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Vikings: What Rollo of Normandy’s Tattoos Really Mean

Vikings: What Rollo of Normandy’s Tattoos Really Mean

Most characters in Vikings are lined with tattoos, however they don’t seem to be random designs – all of them have a that means that matches with Viking tradition and their beliefs, and right here’s what Rollo’s tattoos imply. Created by Michael Hirst, the historic drama Vikings debuted on Historical past Channel in 2013, and

Hilda Workman
Mar 22, 2020

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Most characters in Vikings are lined with tattoos, however they don’t seem to be random designs – all of them have a that means that matches with Viking tradition and their beliefs, and right here’s what Rollo’s tattoos imply. Created by Michael Hirst, the historic drama Vikings debuted on Historical past Channel in 2013, and although it was initially deliberate to be a miniseries, the viewers was hooked and the collection was rapidly renewed for a second season, permitting it to maintain exploring the tales of legendary figures like Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Rollo of Normandy, Ivar the Boneless, and extra.

Vikings initially adopted the travels of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his Viking brothers, amongst these his actual brother, Rollo (Clive Standen). Because the collection progressed, it shifted its focus to Ragnar’s sons – Bjorn Ironside, Ivar, Ubbe, Hvitserk, and Sigurd – and their very own journeys, making them the protagonists. Vikings is now on its sixth and remaining season, and plenty of characters from season 1 haven’t made it thus far, whereas the destiny of others stays unknown, as is the case of Rollo.

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Although he’s nonetheless alive, his appearances within the collection have decreased dramatically, and he hasn’t appeared in season 6 simply but. Whereas followers await half 2 of Vikings season 6, it’s an excellent second to have a look again at these characters that helped form the collection and their evolution. Rollo is certainly not the identical he was within the first seasons, and he has additionally gone by means of bodily modifications, together with his tattoos, which is one thing the artistic staff behind Vikings has paid particular consideration to.

Vikings: The Actual That means Behind Rollo’s Tattoos

Rollo has a few tattoos that cowl his chest and each arms, and so they all have a particular that means. On his proper aspect, he has a knotted design masking the highest of his arm and the aspect of his physique (chest and ribs). This comparatively easy design represents the armor and shields worn by Viking warriors. On that very same aspect (amongst all of the armor design) and on his left arm there’s a unique design with a deeper that means associated to Norse mythology: two wolves, representing Sköll and Hati, sons of Fenrir, a monstrous wolf and son of Loki.

Father and sons are vital figures in Norse mythology. Sköll chases the Solar (personified as a goddess named Sól), and Hati goes after the moon (the god Máni) till the Ragnarök comes, which is the Norse interpretation of the apocalypse. Fenrir was imprisoned by Odin, however was foretold to be freed when Ragnarök lastly occurred and to kill Odin. In line with the legend, as soon as Sköll swallowed the solar and Hati the moon, the celebs would disappear from the sky, the earth would shake, mountains would fall, and all binds would snap, thus liberating Fenrir. He would then kill Odin, after which he can be killed by Odin’s son, Víðarr. To finish Rollo’s Sköll and Hati tattoos, he has a easy solar on the left aspect of his chest, and a moon on the opposite aspect, giving the looks that every wolf is chasing its component.

Rollo’s tattoos are fairly becoming along with his fearsome and impulsive character, and are additionally a illustration of his relationship along with his brother, which was all the time problematic, with Rollo betraying him a number of instances. It is the little particulars in Vikings which generally find yourself telling extra about Viking tradition than the arcs of the characters, and Rollo’s tattoos are an excellent instance of that.

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