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Zelensky Asserts Bakhmut Is Not Occupied By Russia


During the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky asserts Bakhmut is not occupied by Russia, despite claims made by a Moscow-backed mercenary group. The founder of the Wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, had previously asserted their victory in Bakhmut.

However, Ukrainian military sources informed the BBC that they still maintained control over a few buildings on the city's outskirts. Zelensky's statement aimed to dispel any doubts about the city's status.

During the final day of the summit, President Zelensky declined to share specific information but emphasized that the city, which has witnessed the longest and bloodiest battle of the war since August, is currently not occupied by Russia. President Zelensky asserted that there should be no room for ambiguity or misinterpretation regarding his statement on the city's status, following earlier confusion. He emphasized that his words left no room for two or three different interpretations.

In a video released on Saturday, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of Wagner, claimed that his fighters, who have spearheaded the Russian assault on Bakhmut, had gained complete control over the city. Drawing a parallel to Hiroshima, which suffered the devastating impact of an atomic bomb during World War Two, President Zelensky vowed to lead a similar process of "reconstruction" for his country.

During his visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on Sunday, accompanied by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, which commemorates the 1945 bombing by the United States, President Zelensky paid his respects by laying a wreath in honor of the victims of the attack.

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Following his meeting with Mr. Kishida, President Zelensky entered an auditorium at the peace park to address reporters. Upon entering, he acknowledged a journalist who shouted "Slava Ukraini" (Glory to Ukraine) from the back of the room.

During his speech, President Zelensky drew comparisons between Hiroshima and Ukraine, expressing how images of the devastated Japanese city after the bombing resonated with the current situation in Bakhmut. He pledged a comparable process of "reconstruction and recovery" for Ukraine.

He said:

Now Hiroshima has rebuilt their city, and we dream of rebuilding our cities.

- Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukraine denies claims Russia has captured Bakhmut

Earlier, there was some confusion regarding the status of Bakhmut when President Zelensky remarked, "Today Bakhmut is only in our hearts." However, his office clarified that he did not imply the city had fallen.

Nevertheless, Russian fighters currently control a significant portion of Bakhmut. Wagner mercenaries have been focusing their efforts there for months, employing a relentless and costly tactic of sending waves of men to gradually wear down Ukraine's resistance.

Despite calls for a tactical withdrawal, Ukrainian forces have thus far resisted, acknowledging that a withdrawal would result in a "Pyrrhic victory" for the Russians. Mr. Zelensky also hinted at the ongoing "important work" carried out by Ukrainian troops in the area.

A senior Ukrainian general later revealed that Kyiv's forces were making progress on the outskirts of Bakhmut and nearing a state of "tactical encirclement" around the city. While analysts argue that Bakhmut holds little strategic significance for Moscow, its capture would serve as a symbolic victory for Russia, considering it is the site of the longest battle thus far in the Ukrainian war.

However, based on previous instances such as the Russian-fought capture of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk last year, where Ukraine swiftly regained control of other territories, it is likely that Ukraine is anticipating a similar strategy for an expected counter-offensive this year.

'Russia Will Feel Our Counter Offensive'

The war in Ukraine took center stage during the three-day G7 summit in Japan, with President Zelensky engaging with multiple world leaders to garner increased support.

His efforts yielded positive results, as the United States declared its willingness to permit its Western allies to provide Ukraine with advanced fighter jets, including American-manufactured F-16s. Nevertheless, no specific country has committed to supplying fighter jets to Ukraine at this time.

When questioned by the BBC about his confidence in obtaining F-16s from his allies, President Zelensky expressed his determination to work on the matter. He acknowledged that the exact quantity of F-16s was unknown at the moment and emphasized that this information was not being kept secret.

President Volodymyr Zelensky was asked as to the timing of his postponed spring counterattack. He replied, "Russia will feel when we have a counter-offensive."

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