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Which of today’s online slot games offer the best player returns?  


These days, you don’t have to be James Bond or Danny Ocean to enjoy success in the casino. Online platforms have made the classic casinogamesaccessible to all, and you don’t even have to put on a tuxedo to join the high rollers.

Even if you’re inexperienced, you’ll find plenty of information and strategy tips online. But these mostly relate to table gameslike blackjack, baccarat or roulette. The vast majority of casinogames fall into the slots category. Granted, you don’t usually see Bond rest his dry martini on top of a cabinet while he has a game of Starburst, but among us mere mortals, slot onlineare the most popular type of casinogames.

How To Pick A Winner

There’s no guaranteed way to win at slots. In fact, the nature of any casino game is that the house always wins in the long run. Savvy strategists will tell you the smart approach is not to think about maximizing your win but instead, endeavouring to minimize your loss. And that all comes down to return to player (RTP). This metric dictates what proportion of the money going in is paid out on average.

In days gone by, slot RTPs were around the 90-92 percent mark – meaning that if you fed a machine $100, you’d get an average return of $92. Today, with a more competitive market, the margins have been dialled right down. The higher the RTP, the better the impact on your bankroll. That means you can play longer and improve your chances of beating the odds with one of those occasional big wins. The following three slots have some of the highest RTPs, each coming in at 99 percent or more, and are commonly available at the best slot sites in the UK. They also happen to be tremendous fun.

  • Ugga Bugga – RTP 99.1 percent

Here’s a jungle-themed slot from Playtech that will take players who grew up in the 1980s back to a certain tropical juice drinkthat was heavily advertised on TV at the time. There are 10 paylines and the game has low volatility, so it really is ideal for those who like to play for fun and get the most out of their bankroll.

  • Mega Joker – RTP 99 percent

NetEnt is arguably the biggest namein slot games. This one looks deceptively simple, an almost retro-style game with traditional fruit machine symbols. However, it has hidden depths that make it a fan favourite. As well as the high RTP, there is also a progressive jackpot, so there’s the outside chance of a life-changing win.

  • Ooh Aah Dracula 99 percent

With this creation, Barcrest has brought us a slot that might not be the height of sophistication, but like a mischievous Jack Russell, it’s hard to do anything but crack a smile when you encounter it. As well as the incredibly high RTP, the game boasts impressive graphics, a lively soundtrack, wilds galore and a fun pick and click bonus game – seriously, what’s not to like?

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