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Reach Up To 72 MH/s In ETH Using XFX AMD BC-160 (Navi 12) 8GB Mining Hashrate


In response to the Ethereum mining surge, AMD and XFX are discreetly manufacturing the Radeon Pro V520 as a cryptocurrency mining card. Surprisingly, the XFX BC-160 custom V520 GPU is powered by AMD's RDNA 1.0 chip, which is apparently aimed toward cloud gaming and server acceleration.

The XFX AMD BC-160 (Navi 12) 8GB mining hashrate of 72 MH/s Ethereum is easily reached with the BC-160's HBM2 memory type. It was also revealed that the BC-160 had an incredible 8GB of HBM2 memory with a 2048-bit bus and 512 GB/s bandwidth, making it the most powerful mobile processor in the world at the time.

The XFX BC-160 Radeon Pro v520 found and tested by the Red Panda Mining YouTube channel deserves a lot of credit in Ethereum mining. The BC-160's low power consumption is also due to the fact that RDNA 1.0 GPUs can be underpowered and memory speeds can be boosted. A maximum power consumption of 120W has been estimated.

The NERDGEARZ supplier calculates the ideal Ethereum mining settings, and the miner must set the HiveOS software's core frequency to 1650 MHz, the core voltage to 900–920 mV, and the memory to 1300MHz.

On the other hand, the XFX BC-160's Ravencoin hashrate is between 28 and 31 MH/s when powered by 140W. Overall, the BC-160's hashrate performance is incredible, but the distributor's $1,800 price tag is ridiculous.

COPYRIGHT_BP: Published on https://bingepost.com/xfx-amd-bc-160-navi-12-8gb-mining-hashrate/ by Kelvin Farr on 2022-03-23T13:57:31.047Z

Specifications Of The Radeon Pro V520 XFX AMD BC-160 (Navi 12) 8GB

  • 7nm FinFET TSMC
  • Stream Processors: 2304
  • Compute Units: 36
  • PCIe: 4.0 x16
  • Memory Bus: 2048-bit
  • Power connectors: 2x 8-pin in the back side
  • Memory: 8GB HBM2
  • Memory Speed: 4Gbps

Mining Hashrate Of The XFX AMD BC 160 (Navi 12) 8GB Radeon Pro V520 For Every Algorithm (Power Consumption 150 Watts/Hour)

  • DaggerHashimoto [ EtHash : (ETH) & (ETC) ] Ethereum Mining Hashrate: 72 MH/s

Radeon Pro V520 XFX AMD BC 160 (Navi 12) 8GB Daily Mining Hashrate And Profitability Of Mining Ethereum

XFX BC-160 Radeon Pro V520 Ethereum & Ravencoin HASHRATES!


As most board members have remained silent about their crypto mining businesses, there has been little conjecture about the card in question. Additionally, there are no computer e-commerce websites now selling compute cards. Only the shaky information provided by Videocardz Company may be trusted.

From what can be deduced, the card in question has "8GB of HBM2 memory with a 4Gbps transmission rate." With today's technology, it's difficult to get this information. It's "likely not with this mining GPU" that we'll see 4GBps rates emerge alongside HBM3 products. Rambus Senior IP cores marketing engineer Joseph Rodriguez of Rambus discussed 4GBps HBM2e chips at the end of June. As a result, it's impossible to tell whether the information provided is accurate or if there are a number of mistakes.

It's also worth noting that the card's name is a little confusing. BC-160 is an acronym for Blockchain Compute and Ethereum Hash Rate, both of which are performance metrics. The literature is also littered with misspellings like "passive" being written as "passiv" in the provided material. However, seeing this on a questionable spec sheet is to be expected.

XFX, a technology firm, is credited with creating the BC-160 mining card. A 150W TGP and a dual 8-pin power connector are included. The new Radeon RX 5700 XT will be 25% faster than the previous Navi 10-configured RX 5700 XT, according to a report.

In comparison, the new RTX 3080 LHR card offers 76 MH/s and costs around $2,00, with a potential high resale value set by Nvidia enthusiasts on eBay.

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