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Index of Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 (With Cast & All Episodes Recap)


If you are a big-time fan of legal drama with a touch of high-school frat boy groups sailing through fiascos and still making it through, Power Book II: Ghost is what you’re looking for. And of course, if you have already been a fan of its prequel (this one’s a spin-off of Power Book I) you have all the more reasons to watch this Best Starz TV series.

Tasha is stashed up in jail, Tariq is finding ways, although illegal, to fund for her mother’s legal defence and no one has any idea about Ghost’s murderer, still.

If you have not watched this latest Hollywood crime drama tv series yet, you are in to catch up for some juicy drama that can keep you glued to your screen. Here’s the Index of power book 2 ghost and episodes overview of the aired episodes of season 1 of the spin-off to help you through!

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  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • IMDb Rating: 6.2/10
  • Written By: Courtney A. Kemp, Monica Mitchell
  • Directed By: Courtney A. Kemp
  • Available Platforms: Starz, Amazon Prime & Hulu
  • Total Seasons: 1 Season
  • Total Episodes: 5 Episodes
  • Running Period: 2020
  • Release Date: September 15 2015

COPYRIGHT_BP: Published on https://bingepost.com/index-of-power-book-ii-ghost/126380/ by - on 2020-10-29T11:22:52.000Z

Power Book 2 Ghost Full Cast & Characters List

  • Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick
Tariq St. Patrick
Tariq St. Patrick
  • Shane Johnson as Cooper Saxe
Cooper Saxe
Cooper Saxe
  • Gianni Paolo as Brayden Weston
Brayden Weston
Brayden Weston
  • Melanie Liburd as Caridad “Carrie” Milgram
Caridad Carrie Milgram
Caridad Carrie Milgram
  • Lovell Adams-Gray as Dru Tejada
Dru Tejada
Dru Tejada
  • Daniel Bellomy as Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross
Ezekiel Zeke Cross
Ezekiel Zeke Cross
  • Quincy Tyler Bernstine as Tameika Washington
Tameika Washington
Tameika Washington
  • Paige Hurd as Lauren Baldwin
Lauren Baldwin
Lauren Baldwin
  • Woody McClain as Cane Tejada
Cane Tejada
Cane Tejada
  • Justin Marcel McManus as Jabari Reynolds
Jabari Reynolds
Jabari Reynolds
  • Method Man as Davis Maclean
Davis Maclean
Davis Maclean
  • LaToya Tonodeo as Diana Tejada
Diana Tejada
Diana Tejada
  • Mary J. Blige as Monet Stewart Tejada
Monet Stewart Tejada
Monet Stewart Tejada
  • Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick
Tasha St. Patrick
Tasha St. Patrick
  • Debbi Morgan as Estelle Green
Estelle Green
Estelle Green
  • Paris Morgan as Yasmine St. Patrick
Yasmine St. Patrick
Yasmine St. Patrick
  • Victor Garber as Simon Stern
Simon Stern
Simon Stern
  • Sung Kang as John Mak
John Mak
John Mak
  • Mark Feuerstein as Steven Ott
Steven Ott
Steven Ott
  • Sherri Saum as Paula Matarazzo
Paula Matarazzo
Paula Matarazzo

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Index Of Power Book 2: Ghost (Season 1)

Index Of Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 All Episodes

Power Book II Ghost season 1
Power Book II Ghost season 1
  • Number of Episodes: 5
  • Available Platforms: Starz, Amazon Prime, Hulu

| | Name of Episode | Availability | | --- | --- | --- | | Episode 1 | The Stranger | Watch Now | | Episode 2 | Exceeding Expectations | Watch Now | | Episode 3 | Play The Game | Watch Now | | Episode 4 | The Prince | Watch Now | | Episode 5 | The Gift of the Magi | Watch Now |

Episode 1: The Stranger

Episode 1 the stranger
Episode 1 the stranger

Recap: The pilot episode of the spin-off series is where we come across St. Patricks. And while we’re at it, we see Tasha on her way to her prosecution.

During the trial, her lawyer who also happens to be Angela’s former boss, Tameika Robinson tells Tasha that she has only one way to defend herself and that is self-defence. Tasha tries to do so, blurting out and describing the Ghost as a “smiling sociopath” but of course, no one buys it and she doesn’t get bail either.

Tameika gets fired by Tasha later when the lawyer raises an eyebrow and starts to think that Tariq might have been involved in Ghost’s demise. Minutes later, upon Tameika’s advice, we see Tariq hauling up a lawyer, Davis Maclean, pleading him to take up Tasha’s case.

Fast forward to Stansfield University, Tariq is briefed about the terms and conditions of his admission. First things first, he moves in with the school’s star-studded kid, an avail and talented basketball player named Ezekiel.

Apparently, Tariq is also appointed to mentor and help him in his studies, to help him bag a good grade point. It’s so because if Ezekiel fails to score great marks, he might be banned from the team and the responsibility of helping him sustain his position on the same falls upon Tariq.

Other characters that this episode introduces its audience to were Tariq’s classmates, the gorgeous Lauren, Riq’s former roommate Brayden and his advisor Caridad Milgram. But before anything happens, Tariq is supposed to take up an oral test on Albert Camus’ The Stranger, and only then shall he be allowed to take up a study program of his choice.

Tariq shows up for the test, completely unprepared and off-guard that too late. So obviously, he ends up failing the test. Thanks to Prof Milgram, he gets a second chance to redeem himself. And this time, he passes the test. He also meets a new classmate called Zeke, who even takes him to his family for a gala celebration for making it through.

However, things get ugly when the family gets into a fight and guns get pulled. In the end, we learn that Ezekiel’s cousins, Cane and Diana have a brother Drew, and their dad is allegedly a drug-mafia.

Tameika gets to know that her ex-coworker was at Truth the day the Ghost died. Thus, Saxe meets up with Tariq later and tells him that setting up Dre as the murderer might not fare as a very good idea.

Tariq starts to threaten that he would testify and say that he knows Saxe was at Truth that night. To keep it all down, Saxe offers to further push the deal, however, he admits that it will only be possible if Tasha names the shooter. And in the end, Tasha names Tommy Egan as the shooter much to everyone’s surprise, and of course, she gets dragged back into jail.


Episode 2: Exceeding Expectations

Episode 2 Exceeding Expectations
Episode 2 Exceeding Expectations

Recap: Picking up where it ended in the previous episode, Tasha finally meets her lawyer Davis and his investigator, Paula. In a series of conversations and back and forths, she accidentally blurts out or rather refers to her dead husband as the Ghost which makes Paula raise his eyebrows.

Meanwhile, Davis is lost and confused trying to figure out who Tasha really is. Upon further conversations, she sheepishly agrees that her husband might have been the kingpin behind the whole drug case, and she might have helped him set up a few accounts.

On the other hand, Prof Milgram, probably a living angel Decides to throw a little surprise on campus for James St. Patrick so that they can give Tariq a safe space to mourn his deceased father.

Jabar and Milgram start to argue, and conversations lead to confessions one where the latter gets to know that the former wrote a book about her, without her consent and that it was her who got him a job at Stansfield. Eventually, the argument turns into both making love to each other aggressively.

Tariq goes to Zeke’s family dinner with him, one which gets crashed by Uncle Frank much to the family members’ surprise as he was supposed to be in jail.

Monet somehow manages to wrap up the little event in a jiffy and asks Cane to drive Tariq back to the campus, while Ezekiel stays back at home for the night. Moments later, Monet somehow gets Cane killed and dismembered Uncle Frank. And with the help of Drew and his brother, they dispose of the body.

The day of the funeral services of Ghost arrives, and Tasha is supposed to give the eulogy. She makes a grand, dramatic entry in a Federal Bureau of Prisons van, wearing a dress worth fawning over.

However, she gets handcuffed in no time, with people against her waking up to the podium and speaking any words of empathy for the demised while looking like a criminal. Rashad Tate says he’d be honoured to do it instead of Tasha, but Tariq immediately takes the opportunity and conveys that he’d do it instead.

Tariq delivers a heartfelt speech where he says that his father was a complex man, but the Ghost was never the manifestation of whatever his father was. The crowd applauds and receives the speech well, with Tasha walking up to her son to embrace him.

While giving him a warm hug and before being pulled back into the van, she whispers to him that she needed another morning pill for her inmate. Tariq seeks Diana’s help to get Tasha the pill and a phone too.

Moments later, Tasha calls Tariq up and conveys how proud she was of him, forgetting her the requested items. She also warns him that if he’s selling drugs to earn the money to pay for her legal defence, he has high chances of ending up dead or in jail; but Tariq assures that he has found a safer alternative for the same.


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Episode 3: Play The Game

Episode 3 Play The Game
Episode 3 Play The Game

Recap: The episode starts with Tasha getting dragged out of her cell, her hair and makeup being done, and making her slip into a suit and brought into the courthouse. It only took moments for her to realize that it was basically a test run her lawyer Davis had a fake judge and jury in place for a practice trial to help Tasha out.

All this so that she can prove to Davis that her idea of putting her up on the stand is a smart one. And well, she deals with it quite convincingly as a tearful, welled up Tasha speaks about the inhuman atrocities her husband subjected her to, some of which were illegal, which she never wanted to be a part of in the first place.

However, the tables turn on Day 2 when she returns for cross-examination. Davis gets Tameika Robinson to play the prosecutor, one who knew the deep dark secrets about the Ghost that anyone ever did.

So much so that she managed to reduce Tasha into a weeping, trembling, numb little woman who had no defence whatsoever, but to blurt out “I am innocent of those charges.” And of course, that just wasn’t enough of a defence.

Back in Stansfield, Tariq engages in a verbal disagreement with Prof. Simmons regarding Plato’s The Apology, His canonical studies program was sailing smooth, until this a heated debate.

After the argument, Lauren walked up to Tariq and told him that he must say what the professors want to hear to score better, or rather, comply with their views instead. So he wrote a paper doing exactly that, for which he got graded NC. Basically, he failed.

He then learned that the papers were not corrected by Prof. Simmons, but were the doings of Prof. Reynolds instead. And Prof Reynolds was essentially impressed by Tariq’s point of view, and equally disappointed that he changed it and complied with something totally contrary to that, just for the sake of grades. All he wanted was to help Tariq realize that he was not using his voice the right way.

Another essential plot point was when Monet asked Cane and Dre to somehow shut off Tejada’s online product selling business, and ask them to stay low and offline. Conversations changed to confrontations and threats, resulting in Cane shooting a gun towards the ceiling.

The cops were nearby due to the crew’s online popularity and one of them starts to chase the Tejada brothers. Cane was all about shooting one of the officers, however, one of them was Ramirez, who also happened to be Monet’s bed-buddy so it seemed near to impossible. However, Ramirez manages to drive his partner away from the guys and get them back home, safely.


Episode 4: The Prince

Episode 4 The Prince
Episode 4 The Prince

Recap: To earn money enough for paying his mother’s legal defence, Tariq needed a big brain moment to figure something huge out as a steady means of income. After Monet makes Tariq very clear about her rules and regulations, Tariq heads over to Simmons where he finds himself pitching his great, grand idea to his husband Bash.

Basically, Tariq proposes the prospects of having an app that could deliver both drugs and tutoring to college students at their doorstep. Bash loves Tariq’s idea, calls it ‘brilliant’, almost all in when he recoils and stands back as soon as Tariq reveals that he needed the payment to be done in hard cash, and not through digitized means of any kind.

Bash says that the idea is something that Simmons might never agree too, but he also confesses sheepishly that a bit of business behind his husband’s back shouldn’t hurt much. So he agrees to the idea, sealing the deal with the condition that he would be paid five per cent of the profits, the rest staying with Tariq and no mention whatsoever to Simmons.

Meanwhile, Tariq and Brayden realize on their startup venture that there might be some students who would genuinely want to study instead of just doing drugs. So they recruit smart students who would not only mentor well but don’t mind delivering drugs either.

They assign code names to the drugs, Math being for weed, econ beings for uppers and chemistry signifying downers. Upon his mother’s advice, he also goes and gets a gun for protection; now that he is in a full-fledged drug-selling business.

Tariq pays Davis in cash, which makes him suspicious of Davis and Paula raises his eyebrows. However, not much of a hassle would it be as the most they could deduce is that they were getting paid from a shady LLC.

Anyway, Davis did not have much time to ponder where his income was from he had something more important on his plate to somehow make Saxe look biased in front of the judge, which could also mean him removing himself from the case.

Meanwhile, Saxe gets too suspicious about Tariq’s earnings and comes up with a not so good idea to dig deeper. He sends his niece Riley to their party, and even though she gets close enough to Brayden to get the inside scoop, still not close enough to get it all in the end.

Monet announces to Cane, Dru and Diana that Tariq was their new partner, and subsequently sends Dru on campus to see how Tariq delivers drugs around on university premises. However, Dru is pretty bad at her job which makes Tariq instantly realize what Dru was here for, so he just lets him tag along.

Both stumble across a cute, flirty basketball player who actively hits on Dru, and he gets so engrossed in it all that he loses sight of Tariq and doesn’t even care to notice when he leaves. we hope you like our power book 2 ghost review.


Episode 5: The Gift Of The Magi

Episode 5 The Gift of the Magi
Episode 5 The Gift of the Magi

Recap: The last inadvertently brings about a series of surprises and Tariq’s birthday party wasn’t the only one. Tariq turns into an adult, gets a surprise birthday party thrown just for him. And guess what?

His mother’s lawyers manage to prove that Tasha is not guilty and get her out of jail with the most surprising defence ever by proving that Tariq’s guilty instead. Taking advantage of the fact that he has turned an adult now, they play the blame game with the kid, now turned to his dismay.

However, Tariq still has no idea about Tasha’s lawyers’ secret dealing yet, as he was way busier trying to prove Monet that he is loyal. And not to forget when Saxe’s bratty little niece Riley shows up and drugs Tariq, something that prompts him to go on a long ramble about Ghost’s death that Saxe finds useful information to hold against him.

And of course, let’s not forget the awkward situation that Tariq faces when Diana and Lauren, both show up at Tariq’s birthday party. We see Paula trying to ask Davis to back out of the case altogether. A series of questions have always been shot Davis’ way, asking why they were even fighting the kids’ case, how the money he brings seems suspicious, and most important of all he carries a gun so it is not safe.

However, Davis always tried to act like the angel (or maybe he really is, who knows?), justifying that he wanted his win, sympathizing how Tasha was never the queen pin and got stuck in the fiasco even after being innocent. But was it really sp, though? This episode we see him not caring for Tariq at all even when he had the chances of receiving a death penalty! you can watch power book 2 for free online now.


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FAQs About Power Book II: Ghost Show In 2020

1. Where To Watch Power Book 2 Series Online?

Anyone with an active internet connection can watch Power Book 2 Series online through platforms like Starz, Amazon Prime and Hulu OTT Streaming platforms by taking monthly/yearly paid subscription or free monthly trial of that service & enjoy.

2. Who Is Producing Power Book 2: Ghost?

Starz TV series Power book 2 is produced by a few film production companies called Lions gate Studios and End of Episode, Inc. and more than 5 executive producers worked for this Hollywood TV show.

3. How Many Episodes Does Power Book 2 Have?

Power Book 2 crime series has a total of 5 episodes in its first season and we have listed of all them in this article with each episode recap for you. watch all of them through Amazon prime or Starz websites/apps.

Sum Up

In this index of latest crime series, the Episode 6 and 7 are yet to air, and rumours have it that they are supposedly scheduled to air in December now, that’s a long wait! Especially when the show left us at Tasha’s bail and high chances of Tariq ending up in her place, the excitement and curiosity are just too hard to control and suspense isn’t what fans or we are looking for right now.

However, till then you can always help yourself to stream power book 2 ghost online free in 2020 using Prime or Starz and run the episodes over again to catch up or to revise, also you can download power book 2 full seasons using some chrome extensions and whatever suits your needs! Happy binging!

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Disclaimer (Important)

This Starz Power book 2 ghost Index, along with its quick season recap, contains all the ethical & official links and is for entertainment purposes only. Our objective is to inform and bestow people with basic knowledge. we have only provided official links to watch online.

We don’t claim any content that is shared on this platform as ours. after all, we are just providing the information that you need. We don’t encourage or promote piracy in any manner. We stand firmly against hacking, stealing, and whatever action associated with the crime. We firmly oppose and do not encourage any unethical acts or piracy in any manner. Always watch any kind of show or series online in an ethical way.

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