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Why does the Red Guardian have a shield just like Captain America?


Early within the spot, we see the mysterious Taskmaster — whose “photographic reflexes” permit him to completely replicate anyone’s preventing fashionafter observing it solely as soon as — trying to take out Natasha, who’s in an overturned car. Nat rains gunfire down on the villain — who deflects the bullets with a protect of his personal. He then flings the protect at Nat in a really acquainted method; clearly, he is executed his analysis on Steve Rogers.

It stands to motive that Taskmaster’s protect was additionally created to be a replica of Cap’s — particularly, to be used by somebody who is ready to completely imitate the Star-Spangled Avenger. From the trailer, we all know that Taskmaster has been working the notorious Pink Room, the place Nat and others acquired their coaching, for a while; is it attainable that heschooled the Pink Guardian in using his protect?

We expect it simply is likely to be. It is pretty much as good an evidence as any as to how the Guardian, as rusty and out of practice as he clearly is, remains to be in a position to chuck his protect with excessive accuracy in a while within the spot. That type of muscle reminiscence solely comes from intensive coaching, and we’re bettingthat the Guardian acquired that coaching below Taskmaster’s watchful… er, visor.

We’re certain all will probably be made clear when Black Widowhits theaters on Could 1.

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