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What Faith Did After Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ended


Religion Lehane, the “rogue” Slayer in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, offered a foil to Buffy, and her story continued after the TV present’s seventh season accomplished, transferring into Darkish Horse’s comedian e book diversifications.

Performed by Eliza Dushku on and off because the sequence’ third season, Religion was a tragic antagonist. The place Buffy had at all times leaned towards benevolent heroism that generally bordered on grandiose, she wore her mantle as “The Chosen One” with pleasure, even when it sometimes grew to become a chip on her shoulder. Nevertheless, Religion wore the identical mantle a lot in another way, selecting to consider their standing and privilege as Slayers as one thing that set them aside from everybody else, two in opposition to the world, sharing a burden that no person else may perceive. Past that, Religion possessed a extra aggressive nature and appeared to get pleasure from searching and killing on patrols, the place Buffy deemed it a crucial evil, for the better good.

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This distinction usually put the 2 at odds, and in season three, Religion murdered a human. After teaming up with the Massive Dangerous of the third season, Mayor Richard Wilkins, Religion noticed him as a father determine, albeit an evil one. She ended up in jail, then acquired on a redemptive arc with Angel within the vampire’s personal spin-off sequence, Angel, earlier than returning to assist Buffy defeat the First Evil in season seven. Religion and Buffy educated the brand new Potential Slayers collectively, and whereas the air was by no means fully cleared between the 2 for his or her tumultuous previous, they gave the impression to be in place – each alive and not sharing the burden of being a Slayer in a solitary method – after the sequence finale. Religion’s story continued within the Darkish Horse comics, which picked up the place the present ended and has gone by a twelfth season.

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What Religion Has Carried Out Since Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ended

The season seven finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer made mention of a Hellmouth in Cleveland; Religion saved her reference to Robin Wooden, the son of a Slayer, open when he traveled to Cleveland to steer a gaggle of Slayers there. Although Religion by no means was the kind for drawn out, romantic connections, it at all times appeared like she was genuinely keen on Robin. Although at all times considerably of a free cannon and a wild card, Religion’s love of being a Slayer light over time, along with her taking up the occasional job to assist Robin or Giles, who contracted her as an murderer to kill one other rogue Slayer who was a possible risk to Buffy.

Religion’s friendship with the rogue Slayer, Gigi, ended up getting her in sizzling water with Buffy and Giles, who had been satisfied that she was beginning one other backslide towards the place she had been beforehand, earlier than her rehabilitation and time spent with Angel and in jail. After Gigi’s dying – which had a profound impact on Religion – she thought of hanging up her stake for good, as she had earned her passport from Giles and a ticket for a free life. Nevertheless, Religion was drawn again to being a Slayer with the brand new purpose of serving to different Slayers who had been straying from the trail. After Angel killed Giles, Religion took Angel’s aspect and determined to assist him by his guilt and ache as he had as soon as achieved for her, then settled down in London.

By way of her friendship with Angel particularly, Religion discovered a brand new sense of objective and maturity – it grew to become her purpose to maintain Slayers not solely collectively, banded collectively and powerful, however assist them understand their objective and maintain them from making her outdated errors. Religion has at all times possessed a substantial amount of guilt and self-hatred, much like Angel’s brooding nature, the place he appears like he can by no means totally atone for his previous sins. It made them good companions all through the comics, and added loads of depth to Religion’s character. Finally, Religion ended up with the remaining members of the Scooby Gang in San Francisco, and have become a part of a supernatural police division with none aside from Buffy herself in the latest Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics.

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