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The superhero series is the story of the return of a man who goes missing and is presumed dead. After years, he decides to come back home, a changed man with a secret identity. The American television series has been developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg. It’s based on the DC Comics character called Green Arrow. Probably one of the best DC inspired works that can make Marvel fans turn into its own!

The series takes you through a journey where characters fight their fears and emerge victoriously. Filled with jaw-dropping plot twists, this series is loved all over the world. If this show isn’t something you’ve watched, we recommend you to start binging it right now. Even if you aren’t a fan of superhero thrillers, this one is sure to make you one!

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  • Genre: Adventure, Action, Crime
  • IMDb Rating: 7.5/10
  • Written By:  Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim
  • Directed By: Glen Winter, David Nutter, John Behring, Michael Schultz, Antonio Negret
  • Available Platforms: Netflix & Amazon Prime
  • Total Seasons: 8
  • Total Episodes: 170 Episodes

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Arrow Series List Of All Cast & Characters

  • Stephen Amell As Oliver Queen

oliver queen character pic

  • Emily Bett Rickards As Facility Smoak

facility smoak character pic

  • Katie Cassidy As Black Canary

black canary character pic

  • David Ramsey As John Diggle

john diggle character pic

  • Willa Holland As Thea Queen

thea queen character pic

  • Colton Haynes As Roy Harper

roy harper character pic

  • Paul Blackthorne As Detective Quentin Lance

Detective Quentin Lance Character Pic

  • Rick Gonzalez As Wild Dog

wild dog character pic

  • John Barrowman As Malcolm Merlyn

malcolm merlyn character pic

  • Katherine McNamara As Mia Smoak Queen

mia smoak queen character pic

  • Echo Kellum As Curtis Holt

curtis holt character pic

  • Caity Lotz As Sara Lance

sara lance character pic

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Index Of Arrow (Season 1 To Season 2)

Index Of Arrow Season 1

index of arrow season 1

  • Number of Episodes: 23
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1PilotWatch It Now
Episode 2Honor Thy FatherWatch It Now
Episode 3Lone GunmenWatch It Now
Episode 4An Innocent ManWatch It Now
Episode 5DamagedWatch It Now
Episode 6LegaciesWatch It Now
Episode 7Muse of FireWatch It Now
Episode 8VendettaWatch It Now
Episode 9Year's EndWatch It Now
Episode 10BurnedWatch It Now
Episode 11Trust But Verify
Watch It Now
Episode 12VertigoWatch It Now
Episode 13BetrayalWatch It Now
Episode 14The OdysseyWatch It Now
Episode 15DodgerWatch It Now
Episode 16Dead to RightsWatch It Now
Episode 17The Huntress ReturnsWatch It Now
Episode 18SalvationWatch It Now
Episode 19Unfinished BusinessWatch It Now
Episode 20Home InvasionWatch It Now
Episode 21The UndertakingWatch It Now
Episode 22Darkness on the Edge of TownWatch It Now
Episode 23SacrificeWatch It Now

Season Recap: The season kickstarts by demonstrating how Oliver Queen went missing. He was thought to be missing or dead before being discovered five years later. He was found alive, in Lian Yu, an isolated island in the Pacific ocean. 

He finally decides to return to Startling City, his home. However, his family senses that Oliver was a different person now.

Oliver keeps his past experiences a secret. However, he struggles to undo whatever he did as a kid. He asks Laura (his ex-girlfriend) for forgiveness and is seeing trying to reconcile with her. He takes up the role of a vigilante to right all the wrongs his family did. 

Oliver is a nonchalant womanizer by day, protected by his bodyguard, John Diggle. On the other hand, he switches to an undercover agent at night. And the best twist is, his father, Detective Quentin lance is after the vigilante operating in the city. You can stream or download Arrow Season one On Netflix & Prime online.

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Index Of Arrow Season 2

index of arrow season 2

  • Number of Episodes: 23
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1City of HeroesWatch It Now
Episode 2IdentityWatch It Now
Episode 3Broken DollsWatch It Now
Episode 4CrucibleWatch It Now
Episode 5League of AssassinsWatch It Now
Episode 6Keep Your Enemies CloserWatch It Now
Episode 7State v. QueenWatch It Now
Episode 8The ScientistWatch It Now
Episode 9Three GhostsWatch It Now
Episode 10Blast RadiusWatch It Now
Episode 11Blind SpotWatch It Now
Episode 12TremorsWatch It Now
Episode 13Heir to the DemonWatch It Now
Episode 14Time of DeathWatch It Now
Episode 15The PromiseWatch It Now
Episode 16Suicide SquadWatch It Now
Episode 17Birds of PreyWatch It Now
Episode 18DeathstrokeWatch It Now
Episode 19The Man Under The HoodWatch It Now
Episode 20Seeing RedWatch It Now
Episode 21City of BloodWatch It Now
Episode 22Streets of FireWatch It Now
Episode 23UnthinkableWatch It Now

Season Recap: The beginning of the season witnesses Oliver in mental despair, resulting in him returning to his island. He gets persuaded by his by Diggle and Felicity and thus, comes back. He decides to take over the company with his former step-father Walter, with the assistance of Isabel. However, what he did not know is that Isabel had ulterior motives.

Laurel’s sister Sara comes back to town, to seek revenge from the villains. As Oliver chose to save Sara’s life instead of Shado’s, Slade turns against him. Sara joins forces with Oliver to stop Slade. 

Sara seeks the help of the League of Assassins but is now bound to come back once the job is done. Oliver learns that the trio – Slade, Isabel, and Sebastian Blood- has created Miraku’s drug again. The drug has the capability of turning a human into a superhuman, fuelled by anger and war. 

Slade creates a whole army of Mirakuru men and even kills Oliver’s mother, Moira. Meanwhile, Felicity starts to develop feelings for Oliver but shuns it. She is also seen to be wanting to fight more battles but keeps undermining herself. By the end of the season, Laurel and Sara reunite, and so does the rest of the Lance family. You can stream or download Arrow Season two on Netflix & Prime online.

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Index Of Arrow Season 3

index of arrow season 3

  • Number of Episodes: 23
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The CalmWatch It Now
Episode 2SaraWatch It Now
Episode 3Corto MalteseWatch It Now
Episode 4The MagicianWatch It Now
Episode 5The Secret Origin of Felicity SmoakWatch It Now
Episode 6GuiltyWatch It Now
Episode 7Draw Back Your BowWatch It Now
Episode 8The Brave and the BoldWatch It Now
Episode 9The ClimbWatch It Now
Episode 10Left BehindWatch It Now
Episode 11Midnight CityWatch It Now
Episode 12UprisingWatch It Now
Episode 13CanariesWatch It Now
Episode 14The ReturnWatch It Now
Episode 15Nanda ParbatWatch It Now
Episode 16The OfferWatch It Now
Episode 17Suicidal TendenciesWatch It Now
Episode 18Public EnemyWatch It Now
Episode 19Broken ArrowWatch It Now
Episode 20The FallenWatch It Now
Episode 21Al Sah-himWatch It Now
Episode 22This is Your SwordWatch It Now
Episode 23My Name is Oliver QueenWatch It Now

Season Recap: The very beginning of Season 3 starts with a wrecked storyline as Sara dies. Not only did her death wreck the season, but also her sister, Laurel. When she later revealed the news of her demise to lance, he broke down too. The whole season follows as they tried to find who killed her. 

For one and all, Oliver finally decides to put an end to his ‘killing’ spree. He genuinely commits to not kill people and swears to abide by it. Slade has been locked up in Lien Yu after being badly defeated. Meanwhile, Sara decides to join the League of Assassins back again. 

Oliver starts to realize his feelings for Felicity. He learns that she was the one whom he had truly loved all along. On the other hand, Thea flees with Malcolm who trains him on how to fight. After much persuasion from Oliver, she finally comes back to Starling City as tries to settle. We also find out that it was Thea who killed Sara, but not voluntarily. It was Malcolm who was controlling her the whole time. 

By the end of the season, Oliver gets stabbed to death (much to fans’ shock!) by the league leader. and loses the battle. You can download or stream Arrow Season Three On Netflix & Prime online.

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Index Of Arrow Season 4

index of arrow season 4

  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Green ArrowWatch It Now
Episode 2The CandidateWatch It Now
Episode 3RestorationWatch It Now
Episode 4Beyond RedemptionWatch It Now
Episode 5HauntedWatch It Now
Episode 6Lost SoulsWatch It Now
Episode 7BrotherhoodWatch It Now
Episode 8Legends of TodayWatch It Now
Episode 9Legends of YesterdayWatch It Now
Episode 10Dark WatersWatch It Now
Episode 11Blood DebtsWatch It Now
Episode 12A.W.O.L.Watch It Now
Episode 13UnchainedWatch It Now
Episode 14Sins of the FatherWatch It Now
Episode 15Code of SilenceWatch It Now
Episode 16TakenWatch It Now
Episode 17Broken HeartsWatch It Now
Episode 18Beacon of HopeWatch It Now
Episode 19Eleven-Fifty-NineWatch It Now
Episode 20Canary CryWatch It Now
Episode 21GenesisWatch It Now
Episode 22Monument PointWatch It Now
Episode 23Lost in the Flood
Watch It Now
Episode 24SchismWatch It Now

Season Recap: The fourth season was not only packed with action but also emotional distress. From Olicity’s engagement breaking up to the members of Team Arrow segregating, it had a whole lot of drama. 

When everyone learns that Darhk is the leader of H.I.V.E trying to destroy Star City, Oliver is forced to seek help. He asks Thea, Laurel, and Diggle for help. Much to their surprise, the team finds out that Darhk as unparalleled powers. Oliver’s arrows can’t fight him much! Darhk’s long term plans end when Felicity hacks into his system and disables all the missiles except one. That one missile bombards Havenrock, while Oliver breaks his resolution and kills Darhk. 

Another storyline this season entailed was how Thea’s bloodthirst started becoming too problematic. Laura took her to Nanda Parbat, where she revised Sara back to life too. However, Sara too started suffering from Bloodthirst. Thus, she left Star City. Also, Ray comes back. The audience gets tricked into thinking that he has died during the explosion at Palmer Tech. However, turns out that he only shrunk himself and was alive and kicking again. You can stream or download Arrow Season four On Netflix & Prime on the internet.

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Index Of Arrow Season 5

index of arrow season 5

  • Number of Episodes: 23
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1 LegacyWatch It Now
Episode 2RecruitsWatch It Now
Episode 3A Matter of TrustWatch It Now
Episode 4PenanceWatch It Now
Episode 5Human TargetWatch It Now
Episode 6So It BeginsWatch It Now
Episode 7VigilanteWatch It Now
Episode 8Invasion!Watch It Now
Episode 9What We Leave BehindWatch It Now
Episode 10Who Are You?Watch It Now
Episode 11Second ChancesWatch It Now
Episode 12BratvaWatch It Now
Episode 13Spectre of the GunWatch It Now
Episode 14The Sin-EaterWatch It Now
Episode 15Fighting Fire With FireWatch It Now
Episode 16CheckmateWatch It Now
Episode 17KapiushonWatch It Now
Episode 18DisbandedWatch It Now
Episode 19Dangerous LiaisonsWatch It Now
Episode 20UnderneathWatch It Now
Episode 21Honor Thy FathersWatch It Now
Episode 22MissingWatch It Now
Episode 23Lian YuWatch It Now

Season Recap: Laurel’s demise takes a toll on everyone, and everyone from team Arrow walks their path. Oliver is the only one left now, to guard the dwellers of Start City. As Felicity is only helping him out from the bunker, handling the whole city becomes tough for Oliver. It’s now filled with novice vigilantes, and brand new enemies. 

However, felicity and Oliver decide to recruit new members to Team Arrow. They take in Wild Dog, Curtis, and Evelyn Sharp. After assembling the new team and training them, they set out on the streets the guard the city from potential threats. A new nemesis called Tobias Church crops up and plans out a deathly assault on the city. They even keep a team member hostage to get to Oliver. Oliver, by now, has two teams. One as the Mayor and the other as The Green Arrow. 

Meanwhile, Prometheus decides to kill Oliver and The Green Arrow. He holds captives hostage to force Oliver to free him. He then gives Oliver an ultimatum to choose between him and his son. Oliver, however, finds out a way to save William without killing Prometheus When Oliver succeeds, Prometheus kills himself destroying the whole island. You can stream or download Arrow Season Five On Netflix & Prime online.

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Index Of Arrow Season 6

index of arrow season 6

  • Number of Episodes: 23
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1FalloutWatch It Now
Episode 2TributeWatch It Now
Episode 3Next of KinWatch It Now
Episode 4ReversalWatch It Now
Episode 5Deathstroke ReturnsWatch It Now
Episode 6Promises KeptWatch It Now
Episode 7ThanksgivingWatch It Now
Episode 8Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2Watch It Now
Episode 9Irreconcilable DifferencesWatch It Now
Episode 10DividedWatch It Now
Episode 11We FallWatch It Now
Episode 12All for NothingWatch It Now
Episode 13The Devil's Greatest TrickWatch It Now
Episode 14Collision CourseWatch It Now
Episode 15DoppelgängerWatch It Now
Episode 16The Thanatos GuildWatch It Now
Episode 17Brothers in ArmsWatch It Now
Episode 18FundamentalsWatch It Now
Episode 19The DragonWatch It Now
Episode 20Shifting AllegiancesWatch It Now
Episode 21Docket No. 11-19-41-73Watch It Now
Episode 22The Ties That BindWatch It Now
Episode 23Life SentenceWatch It Now

Season Recap: After the island got destroyed, the superheroes are left to deal with it throughout the season. At the beginning of season 6, we see Thea in a coma in an injured condition. 

Samantha asks The Green Arrow to bring up their son, William, post her demise. As the season goes on, we see that Oliver faces major struggles and dilemmas. On one hand, he is a superhero, The Green Arrow, who has to save Star City’s citizens. On the other hand, he is also a father to William, and bringing him up is his responsibility. In addition to it all, he is also the Mayor so the constant juggling starts to take a toll on him. We see Oliver switch constantly from a superhero to a father, which brings extra hurdles in his life. 

Not being able to cope up with it all, he finally decides to call it quits on his duty of being a vigilante. He decides to solely focus on William, his son. He also takes a major call of passing his former duties on to Diggle, so that he can spend more time with Felicity and his son. You can stream or download Arrow Season six On Netflix & Prime online.

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Index Of Arrow Season 7

index of arrow season 7

  • Number of Episodes: 22
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Inmate 4587Watch It Now
Episode 2Longbow HuntersWatch It Now
Episode 3Crossing LinesWatch It Now
Episode 4Level TwoWatch It Now
Episode 5The DemonWatch It Now
Episode 6Due ProcessWatch It Now
Episode 7The Slabside RedemptionWatch It Now
Episode 8UnmaskedWatch It Now
Episode 9Elseworlds: Part 2Watch It Now
Episode 10My Name is Emiko QueenWatch It Now
Episode 11Past SinsWatch It Now
Episode 12Emerald ArcherWatch It Now
Episode 13Star City SlayerWatch It Now
Episode 14Bothers & SistersWatch It Now
Episode 15Training DayWatch It Now
Episode 16Star City 2040Watch It Now
Episode 17InheritanceWatch It Now
Episode 18Lost CanaryWatch It Now
Episode 19SpartanWatch It Now
Episode 20ConfessionsWatch It Now
Episode 21Living ProofWatch It Now
Episode 22You Have Saved This CityWatch It Now

Season Recap: The beginning of this season starts with the story of what happens after 5 months of Oliver disclosing his identity. He finally decides to let the FBI know that he is Green Arrow, and thus is imprisoned. 

On the other hand, Felicity and William struggle to get adjusted to their new life, in witness protection service. In Start City, there comes a new twist. An arch-wielding vigilante takes Oliver’s mantle which makes his teammates angry. You can stream or download Arrow Season seven On Netflix & Prime online.

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Index Of Arrow Season 8

index of arrow season 8

  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Starling CityWatch It Now
Episode 2Welcome to Hong KongWatch It Now
Episode 3Leap of FaithWatch It Now
Episode 4Present TenseWatch It Now
Episode 5ProchnostWatch It Now
Episode 6ResetWatch It Now
Episode 7PurgatoryWatch It Now
Episode 8Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part FourWatch It Now
Episode 9Green Arrow & The CanariesWatch It Now
Episode 10FadeoutWatch It Now

Season Recap: This Final season of Arrow starts with a pace of some action and interesting scenes. Connor beats J.J. down in anger. Connor, William, and Mia went back to the whole in the year 2019 where they meet Oliver, Dinah, Rene, and Diggle. Future and present Team Arrow meet without knowing how the past made an outing to the present.

The last ever scene of Arrow series based on Oliver Queen’s entombment command, the legend has passed on two scenes previously and brought characters from all times. The finale ties-up may lose bundles & addresses unanswered character questions. You can download or stream Arrow Season Eight On Netflix & Prime online.

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FAQs About The Index of Arrow [Season 1-2]

1. Will There Be Arrow Series Season 9?

No, there won’t be any more new season for this Arrow TV Series going to get released as the makers of this show conveyed all things they want to show through all past eight seasons. though this is not a piece of official news, you can trust this article. We will update more news about Arrow Season 9 information if we get to know anything for sure.

2. Where to watch and download Arrow Season 1 to 8 Online?

Arrow is a popular Action fiction story with all eight seasons available on Netflix App and Amazon prime to watch online anytime. you can watch Arrow all seasons on Netflix with the subtitles in Engish in HD Premium quality. The show is currently streaming on Netflix and Prime to watch online or download in HD quality.

3. Is It Possible To Download all Arrow Seasons Online?

Yes, you can download all seasons of Arrow Online on Netflix app. Follow these steps for Arrow to download on Netflix app:

  • Login Netflix app and search for “Arrow” show in the search bar.
  • Click on the poster and select the season from the dropdown menu to watch online.
  • Download all the episodes using the “Download Now” option within the app and watch it anytime.

4. Where to find Arrow series and a quick recap of all seasons?

If you are looking for a quick Arrow seasons recap and Index of Arrow season 1 to 8, it is mentioned in this article for your ease. Check it out to get a quick summary of the show.

5. Is Arrow Series worth watching?

Yes. Arrow Series is one of the popular Netflix show highlighting some Fictional action stories happens to the roles in the show. we found it rather debilitating in what limit various distinctive superheroes beside the Holy trinity never got the recognition it deserved. The character of Oliver Queen in Arrow is powerless man’s Bruce Wayne anyway CW developed a wonderful series. So If you are searching for some Action framed adventurous fiction series to watch on Netflix then you must pick this Arrow Show in your next binge-watch list.

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Wrapping It Up

The classic adventure and action-packed series is surely a must-watch for everyone who is searching for some of the best adventure and crime based series online. You not only get to see a lot of action sequences but also the emotional ups and downs that come with life. It teaches you to rise above yourself, to not underestimate yourself, and to go get what you want. It makes you cry when your favourite character dies, and it makes you laugh when the villain is shot to death. It’s a thrill cum emotional packed series, that you just can’t miss out on! Enjoy.

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