It might seem difficult to believebut it’s been more than a long time since people were first introduced to Links”>Zac Efron as a floppy-haired teenager dream at a tiny Disney Channel movie named High School Musical. As we all know very well, Zac’s fame has just skyrocketed since then, turning him out of everybody’s teenage crush into among Hollywood’s favorite leading men. His net worth reflects that fantastic success, but you might be surprised at a few of the particulars\.

According to Seventeen, Efron’s current net worth is around $24 million. From the films that made him famous, he really didn’t make a ton of money From the early days of Zac’s career\. His paycheck for the first two High School movies are not public understanding, but it is very likely that he was rolling in the dough because they \were relatively low-budget, made-for-TV movies. His feature film musical debut in 2007’s Hairspray allegedly only earned him around $100,000. From the time High School Musical 3 occurred (as a normal theatrical release instead of a TV movie), though, Zac’s star had risen adequately – enough to find a pay between $3 million and $5 million, as per a Chicago Tribune report.

By 2008, Zac was earning more money, landing on Forbes‘s highest-paid record that year using an income of $5.8 million. Since then, he has starred in pictures that were more high-profile, and together with the success of every one, his own star continues to increase along with his cover rate. Zac, like most celebrities, brings in some additional cash from endorsements and sponsored posts around Instagram, even though his precise rate isn’t known. His net worth also includes a California home worth 4 million. Zac’s recent movies have contained blockbusters such as Neighbors and The Greatest Showman, which have padded his bank accounts much more. With more projects on the horizon, Zac’s net value is only going to continue to grow – we’d bet on it.