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Veronica Rodriguez: Mind Stunning Things You Should Know About Her Today (Wikipedia & Biography)


Who Is Veronica Rodriguez?

If you have watched the TV series 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, then you already know who Veronica Rodriguez is. Although she was not a part of the main cast, she has left her mark. Her excellent performance in the show has grabbed the attention of the audience.

Veronica Rodriguez is from Miami, Florida, and was born on 11th August 1985. She appeared in the third season of the series when Tim Malcolm, her ex-fiancé got involved with another woman in Colombia.

Who Is Veronica Rodriguez
Who Is Veronica Rodriguez

Tim and Veronica may not be together anymore, but they are still very close to each other. They love each other’s company and co-parent their only child. Even after their split, Veronica has been a great support system for Tim during his bad times. She may get a bit jealous of seeing Tim getting into new relationships, but that doesn’t affect their friendship.

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The good thing is you can watch Veronica on 90 Day Fiance Pillow Talk regularly. She is so entertaining to watch that fans just cannot get enough of her. It is her sarcastic humour and sly comments that make the audience her fans.

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Veronica Rodriguez Wikipedia

1Real Full NameVeronica Filomena Rodrigues2Date of Birth1 August 19913Age as of August 202029 Years 2 Months4GenderFemale5Height5' 4"6Weight48 KG7Hair ColorBlack/Blonde8NationalityVenezuelan9HometownMaracay, Venezuela10Current CityNorth Carolina/Miami/Florida, USA11Zodiac SignLeo12EducationHigher M.A From Central University of Venezuela13ProfessionActress, Internet Model, Celebrity, Producer14Marital StatusMarried15Net WorthApproximately $2 Million (Official)

Veronica Rodriguez About Her Interests

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Things To Know About Veronica Rodriguez In 2020

About Veronica Rodriguez
About Veronica Rodriguez

If you are a Rodriguez fan, then you are in the right place. That’s because we are about to tell you some facts that you probably didn’t know about her. So Here are some interesting facts about your favourite “90 Day Fiancé Movie” actress:

1. She Is Cuban: Where Is Veronica Rodriguez From?

Where is Veronica Rodriguez From
Where is Veronica Rodriguez From

Since there is not enough information available on Veronica, many of you are not aware of her Cuban ancestry. For those who wanted to know about her ethnicity, well now you have got your answer. Veronica was born and raised in Miami, Florida, United States. But one side of her family has immigrated to the US from Cuba.

2. She Has A Job Outside Acting: Who Does Veronica Work For?

When you are in the acting field, it’s easier for people to believe that acting is the only job you have. Well, the story is the same in Veronica’s case. Although Veronica has been working in 90 Day Fiancé series for a long time, she has been the head sourcing relationship manager. We managed to get this information from her LinkedIn profile.

3. Not One, But She Knows Three Languages

Veronica rodriguez knows three languages
Veronica rodriguez knows three languages

Having the ability to speak multiple languages can be helpful in many ways. Well, in that case, Veronica is lucky enough to know three different languages. We are sure that this comes handy for her. Other than English, she can speak French and Spanish which are the two most common foreign languages. if you know she went to the International University to do her majors in business.

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4. She Was Born And Raised In Miami

Many of you may know that Veronica is currently living in North Carolina. But she is originally from Miami. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida which is one of the beautiful places in the US. After living there for several years, she has now moved to North Carolina. However, she still visits Miami very frequently because her family is still there.

5. She Provides Financial Support To Tim

Veronica rodriguez provides financial support to Tim
Veronica rodriguez provides financial support to Tim

During Tim’s initial days in the show, he claimed to be a businessman and didn’t need any financial support. But it came to a shock when Veronica revealed on her social accounts that Tim needed financial support in 2019. She even said that she had brought some gifts for Tim to give it Jennifer. We are not sure what exactly Veronica means. But what we know is that she is helping Tim financially.

6. She Is There On Cameo

After her role in 90 Days and Pillow Talk, her popularity has skyrocketed. It has got her fame and recognition because of which her followers have reached 62,000 marks. For those who don’t know she is there on Cameo and makes personalised videos for fans. However, you need to pay $30 for every personalised video you ask for. She makes videos either in Spanish or English.

7. She Loves Water

Veronica rodriguez loves water
Veronica rodriguez loves water

Veronica grew up in Miami which is mainly known for its beaches. Her love for water is expected. Although she now lives in North Carolina, by heart she is still a Miami girl. Her idea of spending time outdoors is exploring and enjoying the beach. Whenever she returns to Florida to visit her family, she takes the opportunity to go to the beach or do water activities like paddle boating, swimming, etc.

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8. She Is A Yoga Enthusiast

Fitness is very important for everyone. For Veronica, her way of staying fit and active is through yoga. She loves yoga more than anything and always takes out time to practice it. There is no doubt that she is a yoga master herself as she can perform even the most difficult poses with ease.

9. She Was Once Arrested

Veronica rodriguez was once Arrested
Veronica rodriguez was once Arrested

Everyone has something bad in their past that they are not proud of. In the case of Veronica, she was once arrested in 2016 for driving when she was impaired. Although there aren’t enough details available on this incident, she didn’t get into anything serious. She was booked in Rowan County where her mugshot was clicked.

10. Veronica Rodriguez Net Worth In 2020

According to many internet sources, Veronica is ready to act in a few adult shorts if she likes the script. and you will get shocked by knowing Veronica Rodriguez net worth in 2020, as she has wealth worth of more than $100 Million which includes her assets and liquid cash. and if she starts to act in adult films, then she will cross so many top Hollywood actresses in terms of Net worth.

But officially she never talked about her real net worth in the media. Veronica is a very talented actress. She is even producing few movies and TV Series under Unknown names in Hollywood to escape from the Media buzz and legal IT problems.

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Veronica Rodriguez Social Media Presence

Veronica Rodriguez Social Media
Veronica Rodriguez Social Media

People are using the internet for their growth. And Veronica Rodriguez is present in all famous social media platforms. Now she is trying building her network with her social profiles. She charges a big amount for any promotions through her Instagram/Facebook account. anyone can follow her on the accounts mentioned below to get the latest personal and professional updates about her.

  • Veronica Rodriguez Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teamvrod
  • Veronica Rodriguez Twitter: https://twitter.com/LilveronicaR
  • Veronica Rodriguez Facebook: Not Available

Veronica Rodriguez Hottest Bikini Pics & Instagram Updates

Here we got some of the trending pictures of hot actress Veronica Rodriguez on the internet now. Veronica looks very seducing in these bikini photos. below images are an eye feast for all of her fans. Enjoy.
























Veronica rodriguez hottest pic 1
Veronica rodriguez hottest pic 1
Veronica rodriguez hottest pic 2
Veronica rodriguez hottest pic 2
Veronica rodriguez hottest pic 3
Veronica rodriguez hottest pic 3

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FAQs About Actress Veronica Rodriguez On The Internet

1. How Old Is Veronica Rodriguez?

Veronica Rodriguez was born on 1st August 1991. and her age is exactly 29 years as of today. she was born and brought in Venezuela and then movies to states for a modelling career. you can read more about her professional and personal life int his article.

2. What Did Veronica Rodriguez Study?

Veronica Rodriguez is not just a beautiful actress who seduces with her pics, but she is talented and smart too. She studied an associate degree in the political science University of Rochester. and she didn’t stop there she even got her major degree in business management from Florida international university.

3. What Nationality Is Veronica Rodriguez’s Friend In 90-day Fiance?

In 90-Day Fiance Veronica posted some videos and pictures to tease her friends. And her friend is from Columbia. She has gone public with that movie. From there itself Veronica started to post some erotic pics on her social media account which lead to the break up with her boyfriend. and she did it intentionally saying that only one boy and friend is not enough for single life.

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Sum It Up

Well, that’s all you needed to know about your favourite actress on 90 Days fiancé. There is no doubt, she is a great actress, but also a good human being. We all admire her relationship with Tim.

Disclaimer (Important)

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