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List Of Top 15 Worst Movies On Netflix

"Worst movies on Netflix" is a topic of discussion among movie enthusiasts who often scour through the streaming platform in search of quality content.

Cecilia Jones
May 17, 20237 Shares332 Views
"Worst movies on Netflix" is a topic of discussion among movie enthusiasts who often scour through the streaming platform in search of quality content.
While Netflix offers a plethora of critically acclaimed movies and TV shows, it also features some movies that have received negative reviews and feedback.
In this era of streaming, viewers often find themselves disappointed after investing time in a movie that doesn't live up to their expectations.
In this article, we will explore some of the worst movies on Netflix that you might want to avoid.

The Last Days Of American Crime

The Last Days of American Crime | Official Trailer | Netflix

"The Last Days of American Crime" is a 2020 American action thriller film directed by Olivier Megaton and starring Édgar Ramírez, Anna Brewster, and Michael Pitt. The film is based on a graphic novel of the same name by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini.
The movie is set in a future where the government is about to activate a signal that will prevent anyone from committing a crime. In this context, a group of criminals plan to execute one last heist before the signal is activated. However, their plan goes awry when they discover that the signal might not be what it seems.
Despite its promising premise, "The Last Days of American Crime" was panned by critics for its convoluted plot, poor pacing, and lack of originality. The film currently holds a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it one of the worst movies on Netflix.

The Kissing Booth 2

The Kissing Booth 2 | Official Sequel Trailer | Netflix

"The Kissing Booth 2" is a 2020 American romantic comedy film directed by Vince Marcello and starring Joey King, Joel Courtney, and Jacob Elordi. The film is a sequel to the 2018 film "The Kissing Booth."
The story follows Elle, who is starting her senior year of high school while dealing with the challenges of a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Noah, who is now attending college. Things get complicated when Elle meets a new classmate and starts to question her feelings for Noah.
Despite the popularity of the first film, "The Kissing Booth 2" received mixed reviews from critics. The film was criticized for its predictable plot, uneven pacing, and lack of chemistry between the actors. However, it was praised for its representation of female friendship and its upbeat soundtrack.

The Cloverfield Paradox


"The Cloverfield Paradox" is a 2018 American science fiction horror film directed by Julius Onah and starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Oyelowo, and Daniel Brühl. The film is the third installment in the Cloverfield franchise.
The story follows a group of astronauts who are sent into space to test a device that could solve Earth's energy crisis. However, when the device malfunctions, the team finds themselves stranded in an alternate dimension and facing a terrifying threat.
While "The Cloverfield Paradox" generated hype for its surprise release on Netflix after the Super Bowl, it was heavily criticized by critics for its muddled storyline, poorly developed characters, and lack of scares. The film currently holds a 21% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


Bright | Official Trailer | Netflix

"Bright" is a 2017 American urban fantasy action film directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. The film is set in an alternate version of Los Angeles where humans coexist with mystical creatures such as orcs and elves.
The story follows LAPD officer Daryl Ward, who is reluctantly paired with the first orc officer, Nick Jakoby. The two must work together to protect a powerful magic wand from falling into the wrong hands.
Despite its high budget and star-studded cast, "Bright" was heavily criticized for its messy plot, inconsistent world-building, and ham-fisted attempts at social commentary. The film currently holds a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Open House

The Open House | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

"The Open House" is a 2018 horror movie that tells the story of a mother and son who move to a new home following the death of the father. Strange things start to happen in the house, and the son begins to suspect that they are not alone. The movie received negative reviews for its slow pace, lack of originality, and underdeveloped characters.

Death Note

Death Note | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

"Death Note" is a 2017 adaptation of the popular Japanese manga of the same name. The movie follows a high school student who gains a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone whose name he writes in it. The movie was criticized for its poor adaptation of the source material, lack of character development, and lack of suspense.

How It Ends

How It Ends | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

"How It Ends" is a 2018 apocalyptic thriller that follows a man and his father-in-law as they travel across the country to save the man's pregnant wife. The movie received negative reviews for its lack of explanation about the cause of the apocalypse, weak characters, and a disappointing ending.

The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth | Official Trailer | Netflix

"The Kissing Booth" is a 2018 teen romantic comedy that follows a high school girl who falls in love with her best friend's older brother. The movie was criticized for its formulaic plot, weak characters, and the problematic portrayal of relationships.

The Ridiculous 6

The Ridiculous 6 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

"The Ridiculous 6" is a 2015 Western comedy that follows six brothers who go on a mission to save their father. The movie received negative reviews for its poor attempts at humor, offensive stereotypes, and lack of plot coherence. It also faced controversy for its portrayal of Native Americans.

The Silence

The Silence | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

"The Silence" is a 2019 horror film that follows a family struggling to survive in a world overrun by dangerous creatures that hunt by sound. The film is directed by John R. Leonetti and stars Kiernan Shipka, Stanley Tucci, and Miranda Otto. Despite the promising premise, the movie fails to deliver on its potential and falls flat.
The plot follows a family who retreats to the countryside after a deadly outbreak of creatures who hunt by sound begins to wreak havoc in their city. The family soon realizes that even the slightest noise can attract the creatures, and they must remain completely silent in order to survive.
While the idea of creatures who hunt by sound is intriguing, the execution of the film is lacking in many ways. The plot feels disjointed and the characters are underdeveloped, making it difficult for the audience to become emotionally invested in their struggles.
Overall, "The Silence" fails to live up to its potential and falls short in both scares and storytelling.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen

The Babysitter: Killer Queen | Official Trailer | Netflix

"The Babysitter: Killer Queen" is a 2020 horror-comedy film directed by McG. It is a sequel to "The Babysitter" (2017), and features a similar mix of horror and comedy.
The film follows the character of Cole as he tries to move on from the traumatic events of the first film, only to find himself once again caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse.
The movie stars Judah Lewis, Jenna Ortega, and Emily Alyn Lind. While the first film was praised for its clever script and unique take on the horror genre, "The Babysitter: Killer Queen" fails to live up to its predecessor.
The plot is convoluted and messy, with too many characters and subplots that distract from the main story. The humor falls flat in many places, and the scares are predictable and repetitive.
Overall, "The Babysitter: Killer Queen" is a disappointing sequel that fails to capture the magic of the first film.

The Knight Before Christmas

The Knight Before Christmas starring Vanessa Hudgens | Official Trailer | Netflix

"The Knight Before Christmas" is a 2019 romantic comedy directed by Monika Mitchell. The movie stars Vanessa Hudgens as a high school science teacher who finds herself transported back in time to medieval England, where she meets and falls in love with a knight played by Josh Whitehouse.
While the premise of a time-traveling romance may sound intriguing, the execution in "The Knight Before Christmas" falls flat. The movie relies too heavily on cliches and predictable plot twists, making it feel unoriginal and uninspired. The chemistry between the two leads is lackluster, and the humor is forced and often falls flat.
Overall, "The Knight Before Christmas" is a forgettable holiday movie that fails to deliver on its promise of a charming romantic comedy.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby | Official Trailer | Netflix

"A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby" is a 2019 holiday movie directed by John Schultz. It is the third film in the "A Christmas Prince" franchise and follows the characters of Amber and Richard as they prepare for the arrival of their first child while also trying to prevent a political crisis between two fictional countries.
While the previous films in the franchise were criticized for their lackluster writing and acting, "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby" takes the series to a new low. The plot is convoluted and messy, with too many subplots and characters that distract from the main story. The acting is wooden and uninspired, and the humor falls flat.
Overall, "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby" is a poorly executed holiday movie that fails to deliver on the charm and romance of the previous films in the franchise.

The Do-Over

The Do-Over | Trailer Done-Over | Netflix

"The Do-Over" is a 2016 action comedy film directed by Steven Brill and starring Adam Sandler and David Spade. The movie follows the story of two old friends who fake their own deaths to start a new life but end up getting caught up in a dangerous web of deceit and murder.
Critics have criticized the movie for its lazy script, recycled jokes, and lack of chemistry between the two leads. The Do-Over has a 5% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics calling it "

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again | Official Trailer | Netflix

"The Princess Switch: Switched Again" is a 2020 romantic comedy film, directed by Mike Rohl. It is a sequel to the 2018 film "The Princess Switch" and stars Vanessa Hudgens in a triple role.
The movie follows the story of Margaret Delacourt, the Duchess of Montenaro, and her double, Stacy De Novo, as they plan to switch places again. However, things get complicated when a third look-alike, party girl Fiona, enters the picture.

Final Thoughts

While Netflix has a vast selection of movies, not all of them are created equal. As we have seen, there are a number of films that have been labeled as some of the worst movies on Netflix.
From poor storytelling to weak performances, these movies have failed to impress both audiences and critics alike. However, it is important to remember that film is subjective, and what one person considers a terrible movie, another may find enjoyable.
Ultimately, it is up to each individual viewer to decide which movies are worth their time and which ones are best left unwatched.
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