there’s a line of toys called Tubbz which is made up of rubber studs cosplaying as movie sport and pop culture personalities. Now Numskull Designs declared wave a couple of the lineup, including figures from Street Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog, Doom, Resident Evil, also The Last of Us. I find them very disconcerting.

I enjoy a fantastic PVC collectible, particularly at a theme I am familiar with, however there’s something about those damn ducks. I should love them. The initial wave contains Spyro the Dragon, Destiny, and DC Comics ducks. Can I get ducks, I’d probably purchase those ducks. But I can not.

It may be the manner facial hair functions in PVC duck soil. The mustaches on personalities such as Eggman or even Joel from The Last of Us grow in addition to their beaks. That makes me imagining smooth orange beaks sprinkled with hair follicles. That is terrifying.

It may be the degree of detail specifically figures. The broken beak of this Clicker, with blood flowing down the neck out of its mouth?  That is nightmare fuel.

You can place that in a cunning small stackable bathtub bundle, however it does nothing to make it simpler. In reality, it may make it even worse.

Yeah, that is worse.

Wave 2 of those Tubbz cosplay duck toys are found in April or May, together with preorders available on the official site.

They’re kind of cute if you do not consider it too much.

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