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About Us


An independent newsmedia company called BingePost Media Inc. (bingepost.com) provides its readers with news about everything from offline Hollywoodand Bollywoodto online entertainment, including Netflix and other web programs. The News Site is run by writers from all over the world who have strong ties to the entertainment business and work from various locations. We at BingePost are committed to delivering accurate information from a variety of reliable sources.

Our staff is skilled in conducting thorough research and producing the best material. We wish to deliver the most recent information from the glam world to fans of entertainment. What the newest web series or film is, who the stars are working on, etc.

Why did we launch BingePost?

One primary objective is to give readers news that is truly helpful to them. We are a group of enthusiastic authors who provide the most recent news from all around the market; we are not just a news site or blog.

A completely independent media outlet, Binge Post, covers news on web series, Netflix, Hollywood, and Bollywood. We deliver the most recent news gleaned from the Internet.

How Did Binge Post Get Started?

There are a lot of popular websites that cover entertainment news. This website was developed with the intention of offering reliable, well-researched news. The website receives a lot of traffic because it posts several articles on various industries. We'll accurately keep you informed of all the most recent events in the world of arts and entertainment.

What Is Our Objective?

The website BingePost was developed with the intention of giving readers the most recent news from the arts and entertainment industries. Over the past few years, we have developed our community from a small number of writers and employees to one with a large readership and traffic. Our objective is to offer the most recent news in copious amounts across all industries. To meet the need for pertinent information in the glam world, we make an effort to cover all issues. It is sufficient to browse our website to learn about news in the arts and entertainment industry.

Visit our contact page or send an email to binge@bingepost.comif you have any questions about the content we post or would want to tip us with a story.

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