People can enjoy their quality time with their loved ones at any time.

The technology has advanced and made the resources accessible to people. Though there is some illegal site, one can still count on it for their interests. The Moviesflex being an illegal site, can still provide a lot. These are some few alternatives to Moviesflex. Each one of them is user-friendly, and people like them a lot regardless of their demerits (in any). This should be on everyone’s list of what if the interests change. There are some sites for that too, which have many genres.

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