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Valorant guide: How to play as Viper


Viper is one in all Valorant’s most complex Brokers. She has smoke that may block imaginative and prescient, poisonous swimming pools that harm gamers, a wall that may reduce bomb websites in half, and an enormous dying pit that may lock down a complete bomb web site. All these skills are sturdy, however she will solely use them a restricted quantity, giving her extra to concentrate to than some other character in Valorant.

Listed here are all of Viper’s skills and the way greatest to make use of them.

Normal Tip For Taking Part In Viper:

  • All the time control your gas gauge. If it runs empty you gained’t be capable of use your Poison Cloud or Poisonous Display skills.

Skill: Snakebite

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Picture: Riot Video games through Polygon

Fireplace a projectile that explodes right into a pool of damaging acid.


  • This potential isn’t probably the most damaging, however it may soften up targets in the event that they’re transferring by way of a door or hallway.
  • This may be a wonderful technique to examine corners of the map. If you happen to assume somebody is perhaps lurking behind a field or at a pointy angle, toss this down and drive them out.

Skill: Poison Cloud

A green cloud of smoke created by Viper in Valorant
A green cloud of smoke created by Viper in Valorant

Picture: Riot Video games through Polygon

Throw a gasoline emitter which you can reactivate to create a toxic smoke cloud at the price of gas. The emitter may be picked up and thrown once more after a brief cooldown.


  • This is likely one of the weaker smoke display screen skills, so it’s greatest to not use it to dam primary angles when your group has different choices.
  • It’s an excellent potential for briefly hiding an space from view in the course of open floor. You may place this on the bomb, or at a very lively choke level, then flip it on to wreck and confuse unsuspecting enemies.

Signature Skill: Poisonous Display

A Viper wall mid-activation in Valorant
A Viper wall mid-activation in Valorant

Picture: Riot Video games through Polygon

Deploy an extended line of gasoline emitters which you can reactivate to create a tall wall of poisonous gasoline at the price of gas.


  • This potential can go throughout an enormous part of the map, ignoring issues like partitions. You may see a preview of the place it’s going to go on the map.
  • Watch out utilizing this early once you’re on Assault. Deploying it may be a lifeless give-away for which bomb web site you and your group are attacking. Due to that, Poisonous Display can be an awesome misdirection potential.

Final Skill: Viper’s Pit

Viper’s ultimate ability in Valorant
Viper’s ultimate ability in Valorant

Picture: Riot Video games through Polygon

Emit an enormous poisonous cloud in a big space that lasts so long as Viper stays contained in the cloud. Enemies contained in the cloud are highlighted to Viper.


  • This potential does harm to everybody inside besides the Viper who positioned it. Which means enemies take harm, however allies do too.
  • Viper can step out of her Pit with out it happening. As quickly as she does a timer seems, if she re-enters the Pit earlier than the timer reaches zero it stays up, if she doesn’t then it goes down.
  • Whereas shotguns aren’t usually the most effective weapons in Valorant, this potential provides Viper particular synergy with the up-close-and-personal weapons. If you realize you’re going to set the Viper Pit up in a specific spherical, seize a shotgun and run round inside, taking pictures folks level clean and saving some Creds within the course of.

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