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Why you wouldn’t survive life in Red Dead Redemption 2


There wasn’t a lot infrastructure within the late 1800s. Whereas the West was certainly turning into extra tame, constructing the identical roads, cities, and cities from again east took loads of time. This left individuals to rely largely on horses to get from place to put. Typically these locations had been separated by miles and miles of wilderness full of predators and the hazard of the weather. If you did not have a horse, you had been roughly screwed, to place it bluntly.

In Crimson Useless Redemption 2, gamers can typically simply decide up a brand new horse following an accident and even steal one. Usually, horse thievery was considered one of the worst crimeswithin the Wild West. Even when it wasn’t a legislation on the books, vigilante justice known as for horse thieves to be hanged for his or her actions. Why would somebody steal a horse if it put such a heavy value on their head? As a result of horses had been costly. Except you discovered your self flush with money, you had been out of luck and choices when it got here to procuring transportation.

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