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Top Reasons To Donate To Charity


It is estimated that more than 80% of Australian adults give to charity. In fact, records show that a total of $12.5 billion was donated in 2015-2016. The key to giving is to find a cause that you believe in and then make a small donation every month.

Of course, there are several great reasons to give money to charity.

You Feel Good

The bottom line for many people is that it feels good to give to others and know that you are helping people overcome obstacles. Put simply, the act of giving will make you feel happier and more fulfilled.

Prizes Are Possible

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Of course, while giving is a good thing to do an incentive doesn’t do any harm. Several charities organize raffles and give away prizes, entry is usually free if you donate to the cause.

Perhaps one of the best examples of this is the prize home lottery as offered by Surf Life Saving Foundation. You can win a house but every cent you donate will go towards keeping the beaches safe and saving lives.

That’s a win for everyone.

Sets An Example

You don’t need to announce from the rooftops that you’ve given money to a charity. But, there is nothing wrong with telling those close to you, especially family members. Your generosity can inspire them to give or help your children understand how they have the power to help others.

Setting an example is easy but it is also surprisingly effective.

Moral Obligation

If you live in a modern society and realize that there are many people that aren’t as fortunate as you, then you’ll also realize you have a moral obligation to help. In many cases, there is little you can do directly, but giving money to help those in need is an effective way to ease the moral obligation and play your part.

Makes You A Better Person

There are many reasons why you may decide to donate to charity. These range from a personal experience to simply having a need to do more for others. Whatever the reason, by giving to help others you will be making yourself a better person. That sets an example and encourages others to strive to be better people.

You Can See The Benefit

This reason does depend on which charity you choose to give to. For example, choose a local one like the Surf Life Saving Foundation and you’ll be able to see your funds in action, saving lives on the beach.

But, even if you choose a charity that isn’t local, you’ll know you are doing your part to help others.

Saving The Planet

Some charities help to save lives, others focus on saving the planet. If you donate to one that is dedicated to saving the planet you can honestly say you are doing your part. After all, charities have the clout to stop rainforests being cut down, you don’t. Giving to the charity helps to ensure you are helping to save the planet. There is no better motivation than that.

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