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AFK Detection Improved With Valorant Patch Notes 4.02


AFK Identification will be enhanced with Valorant Patch Notes 4.02, enabling for greater identification of non-participatory behavior in matches. Players that leave the game running in the background will be fined since AFK players may now be identified more easily.

The entire size of Valorant in 2022.

Following the 3.12 patch that was published with Episode 3 Act 3, Valorant is around 20.3 GB in size.

Performance Updates

The developers have increased latency for the windowed full-screen option to get it closer to full display quality for overall performance benefits, suggesting that these enhancements should function well with in-game overlays. For anybody who wants to comprehend this option in the most basic of PC science terms, having any other program window on top of your gaming window, on the other hand, will invalidate these advantages. You'll notice a little slowness if you play the game in windowed or full-screen mode since your CPU and RAM will have to work a bit more to keep the game stable on full display while it continues to alt-tab out frequently. This option aims to minimize entrance latency a little bit with these two windowed modes, which should help windowed mode gamers recover a little bit of performance.

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Social Update

The AFK detection device has been improved. The AI ending has up-to-date detection for non-participatory conduct in-game. Furthermore, it seems that there is considerable skepticism about the agent choosing reporting process when it comes to agents deciding whether or not to report. You may right-click players who are behaving abnormally in pregame and document them. The AFK detecting equipment, as well as the participant file device, have both undergone high-quality, first-rate lifestyle alterations. The AFK AI should, in theory, be able to distinguish between anybody and anything. The site now pays out on the first round of the first round when someone furiously quits.

Bug Fixes

The developers solved a fault where the flashing effects surrounding the spectrum z logo showed adjacent to the trigger during the second inspection animation on the bulldog, and also fixed an issue where Kilroy's alarm in the turret was irreversible after being revived by Sage in Asian bug patches. This is also referred to as a projectile follow the issue, and it is currently afflicting observer followers. That brings us to the end of the patch 4.02 summary.



According to Riot Games, the new VALORANT patch, Patch 4.02, will increase the identification of non-participatory behavior in matches. Now that the detection for AFK players has been enhanced, players that leave the game running in the background without playing will be penalized.

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