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What Is The Weakest And Worst Weapon In Bloodborne?

In this article, we will talk about what is the weakest and worst weapon in Bloodborne and more. Bloodborne, developed by FromSoftware, is an action role-playing game known for its challenging gameplay and intricate weaponry.

Kelvin Farr
May 29, 2023258 Shares32188 Views
In this article, we will talk about what is the weakest and worst weapon in Bloodborneand more. Bloodborne, developed by FromSoftware, is an action role-playing game known for its challenging gameplay and intricate weaponry.
The game features a variety of unique and diverse weapons that players can use to combat the game's grotesque enemies. Here are some of the notable weapon types found in Bloodborne:
  • Trick Weapons - The main feature of Bloodborne's arsenal, trick weapons can transform between two different forms, allowing players to switch between different attack styles. They often have a normal and an extended form. Some popular trick weapons include the Hunter Axe, Saw Cleaver, Ludwig's Holy Blade, and Threaded Cane.
  • Firearms- In addition to melee weapons, Bloodborne includes firearms that can be used for both damage and parrying. They are mainly used to interrupt enemy attacks and perform visceral attacks. Popular firearms include the Hunter Pistol, Hunter Blunderbuss, and Ludwig's Rifle.
  • Hunter Tools- These are special items that consume Quicksilver Bullets to unleash unique abilities. Hunter Tools often have different offensive or defensive effects, such as area-of-effect attacks or temporary buffs. Examples include the Tiny Tonitrus, Executioner's Gloves, and Augur of Ebrietas.
  • Blood Gems- Blood Gems are upgrade materials that can be socketed into weapons to enhance their attributes. They can provide various bonuses, such as increased damage, elemental damage, or status effects.
  • DLC Weapons- The game's downloadable content (DLC) introduced additional weapons for players to wield. These include unique weapons like the Whirligig Saw, Church Pick, Holy Moonlight Sword, and Rakuyo.

Bloodborne DLC all weapons Showcase

It's worth noting that each weapon in Bloodborne has its own unique move set and scaling properties, allowing players to customize their playstyle based on their preferred weapon and character build. The game encourages experimentation and rewards players for mastering different weapon types.
However, amidst the arsenal of impressive and formidable weapons, there are a few that fall short in terms of power, versatility, or usability. In this article, we will delve into the discussion of the weakest and worst weapon in Bloodborne, considering various factors that contribute to their subpar performance.

Understanding Weakness In Bloodborne

In Bloodborne, weakness is a relative term, as even the weakest weapons can be formidable in the hands of a skilled hunter. Nevertheless, some weapons have lower damage output, lackluster movesets, or limited scaling potential compared to others.
It's important to note that personal playstyle and character build also play a significant role in determining a weapon's effectiveness.

What Is The Weakest And Worst Weapon In Bloodborne?

The Rifle Spear

Among the diverse array of weapons in Bloodborne, the Rifle Spear stands out as a candidate for the weakest and worst weapon.
The Rifle Spear in Bloodgame
The Rifle Spear in Bloodgame
The Rifle Spear combines a long spear with a firearm, offering both ranged and melee capabilities. However, several factors contribute to its underwhelming performance:
  • Limited Moveset- The Rifle Spear has a relatively limited moveset compared to other weapons. Its moves are primarily focused on thrust attacks, lacking the variety and versatility found in other weapons. This limits the hunter's ability to adapt to different combat situations effectively.
  • Low Damage Output- The Rifle Spear's damage output is generally lower compared to other weapons, particularly in its transformed state. While it offers some benefits with its extended reach, the overall damage dealt is often insufficient to dispatch enemies efficiently, especially in later stages of the game.
  • Lack of Scaling Potential- Scaling refers to a weapon's ability to increase damage based on a character's attributes. The Rifle Spear has poor scaling with stats like Strength, Skill, and Bloodtinge, which limits its damage potential as the character progresses and invests in these attributes. This makes it less viable for higher-level play and diminishes its overall effectiveness.
  • Mediocre Firearms Integration- Although the Rifle Spear has a built-in firearm, its integration is subpar compared to dedicated firearms in the game. The firearm aspect lacks the stopping power or crowd-control capabilities seen in weapons like the Hunter Blunderbuss or Evelyn. This makes it less effective for parrying or interrupting enemy attacks, diminishing its overall utility.
  • Limited Transformations- While many weapons in Bloodborne offer unique transformations that significantly alter their movesets, the Rifle Spear's transformations are relatively straightforward. The limited transformation options restrict the variety of attacks and strategies available to hunters wielding this weapon.
While the concept of a rifle combined with a spear is intriguing, the Rifle Spear in Bloodborne falls short in terms of overall performance compared to other weapons. Its limited moveset, low damage output, lackluster scaling potential, and mediocre firearms integration contribute to its status as one of the weakest and worst weapons in the game.
However, it's important to remember that Bloodborne is a game that encourages experimentation and personal playstyle. Despite its drawbacks, skilled hunters can still find success with the Rifle Spear through strategic use and by capitalizing on its extended reach and hybrid capabilities.

Other Contenders As The Weakest Weapons In Bloodborne

Now let's explore the top five weakest weapons in Bloodborne, considering factors such as damage output, scaling, versatility, and overall effectiveness.

Wooden Shield

The Wooden Shield is often considered one of the weakest defensive options in Bloodborne. While it provides some damage reduction against physical attacks, its overall defensive capabilities are lackluster compared to other shields or defensive tools available in the game.
It offers minimal protection against elemental or arcane damage, making it less effective in certain encounters. Additionally, the Wooden Shield lacks the ability to parry or perform visceral attacks, which are crucial offensive maneuvers in Bloodborne. Moreover, its low durability means it can easily break during extended engagements, leaving the hunter vulnerable.


The Torch, while not primarily intended as a weapon, can be utilized for limited offensive purposes. However, its damage output is notably low, making it ineffective against tougher enemies or bosses.
The Torch lacks a diverse moveset and scaling potential, which diminishes its overall usefulness. Although it can be used to apply fire damage to enemies weak against fire, its low damage output and limited range make it less desirable in most combat situations. It is primarily employed as a light source in dark areas rather than as a reliable weapon.

Threaded Cane (untransformed)

The Threaded Cane is a trick weapon that undergoes a transformation between a cane and a whip. While it excels in its transformed state, the untransformed form of the Threaded Cane falls short in terms of damage output and versatility.
Threaded Cane in Bloodborne
Threaded Cane in Bloodborne
In its cane form, the weapon's damage output is relatively low compared to other weapons in the game, making it challenging to deal with aggressive enemies effectively.
Furthermore, the moveset of the untransformed Threaded Cane is limited, lacking the variety and range of attacks found in other weapons. While it offers extended range in its whip form, the untransformed state struggles to deliver sufficient damage, especially in later stages of the game.

Repeating Pistol

Firearms in Bloodborne serve primarily as tools for parrying and interrupting enemy attacks. However, the Repeating Pistol is often considered weaker due to its high bullet consumption and lackluster damage output.
The Repeating Pistol consumes multiple bullets per shot, depleting the hunter's bullet reserves rapidly. While it can deliver decent damage, it falls short when compared to other firearms available in the game, such as the Hunter Pistol or Evelyn.
The Repeating Pistol's limited damage potential and high bullet consumption make it a less desirable choice for hunters, especially when considering the importance of conserving bullets for other utility purposes.

Wooden Hammer

The Wooden Hammer is a weapon that falls short in terms of damage output and scaling potential compared to other weapons in Bloodborne. It lacks the versatility and variety of movesets found in many other weapons, limiting its effectiveness in different combat scenarios.
While it may have niche uses or appeal to players seeking a unique playstyle, the Wooden Hammer struggles to match the power and effectiveness of other weapons available. Its moveset is relatively simple, offering fewer options for combos or specialized attacks.
Additionally, its scaling potential with character attributes like Strength or Skill is modest at best, resulting in less impressive damage as the character progresses and invests in those attributes.

People Also Ask

Are There Any Hidden Benefits To Using The Weakest Weapons In Bloodborne?

While weaker weapons may not have obvious advantages, they can still be viable in skilled hands and offer unique playstyle options.

Can Weak Weapons Be Enhanced With Special Upgrades Or Attachments In Bloodborne?

Weapons in Bloodborne can be upgraded with Blood Gems to enhance their attributes, but weak weapons may still have limitations in terms of overall damage potential.

Are There Any Unique Strategies Or Builds That Can Make The Weakest Weapons More Viable In Bloodborne?

Creative strategies, specialized character builds, and exploiting enemy weaknesses can make weaker weapons more effective, but they may still have inherent limitations compared to stronger options.

Final Words

We hope you learned more about what is the weakest and worst weapon in Bloodborne. Ultimately, the choice of weapon in Bloodborne should be based on individual preferences, playstyle, and character build.
Every weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, and what may be considered weak for one player may be a preferred choice for another. The key to mastering Bloodborne lies in adapting to the game's challenges, utilizing different weapons effectively, and honing one's skills as a hunter.
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