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Chia-Anime Website: Watch Famous Anime Movies & Series of 2020 (Alternatives & Safety)


Anime pronounce as ‘An ee may‘ is an integral part of Japanese culture and even now has a dominating presence in the lives of youths and others. Anime, Manga, and other Japanese animation cartoons are very much preferred even today, with a huge industry contributing towards its existence.

Anime is a Japanese animation cartoon with a lot of graphics or a Japanese comic book with a very fantasy-like attractive main protagonist. Initially, Anime was hand-drawn and was quite constricted to the four walls of Japanese households. But with a change in generations and trends, it became famous forming a huge industry.

Today Anime is more of computer-generated created for the entertainment of youths with a lot of animations and graphics to keep it interesting. They are found in every genre possible like romance, school, doctor, thriller, adventure, etc. and continues to woo billions with its glimpses into the Japanese culture since time immemorial.

Anime is not only cartoons as popular belief. Instead, many Anime is more targeted towards the adult population and contains in-depth storylines and contains complex concepts, but many are intended for children as well. Nevertheless, Anime has been a part of Japanese culture for so long that now its an integral part of the Japanese culture that is recognized globally, and one that Japan cannot do without.

Therefore, Anime of all kinds from Japan has been garnering a lot of attention since the last few years, with the western culture also adopting and opening their ideas towards this very traditional, regional, and historical concept. This article specifically talks about the website chia-anime and everything about it- beginning right from its concept to the various alternatives that the anime world has to offer to us.

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At the end of the article, you will know everything about Anime, and if you think a concept like this excites you, go ahead and visit this website. Maybe, it’s your cup of tea!

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What Is Chia-Anime?

It is a website that deals with all kinds of anime genres with something for everyone. This website is built especially for entertainment and is accessible globally, showcasing every bit of Japanese culture and frivolous entertainment but in the form of attractive cartoons and animation. They offer a plethora of anime genres like adventure, warrior, thriller, romance ad every possible genre you can think of.

The anime series showcased in this website is in quite popular demand owing to its variety, regular updated fresh episodes, categorized browsing, and easy compatibility of mobile phone devices. Its content is controlled as you want the resolution and provides high-definition content streaming and downloading. Chia anime offers a view into not only Anime but also into the whole world of Asian Dorama.

The best part about this Anime is that it can be downloaded into MP4 format, making it compatible with a variety of electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and other handheld devices as well. Some of its features are:

On Legality:

As a website that is not legal, Chia anime showcases a variety of series that are rare and have a massive collection. Then how come an illegal website can run so easily and not get taken down. The contents shown on this website are showcased illegally, but the content shown is owned by someone else as their intellectual property, thus not violating the legality entirely.

Additionally, it’s a legit show with indications towards Japanese culture, so it gets a little relaxation from that side as well. The problem with such websites is that they show legit content, but they don’t own any license for that, but the right of it belonging to someone as intellectual property like copyright saves it from violation of any country restrictive rights.

On Safety:

The contents of the chia anime are completely safe, provided that they are the intellectual property of someone. Even though no one’s going to punish you for watching chia anime, your internet provider can track your watchlist and internet history if they want. Therefore, to be completely safe, make sure to use a proxy server by adding a VPN extension and masking your location.

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Proxy And Working Mirror Sites Of Otaku Stream In 2020


These sites can open a new world of free anime for you. Most of these anime proxy sites will load at super fast speed. So, I recommend you to bookmark this page and enjoy free anime any time you want.

List Of Alternative Domains In 2020

Some of the mirror/proxy sites that you can find as an alternative to this website are the following –

1. AnimeLand


This website contains the largest browsing content of Anime in the history of the Anime industry. However, a VPN extension is required to view this website. The best part about this website is its unlimited streaming. The VPN allows you to enjoy standard content at high quality with a mix of Anime from every possible genre. The content of the Anime on this website is updated every minute with high-quality and variety as its highlights.

2. Gogoanime


This website is one of the most popular and most in-demand anime sites because of a seamless viewer’s experience with the support of 7 servers. These seven servers allow a very good experience for anime lovers, especially with the one who is seeing it for the first time and also allows Vidsteaming. Vidsteaming is the amazing option of watching a series while a simultaneous download happens in the background.

3. AnimeBam


This website is a favorite among users and especially the newcomers as its free and comes with a variety of options and a huge collection of Anime in all genres, making it one of the best chia-anime options for Anime lovers. The best part about this website is it’s easy to use a convenient interface.

4. AnimeStreams

Anime Streams
Anime Streams

This website requires no registration and consists of a very convenient, easy to use interface and comes with a lot of security features. They generate good content collection with adjustable resolution along with a huge selection of filter options along with proper security protocols in place.

5. Otakustream


It’s is a website that is one of the preferred alternatives to Chia anime as it offers seamless videos that occupy less space. The best part about this website is the occurrence of zero ads and high-definition video quality. The huge collection of Anime comes with a Dark mode setting, along with adjustable resolution options many filters settings for easy, free a convenient downloading and viewing.

6. Hulu


Hulu is no exceptionally a single domain site for Anime. Rather it has an exuberant collection of Anime, Manga, tv shows, series, and much more. All the videos streaming on this website are not free and costs a nominal fee, but considering the package, it’s worth a shot as along with the whole anime domain, you will also get access to much more like series, comedies, films, and sitcoms to name a few.

7. AnimeFreak


This website contains a lot of information about Japan and Anime as a part of its culture. This is more in the form of blogs rather than a website but more public than a blog. The best part about this website is the addition of manga and anime comics every day, opening you to a new world of new Anime every single day. The only problem with this website is the complex interface that might take some time to be on with a user to navigate it smoothly.

8. AnimeUltima

Anime Ultima
Anime Ultima

This website is hugely popular around the globe as it features a great collection of every genre of Anime along with hourly updates, easy to use navigation, great interface leading to a great experience, easy download option, high standard resolution movies, the adjustable resolution with various filter and custom-made options to make the watch as pleasant as possible.

9. Animeshow.tv


This website is famous for showcasing a variety of Anime in all kinds of genres with free streaming and download. The videos are of high-definition quality with subtitles. The best part about this website is that it’s free with a systematic categorization for convenient navigation. The videos have certain resolutions to which it can be adjusted with easy compatibility to all kinds of screens like mobiles while hardly consuming any bandwidth.

10. Kissanime


This website is famous for its dubbed and subbed series of old classics as well as the new-age modernized versions of Anime. The videos streaming here are updated regularly with fresh content every time you visit the website. The best part about this website is the absence of membership and free access to all its collection, making it a perfect alternative to Chia-Anime.

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Best Chia-Anime Alternatives Cover Free And Piracy

1. Crunchyroll


It contains a collection of 25,000 anime collection, along with a massive collection of Manga. The best part about this website is that the series has subtitles in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German, thus satisfying the gaining curiosity of all anime lovers around the world. The only problem is that some of its premier series have membership plans, and not all are free, much to the frustration of loyal anime watchers.

2. Kuroani


This website allows you to watch high-definition video streaming free of charge. The idea of not registering in this website works with many as it allows easy streaming without being detected. The huge collection offered on this website can be streamed even on mobile devices and is compatible with all kinds of screens.

3. Ex-Anime

This website allows undisrupted and seamless streaming of videos without any limit to the downloading capacity. The best part about the videos is that it comes with subtitles and also dubbed version with certain series.GoGoanime: This website is one amongst the favorites as it comes with subtitles for universal viewers, offers a huge collection of Anime, allowing you to choose the one you want, contains even classic collection with the current episodes showcasing on the one page for easy viewing rather than in the gallery.

4. Anime Rhino

This website exclusively showcases new-age Anime with free online streaming and consists of cartoon series as well, along with videos. The series here is either dubbed (English translated and English subtitle) or subbed (Japanese translation and English subtitles) for universal viewership along with free streaming.

5. KissAnime


This is one of the most common alternatives to chia-anime as they are free of registration, and showcases a great collection and is conveniently downloaded in its concise mobile-version. The best part about this is the added section for anime enthusiasts to discuss any topic related to Anime, Manga, etc. along with other aspects of Japanese culture.

6. Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima
Anime Ultima

This site showcases a huge number of contents along with a collection of Manga and other anime comics. They do not require registration and allows unlimited use. The videos offered in this site is compatible with all handheld devices like mobile and uses very little bandwidth. Additionally, there is a facility to leave your comments and feedback at the end of each episode.

7. Anime Heroes

This website is popular not only among children but also among the adults as the characters have a more realistic look with real traits and less cartoon-like characters, thus relating to its adult audience as well.

8. Anime Streams

Anime Streams
Anime Streams

This site offers a huge collection of videos without any registration, easily navigable interface, lack of ads, and a huge plethora of options for viewing by choice.

9. Anime Fever

Anime Fever
Anime Fever

This site is popular among the anime watchers for a very particular reason. The entire schedule of the current ongoing series for the next few days is showcased to keep you informed about the oncoming episodes, which are very convenient for viewers along with a wide range of Anime in all genres possible and that too free of charge.

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Mentioned below are some of the legal Anime that can be watched with a good internet connection and within the legit limit. They can be downloaded from the app store or play store and are compatible with iOS and Android versions along with compatibility for all kinds of screens.

1. Hulu


Hulu, as a platform, offers a complete source of entertainment like Anime, series, sitcoms, and much more, along with a collection of movies and serials. It can be enjoyed on any screen and under any software with a smart interface and varied languages.

2. AnimeUltima


This website is hugely popular around the globe as it features a great collection of every genre of Anime along with hourly updates, easy to use navigation, great interface leading to a great experience, easy download option, high standard resolution movies, the adjustable resolution with various filter and custom-made options to make the watch as pleasant as possible.

3. Netflix

What to watch on Netflix
What to watch on Netflix

This one is a universally acclaimed platform with an all-round entertainment library form all the award-winning hit series, multi-lingual movies, and an exception plethora of Anime. Only glitch being, this platform is not free but with a cost that offers unlimited streaming and download.

4. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV
Terrarium TV

This is used to stream videos in mobile phones and that too at a high -definition standard. Their Anime offers ultra-modernized pixels that make Anime viewing a ‘wow’ experience. You can enjoy streaming and download on all kinds of devices with great compatibility standards.

5. Because.moe


This site is following the trends and features of Kissanime with all features like unlimited downloading, unlimited streaming, and HD quality videos. Other than that, what makes this site favorite is a collection of rarely found Anime not available in the usual sites.

6. HorribleSubs


This is comparatively new as compared to other sites and offers great streaming and viewing experience. But the collection is more often than not, hosted by third-party users recommending you to use a VPN extension as an added measure.

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Enjoy Chia-Anime Alternatives

Apart from what is already mentioned above, some of the other best alternatives are-

  • KissAnime
  • 9Anime
  • Animefreak
  • GoGoAnime
  • Anime Door
  • AnimeLab
  • Anime season

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Given below are some of the most frequently searched questions on chia-anime:

1. What Are The Categories Available On Chia-Anime?

It offers an extensive category and genre of video and comic streaming, such as Romance, Horror, Action, Comedy, adventure, thriller, amongst others. It also offers all episodes of all shows with a seamless viewing experience combined with a variety of filters.

2. Does Chia-Anime Have HD Quality Videos?

Yes, it has HD quality videos along with a smooth interface, organized series, virus-free environment, and high-resolution videos.

3. Is Chia-Anime Safe To Use?

Yes, it is safe to use as the site have their viewer’s privacy in place, but it is recommended using a VPN extension just in case your internet-provider decided to snoop in.

4. Which Is The Origin Of Chia-Anime?

It is inspired by the manga series character ‘Chi,’ thus forming its anime adaptation.

Disclaimer (Important)

The content presented over here is only for educational purposes. We do not violate any rules and privacy policies. We do not assist or encourage pirated content in any way. We consider piracy is a criminal act and a grave offense. We aspire to educate the people about such issues and leave them to take action.

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