Who’s ready for playing some extraordinary games with your family in the holidays? Yeah, Christmas is not only about to meet and greet functions, it is the festival of joy, celebration, and livelihood. If you haven’t played any games with your family on Christmas, you have surely missed a lot of fun.

But don’t worry, now you don’t have to watch movies with your family. We bring you the ultimate list of excellent family games for this Christmas.

Be pepared to get amused and read this article to learn about various Christmas family games.

Rolling the glass

Well, this game is not the same as its name sound. Instead of rolling the glass, you have to roll the tissue paper. For this game, you require four things: a big table, glasses, tissue paper rolls, and drinks (whatever you like the most). It’s pretty straightforward!

First, you need to expand the tissue roll on the table and at the one end, you have to keep a glass of wine on the tissue. From the other end, the player has to roll the tissue paper to get the glass. If he/she does it, drink the wine from a glass. That’s it.

Step on

You may see the elementary kids playing this game, but if adults play it, you will burst out laughing. For this, you need some papers. Just draw some footprints and handprints on pages and put them randomly in the line with a group of three. Now the player has to step on each paper-like hand on handprint and foot on footprints. You will surely feel high after playing it.

Squeeze the ball

Yeah, you got it right!! You have to squeeze the ball in this game. But the real fun is that you have to squeeze the ball with your thighs. The game is pretty simple, the player has to squeeze the ball with your thighs and walk to the bucket and drop the ball in the bucket. Whoever gets the most balls in the bucket, wins the game.

Snake game

This game is for PS lovers. There are many customized Christmas trees available with a snake game on them. This Christmas tree has many bulbs and these bulbs turn on in such a manner that you will see a snake-like snake game on mobile. You can play this game with your PS4 controller. You have to collect the apple in this game.

Roll and hold

For this game, you need a few bucks and a big table. Put some money on the table with some distance. From the other end, the player has to roll an empty beer can. If this can stop on any bucks, the player will get it otherwise drink a glass of vodka. It’s a great family game because you will get some money if you stop the can on the money.

Sound On

Have you ever sung a song with your teeth together? Well, it’s time to do it. For this game, each person has to sing a song. The only condition is that he has to club his teeth together and spread his lips as much as he can. Now he can’t move his teeth or lips while singing. It’s a lot of fun to hear such a song, especially if he sings a Christmas song.

Grab the shoe

If you have a big family, this game is for you. First, you have to make two teams and then stand in from of each other. Now put shoes between each team member of opposite teams. One person will act as a referee. His task is to speak loudly about several body parts and team members have to teach these body parts. When the referee says shoes, the one who first grabs the shoes, wins the game.

If you play this game in the garden, you will feel extraordinarily happy and excited.

Rock Paper Scissor and flour

This game is the same as the conventional rock-paper-scissors game. The only change is that when a person loses, others will put their head in the wheat flour and drink a shot of tequila.

VR games

VR games are very popular these days. VR may not be exciting for millennials, but for grandparents it is. So, if you want to laugh a lot, just give your VR set to your parents or grandparents and see how they play! It will be a lot funnier than any funny videos on the internet.

Open the gifts

It is not possible that I talk about Christmas and don’t mention gifts. People have been waiting for Christmas because they will get presents. Now in this game, you have to open your gifts with oven mitts within 30 seconds. You can also play this game at birthday parties. You will laugh a lot when you see the struggle with oven wits.


These are the family games that add fun and joy to your Christmas. If you haven’t played them yet, it’s time to play family games on Christmas. So, let’s play and enjoy Christmas with family.