Warning: SPOILERS forward for Westworld season 3, episode 3.

The most recent episode of Westworld, “The Mom of Exiles,” revealed that we have been seeing multiple model of Dolores in season 3. Ever for the reason that ringleader of the robotic rebellion escaped the park on the finish of Westworld season 2, there’s been a lingering thriller relating to which different hosts she introduced along with her.

“Hale-lores” smuggled out 5 of the pearls that represent the hosts’ minds within the season 2 finale. Followers speculated that Dolores might need introduced Teddy, Angela, Abernathy, or perhaps a copy of the Man in Black. Nevertheless, in “The Mom of Exiles” Bernard discovers the disturbing reality: Dolores would not belief anybody however herself, and so the pearls she smuggled out of the park had been all copies of her personal thoughts. One is in a replica of Dolores’ authentic physique, one other is in Charlotte Hale, and Dolores has been utilizing the remaining to exchange key gamers within the outdoors world.

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To this point we all know of 4 variations of Dolores presently in operation. One of many 5 pearls she introduced from Westworld belonged to Bernard and one copy of her thoughts was already inside Charlotte Hale, which implies that there are two remaining variations of Dolores which can be both ready for our bodies, or that she’s already discovered our bodies for. As of “The Mom of Exiles,” listed below are all of the variations of Dolores in Westworld season 3.

Unique Dolores

Dolores In Westworld Season 3 Trailer

Now going by the identify “Lara Aspen,” Dolores has infiltrated the ranks of the wealthy and highly effective by relationship Liam Dempsey, the CEO and co-founder of Incite, Inc. Regardless of the pseudonym, that is the one model of Dolores who is really herself – compassionate and ruthless in equal measure, and the middle of the online of different Doloreses.

Charlotte Hale Dolores

Westworld Season 3 Charlotte

“Hale-lores,” a replica of Dolores’ thoughts within the physique of Delos’ current acting president Charlotte Hale, is the one different copy of Dolores that we have gotten to know effectively, and he or she’s additionally revealed a number of the risks of getting a number thoughts in a human’s physique. She has apparently been given sufficient data of Charlotte’s thoughts to imitate her persona and acknowledge folks in her life, however this information can be inflicting her thoughts to fracture – leaving her unsure of whether or not she’s Dolores, Charlotte, or somebody in between.

Martin Connells Dolores

Westworld Martin Connells

Embodying the colder aspect of Dolores’ character is the host model of Martin Connells, Liam Dempsey’s “fixer,” who cleans up his messes for him in an effort to defend Incite. Connells tried to have Dolores killed in Westworld season 3’s premiere, however as an alternative ended up being killed himself. Dolores had already made a replica of Connells’ physique and put a replica of her thoughts inside it, which left Liam weak to assault – together with from the very one that is meant to be defending him.

Sato/Musashi Dolores

Westworld Musashi

One of many largest surprises of Westworld season Three is the return of Musashi, Shogunworld’s model of Hector Escaton. Maeve is reunited with Musashi in his new function as Sato, the chief of a yakuza gang. At first he tries to persuade her that he actually is Musashi, however Maeve is not fooled, and shortly realizes the reality. The Musashi model of Dolores has a stockpile of the white liquid that hosts are constituted of, which implies that his function may very well be to construct our bodies for Westworld’s inhabitants to dwell in as soon as Dolores brings the remainder of them into the surface world.

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