Index Of Suits Series

Suits series is a combination of smart, stylish, sexy, and sophisticated. It’s an American legal TV drama series, where the characters are wiser and wittier than ever known to mankind. Every character has a dark past, demons to confront, and cases to solve sometimes, their own.

Written by Aaron Korsh and produced by Universal Cable Productions, this series has earned itself several nominations. Torres and Adams, who played Jessica and Mike, received individual praise and appreciation.

So if you’re willing to escape reality, into a realistically unrealistic world Suits is something you have to start binging! Because let’s be honest, clad in Tom Ford suits, and having both beauty and brains these characters transport you into a whole new dimension. Here’s are its seasons’ snippets, to help you through! 

suits series poster

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  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • IMDb Rating: 8.5/10
  • Written By:  Aaron Korsh, Wendell Pierce, Dulé Hill, Ethan Drogin, Gary Cole
  • Directed By: Doug Liman, Michael Smith, Kevin Bray, John Stuart Scott, Kate Woods
  • Available Platforms: Amazon Prime, Netflix, USA Network
  • Total Seasons: 9
  • Total Episodes: 114 Episodes

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Suits Series List Of All Cast & Characters

  • Gabriel Macht As Harvey Specter

harvey specter character pic

  • Patrick J. Adams As Michael Ross

michael ross character pic

  • Meghan Markle As Rachael Zane

rachael zane character pic

  • Sarah Rafferty As Donna Paulsen

donna paulsen character pic

  • Rick Hoffman As Louis Litt

louis litt character pic

  • Gina Torres As Jessica Pearson

jessica pearson character pic

  • Amanda Schull As Katrina Bennett

katrina benett character pic

  • Katherine Heigl As Rema Johnson

Rema Johnson character pic

  • Dulé Hill As Alex Williams

alex williams character pic

  • Abigail Spencer As Poni Chel

Poni Chel character pic

  • Rachael Harris As Sheila Sazs

sheila sazs character pic

  • Wendell Pierce As Robert Zane

robert zane character pic

  • Vanessa Ray As Jenny Griffith

jenny griffith character pic

  • Tom Lipinski As Trevour

trevour character pic

  • Neal McDonough As Sean Cahill

sean cahill character pic

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Index Of Suits (Season 1 To Season 9)

Index Of Suits Series Season 1

index of suits season 1

  • Number of Episodes: 12
  • Available On: USA Network, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Suits - PilotWatch It Now
Episode 2Errors And OmissionsWatch It Now
Episode 3Inside TrackWatch It Now
Episode 4Dirty Little SecretsWatch It Now
Episode 5Bail OutWatch It Now
Episode 6Tricks of the TradeWatch It Now
Episode 7Play the ManWatch It Now
Episode 8Identity Crisis
Watch It Now
Episode 9UndefeatedWatch It Now
Episode 10The Shelf LifeWatch It Now
Episode 11Rules of the GameWatch It Now
Episode 12DogfightWatch It Now
BonusSuits Sneak PeekWatch It Now

Season Recap: Harvey Specter is now compelled to recruit an associate from Harvard Law School. At the beginning of the season, we see Specter being promoted as the senior partner at Pearson Hardman after years of unparalleled service. He hires Mike, who has never been to law school solely because of his photographic memory.

As the season proceeds, we see the judge furious about Harvey having had an affair with his wife. Thus, refusing to be fair. Each episode shows a new case that the duo handles and all the hurdles they face. From accepting defeat in a case to not hurt Rachel, to various workplace problems. As the plot develops, Trevor restarts his life and is now done with marijuana. Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel develop feelings for each other but find it hard to confess. You can watch Suits Season One online through Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Index Of Suits Series Season 2

index of suits season 2

  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Available On: USA Network, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1She KnowsWatch It Now
Episode 2The ChoiceWatch It Now
Episode 3Meet the New BossWatch It Now
Episode 4DiscoveryWatch It Now
Episode 5Break PointWatch It Now
Episode 6All InWatch It Now
Episode 7Sucker PunchWatch It Now
Episode 8RewindWatch It Now
Episode 9AsteriskWatch It Now
Episode 10High NoonWatch It Now
Episode 11Blind-SidedWatch It Now
Episode 12Blood In The WaterWatch It Now
Episode 13Zane Vs. ZaneWatch It Now
Episode 14He's BackWatch It Now
Episode 15NormandyWatch It Now
Episode 16WarWatch It Now
BonusSneak PeekWatch It Now
BonusSuits RecruitsWatch It Now

Season Recap: Mike’s secret is let out, and Harvey is thrown into a dilemma. He must decide whether to keep or sack Mike, as Jessica let the cat out of the bag. Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel go through a rocky relationship and Rachel still suspects Mike of keeping a secret from her.

Mike and Harvey take up a lawsuit and travel to Atlantic City to fight it, only because of Harvey’s history with the client. Jessica makes Harvey’s second chair to Allison, making him feel undervalued.

In the end, Jessica and Harvey are compelled to choose their paths when they get presented by an offer from Edward Darby. The case gets handed over to Mike, and Jessica threatens Mike of letting out his secret, should he lose. Mike purposely loses the case and faces Harvey’s agony. You can watch Suits Season Two online through Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Index Of Suits Series Season 3

index of suits season 3

  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Available On: USA Network, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The ArrangementWatch It Now
Episode 2I Want You to Want MeWatch It Now
Episode 3Unfinished BusinessWatch It Now
Episode 4Conflict of InterestWatch It Now
Episode 5Shadow Of A DoubtWatch It Now
Episode 6The Other TimeWatch It Now
Episode 7She's MineWatch It Now
Episode 8EndgameWatch It Now
Episode 9Bad FaithWatch It Now
Episode 10StayWatch It Now
Episode 11Buried SecretsWatch It Now
Episode 12Yesterday's GoneWatch It Now
Episode 13Moot PointWatch It Now
Episode 14HeartburnWatch It Now
Episode 15Know When To Fold'emWatch It Now
Episode 16No Way OutWatch It Now
BonusSuits Cast Interview: Patrick J. AdamsWatch It Now
BonusSuits Cast Interview: Gabriel MachtWatch It Now
BonusSuits Season 3 Sneak PeekWatch It Now

Season Recap: Jessica and Darby have rising tensions in their partnership when the latter assigns a proclaimed client to Harvey. On the other hand, Mike and Rachel’s relationship is strained after he told her his secret. 

Jessica and Harvey together try the client, Ava, from getting jailed. However, Harvey’s old enemy, Cameron, complicates it and gets her imprisoned. Cameron digs up the sour past with Harvey and baffles him, reminding him why he left to work for Jessica. 

Louis and Donna team up to settle scores with their wrongdoers. On the other hand, Harvey, Stephen, and Jessica struggle to keep Ava out of jail. An old nemesis returns Scottie, and Harvey and Scottie find themselves on opposite sides.

The season ends with a sour note as tensions rise between Scottie and Harvey. Also, Mike and Rachel’s relationship gets disturbed as their views on the future clash. You can watch Suits Season Three online through Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Index Of Suits Series Season 4

index of suits season 4

  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Available On: USA Network, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1One-Two-Three Go...Watch It Now
Episode 2Breakfast, Lunch And DinnerWatch It Now
Episode 3Two In The KneesWatch It Now
Episode 4LeveragedWatch It Now
Episode 5Pound Of FleshWatch It Now
Episode 6Litt The Hell UpWatch It Now
Episode 7We're DoneWatch It Now
Episode 8ExposureWatch It Now
Episode 9GoneWatch It Now
Episode 10This Is RomeWatch It Now
Episode 11Enough is EnoughWatch It Now
Episode 12RespectWatch It Now
Episode 13Fork in the RoadWatch It Now
Episode 14DerailedWatch It Now
Episode 15IntentWatch It Now
Episode 16Not Just a Pretty FaceWatch It Now
BonusRick Hoffman InterviewWatch It Now
BonusGabriel Macht InterviewWatch It Now

Season Recap: Mike brings Harvey a plan to take over Gillis, but Harvey taunts and refuses to support him. As Harvey leaves Mike without resources or help, they both engage in a cold war. Meanwhile, Sanders asks Harvey to play the game dirty and exposed Mike’s secret and his relationship with Rachel. 

Mike struggles to prove that his loyalty towards Gillis, but Forstman confesses a secret to Sidwell. He tells how Mike conspired to sack him out, and thus Mike gets fired. Sean Cahill attacks the firm and demands the documents of the Gillis case. He implores the judge for the conversation between Mike and Harvey regarding it, which gets accepted. However, Mike threatens to give it all, under the condition will charge Cahill for prosecution.

Louis gets scared and confesses his wrong to Jessica, and the tables turn. Louis is now the formidable enemy, and he vows to make their lives a living hell. In the end, Cahill returns asking Harvey to gather money to save him from getting fired. You can watch Suits Season Four online through Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Index Of Suits Series Season 5

index of suits season 5

  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Available On: USA Network, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1DenialWatch It Now
Episode 2CompensationWatch It Now
Episode 3No RefillsWatch It Now
Episode 4No Puedo HacerloWatch It Now
Episode 5Toe to ToeWatch It Now
Episode 6PrivilegeWatch It Now
Episode 7Hitting HomeWatch It Now
Episode 8Mea CulpaWatch It Now
Episode 9Uninvited GuestsWatch It Now
Episode 10FaithWatch It Now
Episode 11BlowbackWatch It Now
Episode 12Live to Fight...Watch It Now
Episode 13God's Green EarthWatch It Now
Episode 14Self DefenseWatch It Now
Episode 15Tick TockWatch It Now
Episode 1625th HourWatch It Now
BonusCharacter Interview: Gabriel MachtWatch It Now
BonusRapid Fire Questions: Patrick AdamsWatch It Now

Season Recap: The first half of the season highlights how Donna struggles in adjusting to working under Louis, while Harvey tries to devise a way to replace her. Harvey is seen having disturbing dreams, while Mike and Soloff establish a great understanding while handling a case. Harvey punches Louis out of anger on an issue, and Jessica tries to mend the ties.

Rachel and Mike are about to get married, but Rachel is scared about Mike’s secret being let out. When Mike faces a legal roadblock, Rachel is compelled to tell her father that he is a fraud causing tensions. It is finally revealed that Sheila Sazs was the one to tip-off the authorities about Mike being a fraud. 

The season ends on a sad note with Mike voluntarily getting imprisoned to save Harvey and others of the firm from a stained reputation. His wedding with Rachel gets cancelled, and Harvey is at a loss. You can watch Suits Season Five online through Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Index Of Suits Series Season 6

index of suits season 6

  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Available On: USA Network, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1To TroubleWatch It Now
Episode 2Accounts PayableWatch It Now
Episode 3Back on the MapWatch It Now
Episode 4TurnWatch It Now
Episode 5TrustWatch It Now
Episode 6SpainWatch It Now
Episode 7Shake the TreesWatch It Now
Episode 8Borrowed TimeWatch It Now
Episode 9The Hand that Feeds YouWatch It Now
Episode 10P.S.L.Watch It Now
Episode 11She's GoneWatch It Now
Episode 12The PaintingWatch It Now
Episode 13Teeth, Nose, TeethWatch It Now
Episode 14Admission of GuiltWatch It Now
Episode 15Quid Pro QuoWatch It Now
Episode 16Character and FitnessWatch It Now
BonusSeason 6 Sneak PeekWatch It Now

Season Recap: Mike goes into prison after taking up the deal with Anita. Things go haywire when he comes across another jailbird, Frank Gallo. Frank Gallo has a grudge against Harvey, and the firm altogether which leaves Mike in an uncomfortable situation.

Meanwhile, the Pearson firm now has only a few employees sticking up and helping the firm out. Rachel undertakes an Innocence Project and works on it, under the discretion of her professor. Jessica takes up a free case but finds it hard to focus on the ongoing matters in the firm. 

Mike is now freed, thanks to his inmate in jail. He struggles with his fraud image being public but gets a job at a legal clinic. In the end, we see Harvey asking Mike to come back, and helping Mike and Rachel out to pass the bar. You can watch Suits Season Six online through Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Index Of Suits Series Season 7

index of suits season 7

  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Available On: USA Network, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Skin in the GameWatch It Now
Episode 2The StatueWatch It Now
Episode 3MudmareWatch It Now
Episode 4Divide and ConquerWatch It Now
Episode 5Brooklyn HousingWatch It Now
Episode 6Home to RoostWatch It Now
Episode 7Full DisclosureWatch It Now
Episode 8100Watch It Now
Episode 9ShameWatch It Now
Episode 10DonnaWatch It Now
Episode 11Hard TruthsWatch It Now
Episode 12Bad ManWatch It Now
Episode 13InevitableWatch It Now
Episode 14Pulling the GoalieWatch It Now
Episode 15Tiny ViolinWatch It Now
Episode 16Good-ByeWatch It Now

Season Recap: With Jessica gone, everyone is seen to struggle to adjust to everyday affairs without her. Donna is promoted to COO. Also, Alex is recruited into the firm, who is also Harvey’s old friend. Harvey gets into a relationship with Paula, who is also his psychiatrist. On the other hand, Louis seeks therapy but fails to get concrete results. 

Rachel finally passes the Bar and is now an advocate. Elsewhere, Mike is taking up legal cases at the clinic free of charge. However, he stumbles upon a case that puts his former mates Harvey and his firm – to risk.

Jessica reunites with her family in Chicago, while Louis and Sheila start connecting as well.  Mike and Rachel finally marry and take up an offer in Seattle to open their law firm. The season ends with them opening a firm that takes on-action suits and happily married. You can watch Suits Season Seven online through Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Index Of Suits Series Season 8

index of suits season 8

  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Available On: USA Network, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Right-Hand ManWatch It Now
Episode 2Pecking OrderWatch It Now
Episode 3Promises, PromisesWatch It Now
Episode 4Revenue Per Square FootWatch It Now
Episode 5Good MuddingWatch It Now
Episode 6Cats, Ballet, Harvey SpecterWatch It Now
Episode 7Sour GrapesWatch It Now
Episode 8Coral GablesWatch It Now
Episode 9Motion to DelayWatch It Now
Episode 10Managing PartnerWatch It Now
Episode 11Rocky 8Watch It Now
Episode 12Whale HuntWatch It Now
Episode 13The Greater GoodWatch It Now
Episode 14Peas in a PodWatch It Now
Episode 15Stalking HorseWatch It Now
Episode 16HarveyWatch It Now
BonusCast Tell-All InterviewWatch It Now
BonusKathryn Heigl InterviewWatch It Now

Season Recap: The season starts with showing Robert as the new managing associate of Litt. On the other hand, Mike and Rachel are now leading a stable, married life. Donna is still the COO of the firm. We’re introduced to Samantha Wheeler, who is hired by Robert as the new senior partner, his assistant, and fixer. 

Eventually, Wheeler becomes the name partner, opposite Alex. Thus, we see Katrina being promoted to her former position as the senior partner. Elsewhere, Louis gets to know that Sheila is pregnant. 

Katrina develops feelings for her married associate, and thus finds herself at crossroads. As the season ends, Donna and Harvey confess to each other about their feelings. Zane’s legal career gets sacrificed, due to Donna, who mishandled the case of her client cum boyfriend Thomas Kessler. You can watch Suits Season Eight online through Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Index Of Suits Series Season 9

index of suits season 9

  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Available On: USA Network, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Everything's ChangedWatch It Now
Episode 2Special MasterWatch It Now
Episode 3WindmillsWatch It Now
Episode 4CairoWatch It Now
Episode 5If the Shoe FitsWatch It Now
Episode 6Whatever It TakesWatch It Now
Episode 7Scenic RouteWatch It Now
Episode 8Prisoner's DilemmaWatch It Now
Episode 9Thunder AwayWatch It Now
Episode 10One Last ConWatch It Now
BonusSuits / Pearson First LookWatch It Now

Season Recap: Having the reputation of implementing deceitful tactics to handle cases, the firm now has Faye Richardson as its supervisor. We also find out that Robert has been debased. Faye is determined to make the firm bite dust. 

However, she has some dark secrets that can be turned against her as well. In the end, Harvey gets married to Donna and they move to Seattle with Mike and Rachel. On the other hand, Louis gets married to Sheila, and Sheila begets their child. 

Louis chooses Katrina as his name partner and continues to lead the firm. The firm is now called Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett. You can watch Suits Season Nine online through Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Note: The Suits series is made for US Audience and for others who have Netflix India Subscription, then the show is not accessible from Netflix India website or App for you, you have to use a Good VPN to connect to a USA server to be able to access and watch Suits series.

FAQs About Suits Series (Season 1 To Season 9)

1. What is Suits Series about?

Suits are one of the best drama tv show until now. Suits is an American legitimate series made by Aaron Korsh. Suits are set at a narrative New York City law office and follow gifted school dropout Mike Ross, who starts filling in as a law accomplice for Harvey Specter despite neglecting to have gone to graduate school. We can not reveal any further and if you want to know more about this thrilling drama & great series then you must watch all of the season episodes without missing now.

2. How many seasons of Suits are available?

So far, Suits series has 9 seasons available online to watch. We have listed detailed information on Suits cast, and crew, several episodes, and the Plot details. Please check this article for more detailed information.

3. Will There Be Suits Series Season 10?

No, As per a USA Network Official Twitter sources there will not be anymore Suits new season coming on TV in 2021. This is officially confirmed by the USA Network. USA Network network has recently said that they are not ready for the new season and its ninth season is the last one to watch. so Suits will not be having any more 10th season.

4. Is It Possible To Download all Suits Seasons Online?

Yes, you can download all seasons of Suits Online on Netflix app. Follow these steps for Suits to download on Netflix app:

  • Login to the Netflix app and search for “Suits” show in the search bar.
  • Click on the poster and select the season from the dropdown menu to watch online.
  • Download all the episodes using the “Download Now” option within the app and watch it anytime you want.

5. Where to find Suits series and a quick recap of all seasons?

If you are looking for a quick seasons recap and Suits season 1 to 9, it is mentioned in this article for your ease of access. Check it out to get a quick summary of the show now.

6. Is Suits Series worth Watching Now?

Yes. Suits series is definitely worth watching now in 2020. as it is one of the popular Netflix And Amazon Prime show highlighting the best plots of great characters in it. role of Harvey will make you watch it interestingly and the role of Mike will make you feel his passion and worry for him in his every episode of the season. The suits TV show is very smart, stylish, sexy, and sophisticated in terms of presentation to all audience. and it is a must-watch the show for everyone. In case you didn’t watch it already, then you must watch it because it has super drama scenes and more.

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The characters are carefully developed throughout the series that can trigger some of your rawest emotions. You’ll find yourself giggling seeing Jessica and Rachel spill the tea, cheering when you see Harvey helping Mike, and a warm, fuzzy feeling when someone helps Louis out. It’ll walk you through the struggles a lawyer faces in their daily lives. A lawyer needs to be emotionless and just but hey, we’re all humans! A blend of fact and fiction, this one’s a must-watch!

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