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We need to talk about the ending of Half-Life: Alyx


Warning! This text accommodates heavy spoilers for the story and ending of Half-Life: Alyx.

What a reduction! In spite of everything these years of ready, Half-Life: Alyx is nice. Not solely is it a superb VR sport, it is a superb Half-Life sport. It is full of deeply unsettling horror, electrifying motion scenes, beautiful environments, physics puzzles, and a fantastic story surrounding a number of characters we all know from previous video games and others which are new to the Half-Life universe.

Plus, you possibly can decide up headcrabs and use them to play basketball.

A number of of us right here at PC Gamer have performed by way of to the ending. And boy oh boy, does Half-Life: Alyx ever have an ending. We’re dying to speak about it, and we will not wait any longer. Naturally, there are going to be main spoilers for the story and ending of Half-Life: Alyx beneath.

In case you select to scroll down this web page, you are gonna discover three issues. First, a video displaying the ending of Half-Life: Alyx if you would like to see it with your personal eyes. Second, a short synopsis of the ending and the occasions main as much as it. Lastly, there is a dialogue between James and Chris about the entire rattling factor—the ending, the finish of the ending, and hypothesis about what is likely to be coming subsequent.

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Spoilers, lot of them—all of them—begin just under.

The Half-Life: Alyx Ending, Summarized

Alyx is making an attempt to achieve a location often called The Vault, an enormous construction hovering above Metropolis 17, the place her pal Russell has found the Mix are hiding a ‘superweapon’. Alongside the best way, Alyx overhears a mysterious girl (we by no means see her face) speaking to a Mix Advisor about what’s inside The Vault—and it is no mere weapon. The mysterious girl says it is a jail for somebody who raised hell throughout the Black Mesa Incident after which disappeared.

Russell’s idea? Gordon Freeman is locked in The Vault. Alyx will get inside, the place she travels by way of a spooky residence constructing within the grips of some weird space-time properties: there is a bizarre, ghostly tenant who appears frozen in time, Alyx can stroll on the ceiling, objects are floating, and at one level the constructing splits right into a mirror picture of itself. When Alyx crosses into the mirror world and reaches the jail on the middle of The Vault, she opens it and discovers it is not Gordon Freeman in there in spite of everything. It is G-Man.

G-Man takes Alyx into the long run, displaying her the occasions on the finish of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, the place Eli Vance is killed by a Mix Advisor. G-Man offers Alyx the ability to vary that essential second in Half-Life historical past—and he or she does, killing the Advisor and saving Eli from dying. Then G-Man locations Alyx in stasis for future project.

The credit roll, and we get one remaining scene. We’re now not Alyx Vance. We’re Gordon Freeman! It is the top of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, however Eli is alive, and Alyx has vanished. Canine comes bounding in with Freeman’s crowbar, and Eli palms it to Gordon, asking if he is able to go to work. The top.

The Vault

(Picture credit score: Valve)

Chris: So, the ending. It is, um. It is one thing. I am unable to begin, you begin.

James: It is quite a bit. We get that wild tour by way of the space-time home the place some ghost man, who does not appear to be any character I acknowledge, is simply hanging out. Then it ‘splits’ and the home mirrors itself from above. I received the impression that this was the start of a break up timeline, which is sort of mandatory for a way a lot Alyx’s ending confuses the occasions of the earlier Half-Life video games. That is not Gordon in that cage. I knew it as quickly as I noticed his silhouette. Wonderful, chilling twist.

Chris: Sooner or later earlier than the top I suspected it wasn’t Freeman in there. A part of the rationale was I might been looking for these basic Half-Life G-Man sightings whereas I performed, and I hadn’t seen any. I began considering possibly the rationale he wasn’t periodically displaying as much as spy on me was that he was the one locked within the Vault. However it was nonetheless a thrill to substantiate it, although I might been actually excited on the prospect of rescuing Freeman, or simply seeing him frozen in a cyber-fridge or no matter.

James: Yeah, I suspected it wasn’t Gordon at instances, if solely as a result of I did not assume Valve could be keen to indicate us Gordon within the third-person. And so they do, however solely within the G-Man sequence. It is bizarre seeing that man (us) within the HEV go well with in VR, an enormous bearded dork, choosing up his glasses from the void.

(Picture credit score: Valve)

The stuff conserving the G-Man locked up is from the Vortigaunts

Chris: It was a cool, thrilling second, like while you see him briefly in Opposing Power and Blue Shift. After the space-time home we stroll by way of some kind of Mix vitality area that super-charges our gravity gloves. We are able to pull these vitality orbs out of wall sockets and mainly Hadouken the Mix troopers. It is a heavy ode to the ending of Half-Life 2 the place our gravity gun will get the ability to choose up troopers as a substitute of simply objects. I believe it was much more enjoyable and stunning in HL2, but it surely’s nonetheless cool in Alyx, mainly Power-shocking the Mix.

James: Yeah, and the grenade hallway is a enjoyable little romp, too. It is essential to needless to say all this inexperienced electrical vitality, the stuff powering Alyx’s power lightning and conserving the G-Man locked up, is from the Vortigaunts. It is also the Vortigaunts that pull Gordon to security on the finish of HL2 and away from the G-Man. It is also their concentrate on therapeutic Alyx in Episode 2 that lets the creep slip in for a fast phrase. Vortigaunts, the Vortessence, which has all the time alluded to experiencing time within the fourth dimension, all of sudden and concurrently, appears to be an influence in the identical vein as what the G-Man is able to. I do not know the way it issues and I fear that Half-Life goes to get too timey-wimey, however I recognize how Half-Life: Alyx reframes our better journey thus far in some brain-breaking methods.

Chris: It’s good to as soon as once more see G-Man is not omnipotent and may a minimum of briefly be hindered by some Vort magic. I am form of left questioning how the Mix actually managed to catch him, and understanding him and pop-culture villains basically as of late, I anticipate getting locked up was all a part of his plan.

James: You simply know that man is steeping and twiddling his fingers once we’re not watching.

The Nudge

(Picture credit score: Valve)

Now we get to see Eli as a really Mad Dad.

Chris: G-Man says he can ‘nudge’ sure occasions once in a while, and provides to take action for Alyx. That nudge is mainly to undo Eli’s dying. Eli lives! Half-Life historical past is both rewritten or as you stated—signified by the ghost home splitting in two—that is a wholly new timeline.

James: Yeah, since we do not get to spend time with anybody or take a look at the world publish nudge, we do not get a lot of a touch as to the better implications of Alyx getting ’employed’ simply but. Did you get a clearer thought of what the G-Man and his employers need from all this? What’s he gonna process Alyx with?

Chris: I nonetheless do not know what G-Man’s bosses need besides to maintain the Mix on our planet. Perhaps having the Mix on earth retains them busy and permits G-Man’s employers to handle another enterprise the Mix has been interfering with? As for what he plans for Alyx, I can solely assume he’ll free her when he wants one other wrench thrown within the works.

What do you consider Eli’s dying mainly being undone?

James: I sometimes hate that comedian ebook form of transfer, but it surely was a extreme commerce. And now we get to see Eli as a really Mad Dad. There’s some room to actually take his character to darkish locations right here, and given his historical past as a reasonably straight-laced good man scientist, I’m wondering what he’ll be able to pushed by the need to not solely punch each Mix within the face, but additionally G-Man within the face a number of instances over. A small resistance would possibly construct right into a mad scientist powerhouse with its personal morally questionable ways.

(Picture credit score: Valve)

Chris: A little bit of rage will surely make him extra fascinating, yeah. As for his dying being undone, I really feel like if it was a TV present, I’d cry bullshit. And in some methods it’s kinda bullshit? Out of the blue inventing new powers for G-Man, a personality who has existed for over 20 years, is a little bit of a cheat. Yeah, we knew he had some kind of time powers, dimensional powers, is semi-omniscient or a minimum of very effectively knowledgeable, however now he is both rewinding and altering the previous or fast-forwarding and altering the long run.

James: I simply hope we do not get to see an excessive amount of into the logic or inner-workings of the G-Man and his associates. Maintaining that stuff at a distance, obscured, is what I like most in regards to the Half-Life cosmology. It feels actually alien, inexplicable, and extra horrific for it. These new powers do really feel a bit arbitrary, however I believe I can nonetheless assign that arbitration to my puny human mind and proceed to concern Mr. G. I believe the results of this might be a scrambled mess of timelines and occasions that will not make a lot sense, and should not, precisely. What issues is that it strikes a number of characters round, escalates the stakes, and makes the G-Man extra of a callous villain than ever.

Chris: I do not assume I must know each final element about G-Man, as a result of it’s enjoyable to take a position, however I wish to know slightly extra of the why if not the how. Sometime, ultimately, I might wish to know who employs him and why he is concerned in all this. And possibly what he actually seems like. I doubt he is really a pale dude in a go well with.

James: He is in all probability a pale dude in cargo shorts.

The Post-credits Scene

(Picture credit score: Valve)

Valve has two completely different Half-Life video games that finish on the similar actual time and place.

Chris: There is a post-credits sequence the place we see Eli Vance on the finish of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, freaking out as a result of Alyx—future Alyx—has been taken by G-Man. And we’re standing there as Gordon Freeman. We’re Gordon Freeman once more! However in VR! Thrilling! Canine exhibits up! Thrilling! Eli palms us our crowbar and says we have work to do. We’re prepared! Then the sport ends. Shit!

Now Valve has two completely different Half-Life video games that finish on the similar actual time and place. As soon as once more, we’re steps away from the helicopter that can take us to the Borealis however we nonetheless cannot go to the Borealis. We have been standing there subsequent to that chopper in Gordon’s boots for 13 years. And now we’re standing there once more.

James: I actually hope Aperture nonetheless components into the story shifting ahead. The Borealis was its ship, and whereas I do not want GLaDOS displaying up or any huge crossover with Portal, I am huge on the thought of increasing the solid of massive company gamers fiddling round with powers past their management. That is what I like about Half-Life, the distinction between the banal and inexplicable. G-Man is a man in a go well with but additionally an omnipotent entity that works for much more omnipotent entities.

However yeah, Eli passing the crowbar to you (Gordon) on the finish? It felt like a press release of intent. Leaving Half-Life hanging after that for too lengthy would really feel extraordinarily merciless. However now Gordon must hit the Borealis and discover a solution to attain Alyx. Science and human stakes are excessive. It is a good escalation total.

Chris: It is arduous to belief a press release of intent from Valve after Episode Three simply merely by no means got here out, however I do really feel a bit extra assured we’ll see a brand new Half-Life sport in comparatively much less time.

By the best way, the girl we listen in on, who’s speaking to an Advisor about shifting the Vault—we by no means be taught her title or see her face. Might it’s Judith Mossman? In Half-Life 2 she sided with Breen and the Mix so that is her kinda transfer, and since Alyx by no means sees her face she would not know Mossman was a traitor throughout HL2.

(Picture credit score: Valve)

James: That is who I assumed it was and I am undecided if it being another person or somebody new would change issues for the higher. If it is Mossman and he or she is aware of in regards to the G-Man? That is fascinating. Stack that together with her betrayal in HL2, plus her journey to the Borealis and, yeah, she’s out of the blue a a lot greater participant than ever.

Chris: Let’s place fast bets on what the following Half-Life sport might be. Half-Life Three in VR? Half-Life Three not in VR? Half-Life: Alyx 2? Half-Life 2: Episode 3? I am gonna guess it will be Half-Life: Kleiner. No gravity gloves however you’ve got received a lab coat.

James: Valve all the time says it makes use of Half-Life video games to resolve issues, each with tech and design. I believe Alyx proves you can also make good VR video games. I do not assume it makes a case for VR as The Platform, the prevailing FPS design area continues to be rife with issues. Higher tech, each in consoles and PCs, is altering the dimensions and potential of the medium on a regular basis. I need to see how Valve reimagines the normal shooter with all this in thoughts. And, frankly, conserving Half-Life in VR is classist. This shit will not be reasonably priced for a very long time and even then, your enjoyment of Alyx might be relative to the dimensions of your VR play area. A few of these issues are out of Valve’s attain. I need to see it remedy issues for almost all of PC players.

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