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What You Should Know as a Beginner in Cricket Betting

What You Should Know as a Beginner in Cricket Betting

Are you a cricket fan who would like to back your favorite teams with the occasional bet? Indeed, cricket has one of the most vibrant betting markets. If you are already a cricket fan, it is easy to learn the sports betting lingo of cricket betting. Indian sports betting fans also have more choices than

Hilda Workman
Last updated: Aug 13, 2021 | Apr 09, 2021

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Are you a cricket fan who would like to back your favorite teams with the occasional bet? Indeed, cricket has one of the most vibrant betting markets. If you are already a cricket fan, it is easy to learn the sports betting lingo of cricket betting. Indian sports betting fans also have more choices than before in cricket betting sites. You can work with one or sign up on several of these betting sites. What do you need to know as a beginner in cricket betting?

Understanding Cricket Odds

Sometimes you will see Indian sportsbooks referring to odds as bhavs. Simply put, these are the chances that the bookies give for a certain outcome to happen. Odds are shown in different formats.

  • Decimal format e.g. India to win 1.30. if you bet ₹100 and India wins, you get ₹30 on top
  • Fractional odds e.g., India to win 4/5. If you bet ₹100 and India wins, you get ₹80 on top.
  • Money line odds e.g., India to win -150. If you bet ₹100, and India wins you win ₹50 on top
  • Bhavs e.g., India to win 50-55. If you bet ₹100, and India wins, you get ₹50. But if you wanted to bet on the other team, you would bet ₹155 to get ₹100 back.

Higher odds imply the bookies think the chances of that outcome happening are low, but low odds imply the probability of that outcome is higher. European betting sites typically offer their odds in decimal format or fractional formats, while American betting sites show money line odds. You can use online odds converters to convert from one format to another.

Understanding Betting Options

There are many betting options on cricket. You need to understand the option to pick so that you can get the best out of the bet.

Match betting

Match bets are on the outcome of a match, for example, India to Win Against England. This type of bet is the simplest. Some betting sites will offer a ‘Draw No Bet’ option, which returns your money when the teams draw. Some betting sites will also not pay if the game ends before a certain number of overs play. There are other bets that may be classified under match bets:

  • Series winner -This bet is on the winner of a cricket series e.g., the Ashes.
  • Outright winner – This bet is on the winner of a cricket tournament like the ICC Cricket World Cup. The odds for each team are highest at the beginning of a tournament, and drop as the tournament progresses to the next level.
  • Top batsman – This bet is on the batsman with the highest runs in a match, series or tournament
  • Top bowler – This bet is on the bowler who takes the most wickets during a match, series or tournament

Proposition Bets

Proposition or prop bets are bets that do not have a direct bearing on the outcome of a match. These come in either/or format. The bookie is proposing that a certain outcome will happen. You can agree with the outcome or not. For example, the bookie may propose Batsman X will score over 50 runs. Over/under bets are also popular in cricket.

Live Betting

Live or in-play bets are on an ongoing match. Odds change quickly in either direction, depending on the way a game develops. Mobile betting is very helpful for live betting because you can take the bets as they happen.

Reading Other Game Factors

There are many factors that play into a cricket game. The weather, for example, affects the condition of a pitch and the ability of a bowler. Some players perform well in tests while they are unsuccessful in T20s. knowing to read such nuances can make a big difference.

Learning to play cricket is one of the best experiences you can have as a cricket fan. The good thing is that there are hundreds of cricket matches to practice your art each day.

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