The cold did not stop thousands of marching, chanting, and increasing signals high for women’s rights January 18. See photographs from the 2020 Women’s March, taken across the world.

And we are off! For the fourth season in a row, folks of all genders accumulated round the entire world for its Women’s March. It is a tradition which started in 2017, when over a million people hit the streets in cities across the globe to peacefully protest about the day following President Donald Trump‘s inauguration. The protestors had specific goals in mind: rally against cover disparity, homophobia, racism, religious persecution, and gender inequality, and struggle for women’s reproductive. It is now 2020, and also the goals have not changed, but the concept is becoming more powerful: we won’t be silent in regards to telling the people in control they will need to behave today .

The 2020 Women’s March was held on January 18, and while there were not too numerous protestors as that revolutionary year, thousands and thousands of joyful demonstrators still revealed out across the USA, in cities such as Washington, DC, nyc, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. The reach was not as prevalent worldwide, but tens of thousands did march in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Nigeria, India, and New Zealand. As always, the protestors put in some superb sign-making work. 1 hint particularly read,”Earth into Trump Climate Change Is Real” alongside some pained photograph of our world while the other one was easy yet daring in its strategy:”Keep Calm and Empower Women.”

Even though the primary tenants of previous Women’s Marches stays, the organization chose to concentrate on three major topics this season which are becoming more significant than ever: climate, reproductive justice, and immigrants’ rights. You will see in these pictures that the primary march in DC appeared somewhat different than the previous protests. The organizers decided to nix the primary point, where celebrities and politicians would give addresses and perform. Rather, the high profile protestors walked alongside everybody else, since they made their way beyond the White House to Freedom Plaza.

Women's March 2020
Women’s March 2020. Charge: Bonnie Fuller

Check the gallery over to find photographs from marches all around the planet, from here in the USA, to Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond!