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Top 38 Ullu Web Series Name List In 2021

Top 38 Ullu Web Series Name List In 2021

Vibhu Agarwal owns and operates the Ullu App, an Indian on-demand streaming platform. Currently, the Video on Demand platform is accessible for Android and iOS. Ullu has been widely chastised for pushing adult content. The Ullu contained adult and explicit content during the COVID-19 epidemic, according to media reports from 2020.

Hilda Workman
Nov 03, 2021

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Vibhu Agarwal owns and operates the Ullu App, an Indian on-demand streaming platform. Currently, the Video on Demand platform is accessible for Android and iOS. Ullu has been widely chastised for pushing adult content. The Ullu contained adult and explicit content during the COVID-19 epidemic, according to media reports from 2020. In 2019, the creators of D-code accused the platform of failing to take steps to prevent the show's piracy after intimate excerpts from the series appeared on porn sites. Kajal Shankawar views the situation for improperly edited personal moments as "on-screen molestation." Vibhu Agarwal, the CEO of Ullu App, was accused of sexual harassment by a woman in August 2021.

Best 38 Ullu Web Series Name List 2021 You Must Watch Online

Melting Cheese (2018– )

ullu web series name list melting cheese

When a womanizer boss Anand's wife (Neena) develops friends with his attractive new secretary, Meera, the suspense builds.

Panchali (2019)

ullu web series name list panchali

Apu and his impoverished family reside in a village where they struggle to get by. While his daughter is sick, the father goes to the city to try to make extra money.

Halala (2019)

ullu web series name list halala

Halala is a web series based on the Nikah Halala procedure.

Le De Ke Bol (2019)

ullu web series name list le de ke bol

Khul Ja Sim Sim: Ullu Series (2020– )

ullu web series name list khul jo sim sim

The story centres around a newlywed couple and the dreams of a young woman who enjoys experimenting and having fun in her marriage.

Riti Riwaj (2020– )

ullu web series name list riti riwaj

In a tribal hamlet in Maharashtra, a man has more than one wife, each of whom is responsible for everyday home responsibilities. Shanta is Bhagatram's sole wife, and she forces him to marry a second time.

Kasak (2020– )

ullu web series name list kasak

'Kasak' is the story of a girl who was raped and viciously assaulted, leaving her semi-comatose for the remainder of her life.

Anniversary Surprise (2019– )

ullu web series name list anniversary surprise

This series' plot centres around two to three people, Raj, Priyanka, and Mahi. There is a murder at the resort as an anniversary surprise, but the perpetrator is unknown.

Shubhratri (2019– )

ullu web series name list shubhratri

The plot centres around the shy husband's ongoing new relationship with his erotic wife. She has tried to have s*x with her husband since the day they married, but he refuses.

Wife in A Metro (2020)

ullu web series name list wife i a metro

Relationships blossom when a broken heart is caressed by unexpected affection. But what happens when two people's worlds are turned upside down by minor transversal connections? A lonely heart's story. "In the Metro With My Wife."

Taxi (II) (2020– )

ullu web series name list taxi II

In a pub, a female meets a guy, which leads to an unexpected event. The female then takes a cab to her next location after this encounter. However, it appears that fate has other plans for her.

Cat Lady (2021– )

ullu web series name list cat lady

Palang Tod (2021– )

ullu web series name list palang tod

The story revolves around the lives of two young females. He develops feelings for the young girl, which alters the equation. He is unsure who to accept as love has taken over the relationship. Is it possible for everyone to find the love they desire?

Mona Home Delivery (2019– )

ullu web series name list mona home delivery

Mona, a prostitute, is at the center of the story. Her interactions with people from various disciplines will provide her with thrills, passion, joy, and tears.

Julie (2019– )

ullu web series name list julie

Riti Riwaj: Haldi (2020– )

ullu web series name list riti riwaj haldi

Woodpecker (2020– )

ullu web series name list woodpecker

Shanaya aspired to be an airline entrepreneur, with aspirations to fly high. Her foresight brought her to the perfect man at the perfect time... but alas. It fails to impress. There were four more like her.

Bhasudi (2020– )

ullu web series name list bhasudi

The story follows the lives of a group of teenagers. As they deal in weaponry, things take a new turn. Things take a turn when there are back-to-back mob clashes and lethal strikes.

Innocent (2020– )

ullu web series name list innocent

The story follows the lives of a businessman. He travels all over the world, and his marriage to his wife is deteriorating day by day. The secret is discovered by the wife.

Slip (2020– )

ullu web series name list slip

Virgin Suspect (2021– )

ullu web series name list virgin suspect


ullu web series name list smartphone

Suman and Chandan have been married for a few years, but Suman has only lately relocated to Mumbai to be with her spouse. Chandan, who is originally from Kasganj, has relocated.

26 January (2018)

ullu web series name list 26 january

Bribe (2018)

ullu web series name list bribe

Padma is a widowed woman. Her brother forces her to bribe her body in order for her Widow Pension to be approved. She sleeps with a lot of powerful and wealthy men.

#MeToo (2019)

ullu web series name list mee too

Size Matters 2 (2020– )

ullu web series name list size matters 2

When Aarohi cheats on her sister in order to achieve a selfish aim, she finds herself trapped in an unpleasant circumstance. Aarohi continues to try ridiculous methods to lose weight, but her activities have only resulted in more troubles and embarrassment.

D-Code (Deewangi) (2019– )

ullu web series name list d code

The wife of a well-known celebrity is displeased with her husband. Because her spouse comes to the house with another girl and performs nasty things at home. And his wife is keeping a close eye on everything.

Ashuddhi (2020– )

ullu web series name list ashuddhi

Tandoor (2021– )

ullu web series name list tandoor

Tandoor is an investigative thriller in which Rashami Desai plays Palak, an aspiring politician who secretly marries her sweetheart. She intends to inform the media as soon as possible.

Pratiksha (2021– )

ullu web series name list pratiksha

Pratiksha Singh, a humble television star, saw her fame collapse after a contentious love affair with a flamboyant free-spirited hottie named Chirag, leading to her suicide.

Kavita Bhabhi (2020– )

ullu web series name list kavita bhabhi

Kavita is a young erotic woman who makes phone calls to guys and cures them sexually by telling them her bed stories.

The Bull of Dalal Street (2020– )

ullu web series name list the bull of dalal street

A huge stock exchange-related scam occurred on Mumbai's Dalal Street. It's a slightly fictionalized story based on true events that occurred in the year 1992.

Dubey Ji and the Boys (2018)

ullu web series name list dubey ji and the boys

Wanna Have Good Time 2 (2019)

ullu web series name list wanna have good time 2

Roshan, a young businessman with a handsome and enticing attitude, is dating Rena, a spoil brat. They organize a date and a fantastic evening. A loud person was present on their big night.

Virgin Boys (2020– )

ullu web series name list virgin boys

Chuchu, Chomu, and Gagan, three musketeers with the common desire to lose their virginity, are battling for their physical pleasures. With their, Gagan proves to be luckier than the other two.

Dance Bar

ullu web series name list dance bar

When Dhanraj Shikhawat, a business tycoon, declares his love for Ayesha, a bar dancer, he finds himself in an unusual predicament when Ayesha sets three conditions for him to get laid. The plot then begins to emerge.

Prabha ki Diary (2020)

ullu web series name list prabha ki diary

A dissatisfied wife tries and fails to earn her husband's love until a stranger enters her life. Her immediate reaction is to block him out and hide her emotions, but she resists.

Peshawar (2020– )

ullu web series name list peshawar

Peshwar is based on a terrorist attack on Pehswar's Army Public School on December 16, 2014, in which more than 148 people were killed, the majority of whom were children.

Ullu Web Series Name List 2021 Online

Ullu is a video streaming service that features a diverse range of genres, including drama, horror, suspense, thrillers, comedy, and more. Watch web series, movies, Ullu Originals, and more in your native language. Start a Free Trial and we'll give you your first two videos for free. All year long, enjoy unlimited movie streaming and downloads for a low cost.

Ullu Web Series Name List 2021 Watch Online

You've probably figured out that Ullu is an OTT platform where you can watch multiple web series, but the question now is: how can you watch Ullu web series for free online? How can you see all of the Ullu web series episodes? We'll demonstrate how to view it. However, Ullu's web series is not available for free viewing. To watch the series, you'll need to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, and other OTT sites. We will go over this material with you in further detail, as it is yet unknown.

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Is Ullu Illegal?

Ullu, an indigenous OTT platform launched in 2018, is noted for its daring and edgy content. Although the Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B) now regulates all OTT platforms and news websites, there is no law or independent organization that oversees their content.

What Is Ullu?

Ullu is a Streaming Platform that allows our customers to watch a wide variety of Web Series, Movies, and EXCLUSIVE Ullu Shows. In Ullu, you will find each genre, such as Drama, Horror, Suspense, Thriller, and Comedy.

Is Ullu A Channel?

And there are also web series teasers and videos with over 1 million views, demonstrating how popular this OTT platform is. There are around 1.95 million subscribers to the Ullu YouTube channel.

Is Ullu Free App?

Ullu is a video streaming platform that can be accessed from the convenience of your mobile Android smartphone. It's crucial to understand that this is a premium streaming software, albeit your first two videos will be available for free. Trailers are also available for free viewing here.

Is Ullu App Safe?

Yes, the Ullu TV is entirely risk-free. Its use has not resulted in any viral attacks or the opening of pop-up windows at random. According to cyber reports, it is completely secure to use.

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