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Zelensky Makes A Joke About Letting Go Of Belgorod To Join NATO


Zelensky makes a joke about letting go of Belgorod to join NATO as he rejected the idea of conceding any territories to Russia as a condition for NATO membership. In a lighthearted remark, he quipped that Ukraine might consider relinquishing control of a Russian border area that has faced recurrent attacks from Kyiv-aligned forces.

"We are ready to exchange Belgorod for our membership in NATO," the president declared during a press conference held in Denmark. He was on a visit to assess Danish F-16 fighter jets that could potentially be handed over to Ukrainian pilots as part of their ongoing efforts against Russia's full-scale invasion. Zelensky's itinerary also included a trip to the Netherlands over the weekend, where a pivotal role is being played in the NATO coalition's efforts to provide F-16s.

Throughout the conflict, Ukrainian officials have consistently emphasized their lack of interest in invading or taking control of Russian territories. Nonetheless, Russian fighters sympathetic to Kyiv have executed multiple cross-border incursions, including into Belgorod. These actions have led to Ukrainian-aligned units temporarily gaining control of several settlements and necessitating large-scale evacuations.

Ukrainian leadership has consistently dismissed the notion of surrendering occupied territories as a bargaining chip for a peace agreement with Moscow. Zelensky and his key officials have affirmed their commitment to reclaiming all Ukrainian land based on the nation's 1991 borders, regardless of any doubts from Western quarters regarding the feasibility of such an endeavor.

The inquiry directed at Zelensky during his press conference in Denmark was prompted by recent statements from Stian Jenssen, the director of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg's personal office. Last week, Jenssen acknowledged the hypothetical scenario of Ukraine relinquishing territory to Russia as a potential trade-off for NATO membership. Jenssen clarified that any such decision would ultimately be the prerogative of Ukraine, yet his comments garnered global attention and sparked frustration within Kyiv.

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"Trading territory for a NATO umbrella? It is ridiculous," commented Mykhailo Podolyak, an advisor in Zelensky's office, on the platform now referred to as X, previously known as Twitter. Oleg Nikolenko, a spokesperson for Ukraine's Foreign Ministry, firmly stated that proposing such a arrangement was entirely unacceptable.

Volodymyr Zelensky sitting in a F-16 fighter jet in the hanger with an army personnel standing beside him
Volodymyr Zelensky sitting in a F-16 fighter jet in the hanger with an army personnel standing beside him

Zelensky's light-hearted retort swiftly gained widespread attention, going viral. As of Monday morning, it had garnered over 1 million views across various social media accounts and platforms.

The complex issue of Ukrainian NATO membership remains without a clear resolution. Nonetheless, Zelensky managed to secure pledges from the Netherlands and Denmark to provide much-needed F-16 fighter jets to Kyiv.

These aircraft are sought as part of Ukraine's efforts to address the ongoing Russian attacks on major urban centers and the progressively stagnant frontline situation. During his travels, Zelensky also made a visit to Sweden, engaging in discussions about the potential acquisition of Gripen fighter jets.

Zelensky disclosed that the Netherlands had committed to dispatching "42 formidable combat aircraft" to Ukraine, while Denmark would contribute an additional 19. However, the timeline for the aircraft's arrival on the operational front remains uncertain. This is due to the need for training Ukrainian pilots, mechanics, and ground crews. Additionally, the establishment of new infrastructure to accommodate, safeguard, and maintain these aircraft is also a prerequisite.

Andriy Yermak, the head of Zelensky's office, remarked that the weekend's announcements were the culmination of extensive efforts spanning several months. Yermak conveyed on Telegram, "Much of this work was not conducted in the public eye, and certain details cannot be disclosed at present. It was a truly multifaceted process involving collaboration with our partners, resulting in a considerable fleet of F-16s for Ukraine."

In recent weeks, the envisioned delivery of F-16s to Ukraine had seemed to encounter setbacks, including delays in the planned training for Ukrainian pilots. However, last week witnessed a boost to the campaign with the United States granting approval for European allies to re-export these American-made fighters to Ukraine.

I am writing to express the United States' full support for both the transfer of F-16 fighter aircraft to Ukraine and for the training of Ukrainian pilots by qualified F-16 instructors. It remains critical that Ukraine is able to defend itself against ongoing Russian aggression and violation of its sovereignty.- Secretary of State, Antony Blinken


Subsequently, Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren expressed her approval of the decision. She remarked that it would enable the coalition involved in the jet transfer initiative "to follow through on the training of Ukrainian pilots." On the other hand, Danish Defense Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen commented that sending the aircraft represents a logical progression once the intended training regimen is finalized.

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