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Travelling Desi - An Indian Entrepreneur Who Turned Into A YouTuber

The Travelling Desi, Mohit Manocha, is dedicated to storytelling, cultural immersion, and wanderlust even as his profession develops. He has changed how we see the world and value it via his films and online presence, establishing a lasting legacy as a forerunner in the field of travel vlogging.

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May 23, 202318425 Shares267024 Views
Explore the fascinating world of the "Travelling Desi" as we go on an astonishing journey. Mohit Manocha is the man behind this unique YouTube channel. Get ready to be intrigued by the captivating stories of discovery, cultural immersion, and stunning scenery that characterize this remarkable platform.
With its distinctive fusion of narrative and wanderlust, Travelling Desi transports us on a transforming trip and fuels our own insatiable desire to see the globe and appreciate the beauty of many civilizations.
The Travelling Desi, Mohit Manocha, is dedicated to storytelling, cultural immersion, and wanderlust even as his profession develops. He has changed how we see the world and value it via his films and online presence, establishing a lasting legacy as a forerunner in the field of travel vlogging.

Quick Facts About Travelling Desi

Real NameMohit Manocha
Nick NameMohit
ProfessionIT Entrepreneur and Travel Vlogger
Birth PlaceFaridabad, Haryana
Date of Birth16 August 1986
Famous asTravelling Desi
Age36 Years

Early Life Of Travelling Desi

The enthralling journey of Mohit Manocha, better known online as Travelling Desi, a well-known YouTube personality and travel aficionado, started long before he rose to international fame. Mohit was born and reared in India, where he developed a keen interest in the world and a strong desire to see its many beauties.
Mohit, who comes from a middle-class family, was raised with a strong work ethic and a hunger for knowledge. He was constantly looking for new experiences and chances for improvement and was an ardent student at a young age.
Mohit's significant interest in narrative, photography, and videography emerged throughout his early years and would later serve as the foundation of his distinguished career.
Mohit pursued his study with remarkable vigor, spurred on by his desire for discovery. He obtained a bachelor's degree in engineering and is now well-equipped to understand the constantly changing digital environment. His heart, though, longed for something that went beyond conventional job possibilities.

The Career Of Travelling Desi

Mohit Manocha, often known as Travelling Desi, has built a phenomenal career that has irrevocably changed the landscape of travel storytelling and vlogging. Mohit has taken viewers on amazing travels while cultivating a worldwide network of travelers because to his unquenchable wanderlust and natural ability to connect with his audience.
Mohit's career took off when he started his YouTube channel, Travelling Desi, in 2016. He then set off on a quest to discover the world's hidden wonders and various cultures.
He creates an immersive experience for his viewers in his compelling films by skillfully fusing spectacular images, intimate tales, and smart commentary. With Mohit's innovative storytelling style, viewers may virtually experience the delights of each location and get a deeper understanding of the complex human experience.
His dedication to sincerity has been one of Mohit's distinguishing professional traits. He aims to convey the real, unadulterated sides of his journeys, in contrast to conventional travel programs, giving a true picture of the places he travels.
Mohit captures the soul of each location by immersing himself in the local culture and interacting with people, revealing the location's hidden gems and providing his viewers with a novel viewpoint.
As Travelling Desi became popular, Mohit's impact grew beyond of YouTube. He broadened his material by writing educational guides, offering helpful travel advice, and sharing personal accounts of his travels on numerous social media sites.
His vibrant online presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter has made it possible for him to engage with a larger audience and motivate countless others to travel the globe with an open heart and an inquisitive mind.
In addition to working with well-known travel companies, tourist organizations, and other content providers, Mohit has done so throughout his career. Through these collaborations, he has had the opportunity to see new places, work with regional groups, and reach a larger audience with his travels.
Both fans and business people appreciate and admire him for his sincerity and enthusiasm for travel. Mohit is focused on having a good influence and stays grounded despite the flash and glamour of his business.
By emphasizing the value of sustainability, cultural sensitivity, and ethical tourism practices, he actively encourages responsible travel. He motivates his audience to become good stewards of the environment and responsible global citizens by promoting thoughtful exploration.
Travelling Desi With His Wife
Travelling Desi With His Wife

Famous Videos Of Travelling Desi

Mohit Manocha, commonly known as Travelling Desi, is the creator of several well-known videos that have attracted the attention of his international audience and received millions of views. Here are a few instances of videos that have become quite popular, however, individual video names may vary over time.
  • "Exploring the Enchanting Streets of Varanasi" is a beautiful film that showcases the dynamic city's rich cultural past, busy ghats, and spiritual aura.
  • The amazing grandeur of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its bright floral landscapes and panoramic vistas, is shown in "Trekking to the Majestic Valley of Flowers" — Mohit's expedition to Uttarakhand's Valley of Flowers.
  • "Experiencing the Colors of Holi in India" - In this video, Mohit participates in the celebrations of the Hindu holiday of Holi, joining in on the fun and taking part in the recognizable color throwing.
  • "Exploring the Serene Backwaters of Kerala" by Mohit showcases the distinctive houseboat experiences and the quiet natural beauty of the area while taking viewers on a serene voyage through the scenic backwaters of Kerala.
  • "Discovering the Hidden Gems of Rajasthan" - Mohit visits the royal state of Rajasthan in this film, stopping at its majestic palaces, busy marketplaces, and dynamic towns to give viewers a full sense of the area's illustrious past and vibrant present.
These are only a few examples of the well-known videos that Travelling Desi has created. His YouTube channel is jam-packed with an array of engrossing videos that allow viewers to accompany him on his international travels and highlight the natural beauty, cultural variety, and depth of many locations.

The Physical Appearance Of Travelling Desi

Mohit Manocha has a distinctive physical profile that goes well with his engaging demeanor. He has a well-built body and an average height, and he emits a sense of vigor. Mohit has a gorgeous beard that complements his expressive features and gives him a little rustic appeal. His profound love of adventure is reflected in his eyes, which often sparkle with eagerness and wonder.
Mohit's sense of style is a manifestation of his passion for exploration. He may be spotted wearing casual but fashionable clothing whether he's traveling through busy metropolitan streets or discovering tranquil rural areas.
His style is a reflection of his admiration for a wide range of aesthetics, ranging from comfortable t-shirts and jeans to traditional attire that embraces the cultures he visits.
One of his most appealing traits is his kind grin, which welcomes onlookers into his world of exploration. Because of Mohit's captivating demeanor and contagious passion, his audience finds him accessible and personable.
While Mohit's physical attractiveness contributes to his allure, his popularity is ultimately defined by his enthusiasm, storytelling skills, and sincere connection with his audience. His allure goes much beyond his good looks; it also includes his contagious enthusiasm, genuineness, and capacity to take viewers to the alluring places he explores.
In the end, Mohit's incredible journey as the Travelling Desi has been made possible by the combination of his commanding presence and his alluring personality, making him a key figure in the world of travel blogging.

Personal Life Of Travelling Desi

Beyond his adventurous pursuits, Mohit Manocha—also known as Travelling Desi—has a good personal life. While details of his precise marriage are unknown, Mohit has often professed his love and thanks for his family in interviews and social media postings.
He has spoken about how his family's encouragement and support have been crucial to his professional success. In order to maintain a balance between his public image as Travelling Desi and his valued ties with his loved ones, Mohit keeps the majority of his personal affairs hidden.

Awards And Achievements Of Travelling Desi

In his lengthy career as a travel vlogger and video producer, Mohit Manocha, also known as Travelling Desi, has received a great deal of attention and acclaim. His accomplishments are a tribute to his brilliance, commitment, and influence on the digital environment, even if individual prizes may differ.
Mohit has been praised for being a pioneer in the area of travel vlogging by both fans and experts in the field. Audiences have been enthralled by his captivating narration and immersive films, which have resulted in notable milestones and recognition within the internet community.
Collaborations with esteemed travel companies, tourist organizations, and other creators have recognized Mohit's efforts. These collaborations attest to the respect and trust he has earned in the sector.
Beyond his economic success, Mohit has a devoted fan following and active online presence that are testaments to his impact. With millions of YouTube followers and a strong presence on other digital platforms, he has built himself a sizable fan base. His ability to inspire and amuse people all around the globe is seen by the support and devoted following of his viewers.
Even if particular honors may not be mentioned, Mohit's accomplishments go above and beyond recognition. His standing as a leading figure in the world of travel blogging has been cemented by his capacity to engage viewers on a personal level, stoke their wanderlust, and advocate responsible travel.

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Some Interesting Facts About Travelling Desi

  • Indian-born Mohit Manocha, also known as Travelling Desi, was reared there.
  • He received a bachelor's in engineering from him.
  • In 2016, Mohit started the Travelling Desi YouTube channel.
  • His channel's insightful cultural analysis and immersive travel experiences helped it become very successful.
  • With an emphasis on genuineness, Mohit's narrative style highlights the unadulterated, unrefined qualities of his travels.
  • He actively encourages responsible travel and emphasizes the significance of ethical and sustainable tourism.
  • Mohit works with well-known travel companies, tourist organizations, and other content producers.
  • He is quite active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in addition to YouTube.
  • Insightful commentary, amazing images, and personal tales are all mixed together in Mohit's videos.
  • He is well-known for having a kind disposition that appeals to people all around the world.
  • Viewers are motivated to travel the globe with an open heart and an inquisitive mind by Mohit's material.
  • He manages to keep a balance between his public image and his beloved connections since his personal life is kept secret.
  • Significant milestones, professional recognition, and a devoted fan following are just a few of Mohit's accomplishments.
  • He is still developing as a travel vlogger, making a lasting mark on the online world.

Travelling Desi Net Worth

Mohit Manocha, also known as Travelling Desi, now has a net worth of 10 crores INR. The majority of Travelling Desi's income probably comes from his YouTube channel, where he makes money through ad views and placements.
Additionally, he may increase his revenues via partnerships with tourist organizations, travel companies, and other content makers. It's important to keep in mind that net worth might alter over time as a result of things like investments, company endeavors, and costs.

People Also Ask

When Did Mohit Manocha Launch His Travelling Desi YouTube Channel?

In 2016, Mohit Manocha established his Travelling Desi YouTube channel.

What Is One Of Mohit Manocha's Storytelling Approach's Main Focuses?

The emphasis of Mohit Manocha's narrative is on authenticity, highlighting the unadulterated and unpolished qualities of his journeys.

What Actively Promotes Mohit Manocha In His Travel Content?

Mohit Manocha works hard to advance ethical tourism, sustainable travel, and responsible travel.

What Other Social Media Sites Does Mohit Manocha Use Often Besides YouTube?

Mohit Manocha is quite active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

What Is One Of Mohit Manocha's Main Income Sources?

Mohit Manocha most certainly derives a significant portion of his income from his YouTube channel, where he makes money through ad placements and viewership.

Which Collaborations Has Mohit Manocha Participated In?

Mohit Manocha has worked with well-known travel companies, tourist organizations, and other content producers.


Mohit Manocha, often known as Travelling Desi, has made a name for himself in the world of travel blogging by capturing viewers' attention with his immersive narrative and sincere love of travel.
Mohit has taken viewers on breathtaking adventures from the beginning of his YouTube channel in 2016, exhibiting the beauty of many cultures and encouraging ethical travel. His place as a leading figure in the digital world has been cemented by his dedication to authenticity and his capacity to relate to his audience.
We can be certain that the Travelling Desi will continue to explore, share, and inspire, making a lasting impression on the travel vlogging industry and forever kindling our own wanderlust. By reminding us all that the beauty of our planet is only outside our comfort zones and ready to be found and cherished, Mohit Manocha has really emerged as a pathfinder.
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